Sponsor Announcement:
Ka-Razy Kings of Toys

Hey there, folks! Gettin’ excited for summer? Well, so are we, and in celebration would like to announce our “Road to Summertime” sale: Starting now, and continuing until June 18th, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST, all non-clearanced action figures will be 15% off!

And now, for the nice big rundown of all our new in-stock goodies:

Representing both Vikor‘s opposing forces in the age of Preternia, and the Space Mutants under Skeletor‘s leadership respectively, Masters of the Universe Classics Fighting Foe Men, and Karatti!

Representing the Justice League, DC Universe Classics “Signature Collection” Wally West Flash!

Representing WatchmenNight Owl II‘s main squeeze, Silk Spectre II!

Representing the world of anime, SH Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Son Goku and Perfect Cell!

Coming soon:
Masters of the Universe Classics Octavia
DC Universe Classics “Signature Collection” Red Hood
D-Arts Mega Man X

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“No doubt we’re the Kings of Toys, but come find out why we’re so Ka-Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!!!!!!”