Four Horsemen want your
ideas for their Raven Kickstarter!

As we heard back at Toypocalypse, the Four Horsemen are planning on taking their gorgeous Raven figures to Kickstarter – but a proper Kickstarter isn’t easy and, as they like to do, the Four Horsemen are looking to their fans for some ideas to help the Kickstarter be a smashing success.

As many of you may have heard, in order to raise the funds to go into production on our next line of Gothitropolis characters currently just being referred to as “The Ravens”, we’re going to be doing a Kickstarter campaign. This is something we’ve never done before, but it’s something we’ve always wanted to try. As we’re gearing up for this project, we’re trying to come up with new and unique incentives to offer fans at various levels of the campaign.

For instance (these are just hypothetical possibilities at this point), perhaps at the most basic level you’d pay a certain dollar amount and you’d get your choice of any one of the eleven Raven figures, and a Four Horsemen sticker that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. At another level you could purchase a set of three of the eleven Raven figures of your choice and you’d get those plus the sticker and a signed raven print by Four Horsemen Studios. Another level would be the purchase of all eleven Raven variants being sold through Store Horsemen. The levels would continue to go up at multiple stages, possibly including a one of the largest incentive deals where you would receive all of the variations of the Ravens that are being sold through Store Horsemen, plus other items like the sticker and print, but the best part of all is that we’re considering offering a “Day at Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios”. Included in this would obviously be a tour of the studio, having one of the traditional “Taco Bell Friday” lunches with all of the people at the studio, seeing how the toy design process is done from start to finish, getting your hands dirty doing some sculpting, fabricating, molding, casting and painting work with us while you’re here, and you’ll get to take home your very own one of a kind, fully painted, full sized (we sculpted these at roughly 150% larger than their finished scale of about 6-1/4”) Gothitropolis Raven prototype of your choice. Obviously this last level would be a very expensive one, but it’s something unique that no other person on the planet would have. Not even us. Again, these are currently just ideas of a few of the directions we could go with this.

Now, what we want from you is to let us know what you think of these possible incentives and to give us some feed back and input about any other possible incentives you’d like to see offered. Feel free to be as creative as you like, but try to think in terms of all of the different possible levels of the campaign as well. You may come up with an idea that might seem to be a little far-fetched or out there, but that idea may spark other ideas that could actually work within the parameters of the project.

If you’re not quite sure what Kickstarter is, just go here:

To see more images of the Ravens and all other Four Horsemen news and info, just go here:

So get to work, action figure fans! We’re depending on you to get this project off the ground. Just go to our Facebook page to add your suggestions! Thanks!


12 thoughts on “Four Horsemen want your
ideas for their Raven Kickstarter!

    1. As an Astros fan, I’m going to have to disagree with that sentiment. If they did do that, I’d have to sell that figure.

      1. There are TWO people known as “Stan the Man” in entertainment. Lee gets all the press, while Musial is a Sports Legend.

        If you’re talking sports, and mention “Cardinals”, people are going to think of the baseball team, who have been to the playoffs if not the World Series nearly every year for decades, then the football team, which used to be from here in St Louis long before they moved to AZ. heck, I don’t even know where they are in AZ, Phoenix?

  1. Possibility to enter a draw where you get a unique bird-man of your choosing. (As in, you get to pick what species and colour scheme he’s gonna be.)

  2. Man, as long as I can get all 11 Ravens, I am down for whatever. Please don’t make a full set super limited. Please and thank you

  3. I find the part about choosing which 3 you want kind of weird. If they go to production after the Kickstarter is potentially successful, does that mean there may be a lopsided amount of birds made since I’m sure some of them will be more popular than others (similar to the Egyptian variants with Scarabus).

    1. Personally, I find the idea of manufacturing to order to be better than producing them all in equal amounts. You’re guaranteed to have some cherry pickers, and some variants are going to be more popular than others, so this is a better way to make sure supply meets demand, rather than having some popular variants sell out quickly while some that turn out to not be so popular end up collecting dust in the 4H’s warehouse.

  4. Man! Why did I spend all my tax return money on projects for my house when I could have saved it for this!? I would love to visit the studio and get my hands dirty… I’d say I would more than love it, that’s kind of my dream.

  5. Well, I’m sold. I will definitely be backing this when the kickstarter starts.

    Now my only problem is deciding which figure I want (aiming for regular black raven, pheonix, or quetzalcoatl).

  6. I’m down for at least three of the birds. But something needs to be done to cut the cost of $100,000 down. That’s a crazy amount needed to just break even. So many variants mean tons of different paint apps. Do a poll and pick the top four or five perhaps.

    1. 100K is not a lot for a project of this size and lowering the paint apps and overall piece count just increases the per piece cost. There is a balance point that the factory will hold you to. By using the KS tier levels people can choose the number of figures they want which is a poll in and of itself.

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