Vault Review: Transformers
Prime: Beast Hunters’ Ripclaw

Ripclaw has good articulation, even though some of it is hampered by her armor.  The jaw of her dragon head, her wings, shoulder armor, elbows, wrists, and knees are all hinge joints.  Her robot head seems to be on a ball joint, but it’s limited by her collar.  Her shoulders, hips, and ankles are also ball joints.  Since the tail is a segmented rubbery piece it can be moved around easily, but it doesn’t really hold its pose.

Ripclaw’s paint job is pretty interesting.  I really like how they made the dragon mostly teal, while the bot is mostly red.  The gold accents are also a nice touch and help to break up the two colors.  I’m also a sucker for the gold swirls of paint that were mixed into the plastic for her wings and dragon neck.  It’s such a simple effect, but I think it looks cool.

Ripclaw comes with one accessory, her “Siphon Claw”.  It’s a three pronged claw that snaps shut when the spike in the middle is pushed in.  The handle for the claw is covered by some of the weapon’s body, so you can attach it to her hand or tail and it looks like a natural extension rather than a weapon that’s being held.

I’m pretty happy with this figure all around.  She’s got an interesting and unique design, especially for a female robot.  Also, her transformation is more complex than just standing up, but it’s still not overly complicated and can easily be figured out without the instructions.    I do worry about how those rubbery bits will age.  I have a feeling it’ll be difficult finding a Ripclaw in good condition ten years down the road.  But that shouldn’t stop you from buying her because she’d definitely one of the more unique figures to come out of the Prime line.


17 thoughts on “Vault Review: Transformers
Prime: Beast Hunters’ Ripclaw

  1. I’m looking forward to messing with the one I found with Smokescreen. She’s unique to say the least. Also, her body style is based on Ser-Ket, a new character debuting in the IDW Rage of the Dinobots comic that has the same body type (or the other way around).

    1. Yeah, I wonder if we’ll see a repaint of her.

      How is Smokescreen? I want him to complete my team, but I’ve seen mixed reviews.

  2. Dragon mode looks cool, but I don’t see myself picking her up. I’m not liking this Beast (re-)iteration AT ALL. Heck, I just found the FoC wave with Starscream and UM and I was disappointed by SS, even tho I picked up an extra to repaint into Skywarp or TC, but then turned around and threw it into my (Disability Denial) ebay auction. If they don’t sell, it’s back to WM with them.

  3. Great review and pics as always!

    I wasn’t planning to get this figure. Then your photos made it grow on me. Then you mentioned the rubbery plastic. IF I ever see this at retail, I’ll have to have a good think about it.

    I’m not much of a comics expert, but is anyone else getting an Ultron vibe from her robot-mode head? As for the circle inside her mouth; my money’s on flamethrower nozzle. That’s right . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THE NOZZLE.

    1. Me too. Why have a dragon that can’t shoot fire?
      Also, hold completely still for… THE NOZZLE.

      I wish the Venture Bros figures weren’t Megos or we’d have bought them by now. :/

        1. I remembered them when I posted that this morning and looked around until I found them. Entertainment Earth just got their shipment yesterday and has them for cheaper(bbts has them for presale except Brock). EE is out of Brock, though.

  4. what do you mean her mouth lacks feminine features? look at those fangs man, only a woman would need flesh shredders like that!

  5. This may seem odd but seeing all these new Beast Hunters and Predacons somehow gives me hope that there might be a new Autobot-allied version of Beast Wars Jawbreaker (or Cackle, as some call the character) somewhere down the line.

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