Vault Retro Review:
Mez-Itz RoboCop 3 Pack


Now for my favorite figure in the set, ED-209 is an entirely different fair than the other two figures.  He’s made of a soft vinyl plastic similar to a Japanese sofubi or Glyos Armadoc figure.  Even with his simplified design the figure has a ton of sculpted detail, especially on his back and legs where you see plenty of paneling and gears.  He’s also about an inch taller than the other figures, giving him a cute but imposing size for this scale.


The sculpted detail on all three figures is even more enhanced by the paint apps.  Lewis is the least detailed since she’s an almost all black figure.  But RC has crazy amounts of dry brushing in a metallic blue that adds a nice sheen to the whole figure.  There’s also a darker color that’s been added to make the figure look worn and dirty.

For the most part ED’s figure is molded in gray and painted with black highlights.  But they also added a slight black wash, mostly to his legs, that also give him that worn and dirty look.  This was also doubles in bringing out more of the details to his sculpt.


Both the regular Mez-Itz have very simple but effective articulation.  They have ball joints at their neck, shoulders, and hips.  There are also swivel joints at the wrists and waist.  ED is made up of swivel joints at his shoulders, waist, hips, and knees.

There were only two accessories in the set.  Lewis’ pistol and RoboCop’s standard Auto 9.  Don’t need much else than that.  Well, maybe a removable helmet…


All around I still find these figures just as fun as when I bought them.  Having a little version of RoboCop and ED-209 battling out on my desk just makes me happy.  I’m a little concerned about how they’ll age since Lewis’ arm has already fallen off, but hopefully that was just a fluke.


6 thoughts on “Vault Retro Review:
Mez-Itz RoboCop 3 Pack

  1. Man, bummer about the plastic disintegration. Otherwise, a nifty li’l set.

    Now, if only they’d make an ED-209 in 4″ scale. Or re-release one. Or something. That thing is too damn cool not to have an “evergreen” status in a smaller scale and at a reasonable price.

  2. storage breakage is the suck. :/

    also, is it me, or does it look like she has a mustache in most of her pics? I’m guessing that’s shadow in the face mold? I thought it was Random Detroit Cop before reading that was supposed to be Lewis. LOL

  3. I’m afraid it’s not a fluke.
    I bought this set a few months ago.
    Lewis came out of the package just fine, but when I tried to adjust her arm it also cracked.

    Does anyone know if someone sells loose Mez-Itz arms?

    Lewis with her eyes looking up, works great if you pose her with ED-209.

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