Mattel Announces Stonedar &
Rokkon Two-Pack for SDCC 2013!

All this week, Mattel will be revealing their SDCC Exclusives for their collector brands. As you’d expect from the site’s content, I’m interested in the MOTU & DC Exclusives – luckily, Mattel revealed the MOTUC Exclusive first! This year’s SDCC Exclusive is a bit of a surprise – a 2pk of… the Rock People??

If any of your friends try to tell you that they one day suspected that the Rock People would be SDCC Exclusives – smack ’em. Stonedar & Rokkon walk that fine line where they might make good exclusives, but I’m not sure they were the first choice. The curious part of my brain wonders if their being an SDCC exclusive was always the plan (of course!) or if this is another case of a modified plan due to the slower than expected sales last year.

Either way, I’m happy to see the Rock Folks finally make their way into the line and it will be sweet to get both in one fell swoop since they’re so similar. The figures themselves are okay – I’m not too keen on those Trap-Jaw parts these days and if you look closely at the figures pictured on the back of packaging, you’ll notice that the prototypes shown in the thumbnails have lost some detail on their thighs. But these guys do get the job done and if you’re looking to cross a few more Heroic Warriors off your shelf, you should be happy to see this pair. (Wherefore art thou, Gwildor?)

Mattel was also kind enough to include a super-size pic of the back of the box so we can get our first look at the figure’s bios:

So, how do you rate this first reveal? Yay? Nay? Rock Who? Where’s Nugget? I’m honestly not to sure myself and I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

15 thoughts on “Mattel Announces Stonedar &
Rokkon Two-Pack for SDCC 2013!

  1. Got say this is great news I’ve been happy since this was announced. Rokkon was the last MOTU that I purchased as a kid and I’m happy to see him arrive to Classics. Now we just need Modulok and Two-Bad then everyone else will just be gravy afterwards.

  2. there is something hilarious about a 2-pack with the disclaimer “each sold separately”

    that said, I’m ok with this… I’m just hoping they aren’t too hard to get ahold of

  3. pass.
    I do wonder if they had to alter the articulation any for the “transforming” aspect? and what do they look like on the back/undersides?

  4. Cool. The inclusion of actual action features should sweeten the pot. Hopefully, I’ll find a way to get ’em through the web site but I won’t lose any sleep if I don’t.

  5. Excellent! Greatly looking forward to these two. Just hope they make enough of ’em to go around, or there will be grumbling.

    (By the way, “wherefore” means “why”.)

  6. I am actually very much looking forward to them, but disappointed they are SDCC exclusives, which means the rest of us will have to sell a kidney to get them.

  7. at the risk of being an overanalyst…

    yes, the watered down thighs seem kinda of silly, but they’re completely forgivable, which is not the case w/ the damned trap jaw legs!!! i hate the trap jaw legs! much like the fountain of troy, they need to be prohibidado, STAT! dammit trap jaw legs!

    the detachable armor is, i suppose, an acceptable way to simulate the action feature, but as they both feature several unique limb bits, one has to wonder how they couldn’t get 100% tools to cost out. oh well. par for the course from the original 100% tool, toy guru.

    how exactly peace minded can you be when, at the drop of a hat, you decide war IS in fact the answer, AND you arrived from your deep-space relocation/pogrom with a unique laser blaster that fits into your anatomy!?!?! if i show up on your doorstep with a custom fleshlight hanging off my meathammer, and i claim to know nothing of sex… shoot me. get the kids, get the dog, get everyone in the car and run immediately to your mother’s house, but first, shoot me. just sayin’.

    why is it that stonedar, w/ the rocky pitted exterior and matte finish, is the guy with the blinding blaze armor attack? shouldn’t it be mr sheen finish* over there?

    *not to be confused with the Sheen Finish, a sex act requiring a gallon of tequila, cocaine ice cubes, a bonobo with breast implants hopped up on MDMA and 3 dead hookers. the Sheen Finish is a registered trademark of CharlieHorse Inc.

    1. I don’t think anyone would deny the right of “shoot first, ask questions never” if you showed up at their door looking like that. Even Dolly. 😉

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