New Joints put the Swing
in Glyos! (Available Now!)

I’m still playing mad catch-up this week, we’ve got OMFG Series 3 meeting its goal, we’ve got Doomkick’s Slimes drop, and we’ve got a HUGE upgrade in Onell Design’s Glyos System with swing joints. The drop is in just a few minutes, so head over to Onell and check them out!

Glyos System Store Glyos Drop Details

Here’s a few pics, more commentary to come in a few minutes, it’s almost 8:30 and I need to go place my order… 😀

Edit: And I’m back…

I tried to be good, I didn’t order a million swing joints to make some wicked hands. I did find a soft spot for all those red pieces though! Here’s my humble pull for April:

Now, what’d you get?


18 thoughts on “New Joints put the Swing
in Glyos! (Available Now!)

      1. This Syclodoc pretty much screams to me. The biggest factor for me is that he looks like he might go quite well with the Verexxan Armorvor. His grays probably aren’t as dark as the Armorvor, but the color scheme seems pretty close.

  1. I still haven’t fallen for Glyos like some, but those joints look like a huge upgrade. I wonder how articulated these guys will get?

    1. Glyos always tend to be more articulated than you think, even before axis & swing joints. I can’t wait to have everything in on the swing joints though, I love how much it looks like it’s going to add.

    1. I was crushed when I missed the three from NYCC. I’ve been less vigilant since then. I liked this one, but Matt does a lot of black with paint variations (like Operator Cane) so I felt safe passing on the red Mimic since I have the green Mimic.

      Come to think of it, I missed those sweet orange/white Glyans from the last drop. That one really bummed me out!

    2. I have a spare one I grabbed for trade if you want this colorset. It was the first armorvor drop that I was able to actually checkout with them still in my cart.

  2. This is the first time I actually got everything I wanted on a drop! I’m fairly new to Glyos, but still…I’ve seen things sell out before I even knew what was happening on a drop night. The store ran very smoothly tonight and I’m excited to mess around with the new swing joints.

  3. I picked up what I considered to be a fairly small squad of glyans and travelers and a Phase Defender and Combodrone. Okay, not that small, and the glyans are all upgraded with a bunch of conversion sets.
    Its always worth it, though. These colors are fantastic.

  4. All that red is making my eyes hurt 😛

    I picked up the various Travelers, the Armorvor, the Cyclodoc and some black swing joints. I was going to pass on the swing joints until i could afford to buy a bunch of building parts in one wave, but I already have a bunch of black parts from the Hades drop, so I figured I could make one of those fancy combo suits if nothing else.

    I really wanted that mini rig and maybe a few glyans, but I couldn’t afford it.

  5. I was out when the drop happened and I missed all the travelers, except the two Excellises… which upsets me. A friend was able to get me the Armorvor, which is good, since I’m determined to get ALL of them (I’m up to date so far…) I got a bunch of swing joints, since I want to upgrade a lot of glyans, who have been begging for proper hinge joints since they were introduced.

    I will say that, except for the red, I wasn’t thrilled with the basic black and grey colorways, but it’s a fine beginning

    also, I have the red and shockwave Syclodoc, so I’m pretty such I’m done with that particular vinyl piece, hopefully…

  6. Wow I went to the website to check these out and international shipping is crazy. Guess i will be giving these a miss.

    1. I got my order, but I’ve only had time to mess around with the Red DSG and the red Swing Joints. I got to say that using the swing joints on the Glyan completely changes the play value of the figure. With all the posing you can do, I would be completely fine with Glyans coming out strictly with the swing joints.

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