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(Masters of the Universe Day)

By the end of 2009, I was able to snag a reissue He-Man and my MOTUC love was in full swing. I had some of my favorite figures like Man-At-Arms, Scareglow, Teela, & Zodak. And while I hadn’t reviewed He-Man proper, the truth is I’ve reviewed most of him in nearly every MOTU review.

Since He-Man is the basic MOTU character, the beginning more or less, his body is also the basis for most every other figure that follows. Mattel has been mostly good about getting us proper new pieces when they were needed, but in MOTUC it seems nearly every figure has a little He-Man in them. And that’s part of what makes the line so great – this He-Man figure is a little piece of art. I was wrong to not marvel at it when it debuted back in 2007. Its chunky design and healthy articulation have translated into dozens more fantastic figures over the years.

The iconic accessories have too. The sword, the half-sword, the shield, and the ax are some of my favorite pieces in the line. So much so, that I want them in endless repaints. I still want a full set for Prince Adam in magenta and a purple basic shield for Skeletor. Yeah, other accessories are cool too, but there is just something about the idea of Prince Adam all magenta-geared up with nothing to do.

Many of those fantastic figures throughout the line were He-Man himself – I’ve bought plenty of those too. Some I don’t much care about and others I’ll treasure for a good long time, Battle Armor He-Man & Faker among them. Battle Armor does steal the spotlight on my toy shelves. I always preferred that look as a kid and I still do today. Battle Armor He-Man & Skeletor have replaced their “normal” counterparts in my display and I know others feel the same, though it may be a different special armor that bumps the original He-Man out.

But you still have to have this figure. This is He-Man, the basic figure and power vest look is where it all started. The Battle Armor is featured in a lot of great oil paintings, but this is the look that helped make He-Man the 80s power house that he was, that put the Power Tour into motion, and made “MOTU Day” happen in the first place. The Classics figure did justice to that legacy. A lot of people realized that when they saw it. I’m just glad I figured it out pretty early on.

And don’t worry. Reissue He-Man does get to keep his spot on my shelves. I just can’t resist a good gag! This wraps up my entry for “MOTU Day”, check out these great sites for even more MOTU Day Coverage!! DoomKick, Poe Ghostal, Battlegrip, Preternia, The Epic Review, and Hoard World!

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26 thoughts on “MOTUClassics.Com He-Man Review
(Masters of the Universe Day)

  1. Yay! He-Man has been reviewed, but like you said he is a little bit of every other character. I dislike the Red Eyes, seems like its an imposter posing as him. The biggest positive is that unlike most toylines after a few years sculpting style changes and size becomes objective (Lookin at you Marvel Legends and DCUC), this buck is consistent and detailed enough to carry the line to the end.

    Also next time have He-Man beat the snot out of Wun-Dar for not using a few different parts.

  2. First off, I was exactly like you. I tried collecting the 200X line, but I quickly realized that was a doomed effort when i could never find a Teela anywhere at retail. When MOTUC rolled around I felt very cynical about the whole thing, plus the fact that Mattel did such bad advertising for the line at the start made me basically ignore it. But things change, and I now have most the figures I wanted through reissues and the odd non-Matty dealer.

    That being said, this is a very very funny review, and I definitely love that the pictures tell a story this time. Faker Bizarro jokes will also never not be funny, nor will looks at the dreaded “extras” box.

    Great review and pics as usual.

  3. I’ll stick with the original design. It’s the first figure I ever got back in the vintage era and generally regarded as his definite look.

    In terms of MOTUC, I favor the re-issue with corrected limbs and no stoned out eyes. I would rate the Thunder Punch armor as my second favorite since I love chrome paint on my figures.

    Excellent pics and story as always. Happy MOTU Day, gang!

  4. That was fun and have to say I started way late into the line and have yet to get a He-man. Hoping can and maybe hinting that into this to fam somebody will surprise me.

    No extras box here cause only have 7 figs. Never knew about this MOTU day though, hmm Mattel could dobsomethint special at retail today you know.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this He-man Review and feel honoured to have been a part of MOTU Day and mentioned in the same breath as the other sites involved!

    yr pal,


  6. “Somebody order a left leg?” Priceless!

    Great review, pics, and exceptional comics. Worth the wait!

    My first MOTUC He-Man was a letdown, too. Never noticed the shoulder problem, but when I tried to twist his waist, both parts of his torso cracked and spider-webbed like a broken mirror. Needless to say, since he was irreparably damaged, he became the test-bed for my first MOTUC custom: Filmation Faker.

  7. Mind if I piggyback on this event? I was going to publish this tomorrow, but suddenly finding out about the significance of the day and all the sweet reviews around the ‘Net moved up my plans.

    Action Figures & Their Beers – Sharper than a serpent’s tooth

    This article pairs the Wychwood Brewery Snake’s Bite beer/cider hybrid with Kobra Khan and Fang. Also contained in this article: a link back to this page as the epicentre of MOTU Day, and the Greene King Very Special IPA / King Hssss review. Enjoy!

  8. Man if only you persued that exchange way back when, that’s when they used to just send you another figure and you got to keep the defective one. Memories!

  9. Not an MOTU collector, merely an admirer, but gotta say, your review and the pics are hilarious! Great work.

  10. Great overview and look back!

    I still want a “be all, end all” signature He-Man with a new head sculpt and new weapons and harness, and wrist articulation…the works.

    Probably’ll never happen.

  11. ooh! the Lobo review’s finally coming!!!!

    I held off until the first “clearance sale” and there have only been a few I missed out on, or not, as the case may be. He-Man was never a draw for me, but almost every other character was. He was just too bland imo.

    also, how funny would it have been to have Hercules (ML or MU) just randomly wander in in the background?
    (yeah, yeah, as long as I amuse myself….)

  12. Really funny pictures, noisy. That cracked me up to look at how many He-Man’s we actually have in this line! I too find myself wanting He-Man’s weapons in different colors. It would be interesting to see the weapons in Adam’s Magenta, but I’d love to see a black set for Wun-dar and a green set just because!

  13. Oh, the slippery slope that is MOTU Classics.

    My first figure was the TRU Skeletor; I liked the yellow skull and deeper purples and I was collecting DCUC at the time as well, so getting a Luthor I needed was a bonus.

    “He’s great, but he NEEDS his Havoc Staff and a purple Sword,” I thought, so I bought a reissue Skeletor. “Can’t have Skeletor without He-Man,” I convinced myself, so I got a basic He-Man and Battle Armor in preparation for the eventual BA Skeletor. “Gotta have their cats, too” I said, “and Teela and She-Ra look good. I’ve always liked Man-at-Arms…and having a first release open-hand Skeletor would be cool…and Keldor…and Sorceress…and–hey, where did my shelf space go?!”

    Ironically, my TRU Skeletor isn’t even displayed with the purple weapons; he’s armed with Faceless One’s “powered” Staff and the yellow Power Sword. He’s my “Player 2” Skeletor.

  14. I have bought a lot, and I mean a lot, of figures in the nearly four decades I have been collecting figures, and your first He-Man reminds me I have never had as many QC issues as I have had with Mattel in the last 5 or so years.

    Otherwise, great review. The Four Horsemen really created something special with this line.

  15. Great review, I still think the 1st issue of He-Man was the best, the redness around the eyes just lifted the face sculpt.

    MOTUC is still a pleasure to collect 4 years on and (for me) the problems are small when you look at the bigger picture. Long may it continue.

  16. This is the funniest review you have ever done.

    When the 1st He-Man came out, I bought it for a friend who is a big He-Man fan. He still has it – opened, and let’s the kids have fun with it. It’s held up really well to that kind of abuse, as any toy, much less a He-Man toy, should.

    I never noticed the backwards shoulders although the red around the eyes is a bit odd-looking. I never got another MOTUC toy – they’re not really my thing, I much preferred the look of the 200X line – and I had no idea how much reuse has been going on. As your review progresses and the original is mobbed with a ton of other toys almost exactly like him, I just laughed and laughed.

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