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Vault Review: Pokemon
D-Arts Charizard

Charizard has a hinged mouth, and two hinges on each wing.  His head and elbows are swivel/hinges.  Aside from those, every other joint is a ball joint.  This gives him decent movement, but similar to the first Monsterarts Godzilla figure, Charizard was articulated to move within the character’s range instead of giving him full mobility and allowing the collector to decide what poses look best.  This is most evident on his knees and feet, which are basically stuck in that position even though they’re articulated.  His wings also have this issue where they attach to his body.  The ball joint is limited and won’t allow them to be bent backwards in a resting position.

Charizard comes with one accessory, a fireball effects part.  This piece was done the exact same way as the flame on his tail.  I think the translucent look is even better here because the body doesn’t cast any odd reflections onto it.

Charizard also comes with the same Pokemon base as Mewtwo.  This time it seems to be more for holding the flame effect since the figure is definitely too heavy for that tiny arm.

If you’re a huge Pokemon or Charizard fan, I definitely encourage you to buy this figure.  This is probably the best looking and articulated figure they’ll ever make of him.  But I’m not a Pokemon completist, and Charizard is far from my favorite.  The issues I had with him may be small but they’re enough to push me into cherry picking this line, probably making D-Arts Charizard the last Pokemon figure I’ll be buying for a while.


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16 comments to Vault Review: Pokemon
D-Arts Charizard

  • The Scaling Technically isnt off by much. Mewtwos a whole Foot Taller than Charizard.
    That is a real beautiful figure, Ima have to look into getting one.

    • Vault

      It always seemed like he was huge on the anime, but I guess they’re not too out of scale with each other.

      • The Anime’s never been accurate in scaling when compared to the stats in the Pokedex. I remember one episode where there was a HUGE Blastoise, much bigger than Charizard even though Charizard is a head taller than Blastoise according to the Dex. Figure the animators wanted to make them appear more like Monsters while the games were going for Animals.

        • And lets not even bring up the supposedly 5 foot Tentacruel who was large enough to smash skyscrapers.

          • Battle Catman

            Or that absolutely GIANT Dragonite that showed up at Bill’s lighthouse.

            • TerminusTypeR

              Don’t forget how tiny Noctowls were in the anime when in actuality they’re probably big enough to carry off Ash and eat him. And that goes for all Noctowls, not just Ash’s. The “regular” sized ones were still very undersized. Then were was Roselia. That thing’s supposed to be super tiny but the anime typically made it between 3-4 feet tall.

  • Battle Catman

    According to the games, Charizard is 5′ 7″, and Mewtwo is 6′ 7″, so they kind of are to scale.

    • Vault

      I guess so. Man, if they ever make an Ash figure he’s going to be so tiny.

      • Battle Catman

        Roughly G.I. Joe sized, I would think. He’s (perpetually) ten years old, so a 4″ figure would make him shorter than Charizard and Mewtwo (in “Mewtwo Strikes Back”, when Ash charges Mewtwo, he’s shown to be about as tall as Mewtwo’s “chestplate”.)

      • Battle Catman

        But I agree with what you mean about the articulation. It’s like, the joints are there, but there’s not much you can do with them.

        Venusaur has always been one of my favorite Pokemon and I can’t wait for his release, but yeah–even though his legs are articulated…there’s kinda no point.

      • TerminusTypeR

        I’d really hope they’d make Red over Ash. Never been crazy about Ash’s more recent outfits. Plus, Red would work better for a SSB display since he’s partnered with Zard in Brawl.

  • What is that flight stand you’re using at the end there? I’ve seen that in a few places but haven’t been able to find it.

  • Brainlock

    wait, so Charizard + Mewtwo = Lockheed?

    that’s all I could think of looking at the pics, how he would look in purple as Kitty’s buddy and secret agent of SWORD!

  • “But I’m not a Pokemon completist”

    So, that means…you feel no need… you just don’t…GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL?


    *snif* sorry. Had to be done. 🙂

    Sadly, I’ve found myself embarking on the road of shame that is Japanese figure collecting, quite by accident. Now, instead of sitting back smugly during these reviews I beat my chest that Figurarts Kamen Rider Black is OOP, I debate over pulling the trigger on the pre-order of Figurarts Sailor Moon and I scream in outrage over the instantly gone and now way overpriced Figma Cobra (the space pirate, not that other guy with the hood and the speech problem).

    Thanks, thanks a LOT Vault. 🙂

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