Anyone Catch The Number of that
Train? (We’re Back… Sort Of…)

Hello! We’ve missed you guys during our long internet exile. Hopefully you kinda missed us too… maybe? I can’t explain it exactly. I’m not the technical sort when it comes to behind-the-scenes internet goings on, but we’re back provisionally for now and may have some server changes in our future…

Before I say anything else, let me give a huge (I mean HUGE) shout out to LostInJapan. She was instrumental back when we were setting up IAT years ago (and, long-time readers may remember, she also did some Japanese coverage for us back in the day) and she thankfully swooped in and dealt with the host & server issues. Without her, we wouldn’t be back online right now. So, a huge thanks and round of applause out to her. Thank you! You rock!

As for where we’ve been, I still can’t completely explain it. While having IAT has pushed me to relearn HTML as well as some CSS & PHP stuff, I still have next to no knowledge of how things run behind-the-scenes. I do know that our host set about performing a standard audit. It turns out that IAT has become too big/busy/difficult for the hosting plan we have with them and they were “forced” to cut us off early Sunday morning as a result. I tried to get a hold of them to figure out what exactly was wrong, but came up short. That’s when LiJ swooped in, got us limited access to the site (you might have noticed the switch from “Forbidden” to “Temporarily Closed”), and was able to make some changes so that our host would open the site back up for everyone. If I understand correctly, it’s still tenuously open as we work out the kinks, so cross your fingers for us. Hopefully it will just stay up since we’re currently paying through the nose for the site to be open (think of it like going from a TF: Generations plan to a TF: Masterpiece plan).

I’ll talk more with LiJ about it this weekend, but we may well have to move to a new host at the end of the month or sooner, so expect maybe a little more downtime and a few changes in the coming weeks. We may change the site look or layout. We also may have to take away some of the site features (like the awesome tables… sad day, right?) until we get situated in our new home. Anything could happen!

Since we’ve been busy working to resolve the issues, I haven’t had time to work on any reviews (& Vault’s always looking for a good vacation), but the plan is for reviews to start again on Monday the 15th. Until then, we’ve got the library of reviews back up, the forum is working, and who know what other goodies are hidden in the mass of pages that are back online.

Thanks again to everyone who inquired after us. It was great to see all the tweets, FB messages, and e-mails. I won’t lie, it was nice to be missed, but I’ll take having the site back any day (even at these prices, you guys are worth it! 😀 ). We missed you guys too and hopefully we’ll get this resolved soon and make these last four days a distant memory!


61 thoughts on “Anyone Catch The Number of that
Train? (We’re Back… Sort Of…)

  1. Just glad to see you guys back in business. Now review Arnim Zola, Dagnabbit! No more Transformers Prime or Outer Space Men ’til you do! 🙂

  2. I would have gone with a Matrix joke, myself. 😉
    IAT withdrawals? Who, me? [scratches nervously, eye tics] Never.

  3. I know what you mean. BattleGrip continues to get more expensive to run; what’s odd to me, though, is I don’t think traffic is all that high.

    Good luck getting things worked out!

    1. Thanks, Phil! I’m told WordPress is a big part of the problem – it’s a monster on server load apparently. I don’t know what I’d do besides WordPress though.

  4. Ah, the curse of catastrophic success! You were missed…good to see the site back up.

  5. What? I thought IAT was too big to fail! Surely there’s a bailout due…

    Super glad you’re back–not just for the daily stuff, but because I’ve come to rely on you when I can’t remember what year a DCUC figure came out!

  6. Glad to have you back! From my experience, once something falls in the floor vent it’s gone for good! 😀

  7. You guys gave me quite a scare…but on the plus side, I’ve gotten a TON of stuff done at work. Time to start goofin’ off again! Thanks IAT!

  8. Glad to see IAT back up and running. Will indeed keep fingers crossed. Hard to type this way though.

  9. glad to see y’all back. here’s hoping you can get things properly squared away without adopting a second mortgage.

  10. Glad to see you guys back. I’m surprised your server didn’t give you any warning before pulling the plug. I check this site daily and really missed it the last couple of days.

  11. Definitely missed you guys (IAT withdrawal, anyone? :). Glad you are back, fingers crossed it all works out. Love the site.

  12. Glad to see IAT is back online. Take the time you need to make everything smooth again, but now I see that Terminator and don’t remember reading a review about it…

    1. Thanks, Bigbot!

      I’ve got so many backed up reviews, I probably could stop buying toys for months. It’s been a stressful year and I’ve been… compulsive…

  13. Missed you all! Given the bumps and hiccups in new posts and all the unspoken life issues, I had a fear that IAT was just gone, like a circus packing up tents and caging beasts.

    It seems this is an ongoing crisis as seemingly most every provider is jacking up rates and throttling bandwidth, because, ya know, NOBODY could have EVER guessed that at time passes content gets ‘fatter’ and demands increase and so on. Maybe they should have taken the years of fees and, I dunno, increased capacity and infrastructure or something. I must be missing something. 🙂

    One stupid request from one stupid person. Don’t do the “let’s just put it all on Facebook” thing, OK? I don’t do FB. I WON’T do FB. That crap ruins everything.

  14. Good to see you guys are active again! I miss the heck outta your MOTUC reviews. Your site has been in my bookmarks since 2010, and it will remain there as long as the site exists.

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