Wonder Festival Winter 2013
(Updated February 18th!)

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19 thoughts on “Wonder Festival Winter 2013
(Updated February 18th!)

  1. Excellent photos and coverage, there!

    A bazillion cartoony slutlets, but still not a single Shiva Nataraja. Oh, well.

  2. Thanks for all the great pics, Dorkey. I most not be buying much of it, but still love looking at the photos.

  3. Dorkey, two questions for you
    What are those harvest second little figures in the Medicos section and how nice are those Jushin Liger figures?

    1. “Harvest Second” is a Wonder Festival exclusive variant of “Harvest”, the stand used by Shigekiyo Yangu, a character from the fourth installment of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

      The Jushin Liger figures (and Riobots in general) appear and feel very solid and sturdy with great detail. I intend to get a few Riobots to add to my collection, but standing at about the same height as Kaiyodo’s Revoltechs, even with an abundance of accessories, they are a little cost prohibitive at a price that averages more than 100 dollars each (Black Liger is priced at 11,550yen).

  4. Cool, as always, Dorkey. Was that Kamati Moon booth there this year? I love all their stuff.

      1. Seeing as I couldn’t get to them for the past few Wonder Festivals, I was trying to make an effeort to get to them this time. Unfortunately Kamaty Moon was one of the booths that I couldn’t get to due to the overwhelming crowds as well as insufficient planning on my behalf.

        Next time, I’ll try to give them higher priority and make sure to get some pictures of their wares.

        1. There’s always next year! ^_^ Thanks for trying. I’m sure I’m in the minority, though, so it’s better to bump them for action figures since this is a toy site. :/

    1. That is a 1/6 scale figure by Union Creative which can be used as a base for customs. It is highly articulated, including movement in the fingers and toes.

      The figure was on display primarily to see the reaction of the public. There still aren’t any solid plans as to when (or if) this will become available. As for price. they weren’t willing to give any indication as to how much these may go for if they do get released.

  5. Is it just me or does Max Factory seem to be putting alot of effort in repops all of a sudden? the Votoms stuff, the Mazinkaizer, and those Gundam figures look alot like the Bandai America ‘Mobile Suit in Action’ figures.

    (Yes, I know, MSiA was Bandai Japan first, but Bandai America completely exploded the line back in ’01)

    I also note with quiet amusement that Kaiyodo ‘refreshed’ their Lupin III Revoltech figure exactly the way I suggested, not that it wasn’t an obvious thing to do. The fact that they seem to have re-released Jigen with no changes or additions says this is meant to (slyly) be a ‘Cagliostro Castle’ reference (as the first release figures were tied to ‘Lupin Vs. the Clone’ aka ‘Mystery of Mamo’, coming this month to DVD from Discotek).

    Kaiyodo, we need Fujiko, Goemon and Zenigata! Get to it! πŸ™‚

    1. Max Factory was primarily a display of products that they had released over the past 25 years. That was the reason for Max Factory having a booth of their own rather than being a part of the Good Smile Company booth as they have done for the past couple of years (and there actually were some Max Factory figures in the Good Smile Company booth). Most of the figures at Max Factory were for “historic” display purpose only.

      As for Lupin, the impression I was given was that the previous figures were supposed to be the manga/Monkey Punch version and the new variant is being referred to as the “anime” version.

      Fujiko, Goemon and Zenigata are always a future possibility – as long as they manage to sell a lot of Lupin and Jigen figures.

      1. Not to get all goofy technical, but as a fanboy it is my duty. πŸ™‚

        The original release Lupin and Jigen are pretty clearly modeled of the Mystery of Mamo designs, the telling point (besides Lupin’s face) being the small table, chairs and glass of liquor (which, properly, should be a wine glass) which invoke the start of the ‘helicopter chase’ scene made famous worldwide in the arcade laser disc game ‘Cliff Hanger’.

        Proper ‘Monkey Punch manga’ versions would be much more lanky.

        So, meh. I’m gonna order that new Lupin. πŸ™‚

        As to Max Factory, glad to see it’s a historical retrospective. I don’t think the world would be served by a reissue of those horrid ‘rubber dog chew toy’ Votoms figures.

        Belated thanks for the report! Nicely done! I see some things that interest me greatly but will likely never be able to get (I mean, really? a new Giant Gorg?! WTH, man! Nobody remembers Giant Gorg! πŸ™‚ )

  6. It was SUPER cool to see those Zoids figures. I loved those as a kid, and so I’ll be watching these with great interest.

  7. Oh holy crap, Galatt?! Megahouse is doing a Galatt? NOBODY x INFINITY remembers Galatt!!!

    Wish they were cranking out some ‘Cosmo Fleet’ collections for Yamato 2199. πŸ™

    Wasn’t there supposed to be Dirty Pair Figmas? Did I miss them?

  8. those volks folsk make some great looking figs man… holy CRAP! and new guyver figs, in a more managable price point is always good news. that was one of the first anime i was exposed to, and it’s still one of my favorites. totally life changing for me.

  9. great pics, does anyone know what show the figures in pics 31 and 32 are from? i think i used to watch it when i was younger. please and thank you

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