An Afternoon with Hasbro
2013 Toy Fair Armchair Coverage

Today, I followed the Hasbro Fan Media panel like pretty much all of you, from home, and it seemed like it was going on forever. I can only imagine how the guys in the audience were feeling. Though I imagine it’s easier to endure with they keep showing you cool toy pics! Now, it’s our turn.

I could not have been more wrong about how today was going to go. I haven’t bought a non-FSS GI Joe in months, my only new Transformers have come from overseas, and I can’t find new Marvel figures to save my soul. I was starting to wonder if Hasbro was still out there.

I figured Hasbro would show plenty of stuff, but I didn’t expect more than a couple additions to my 2013 Want List (which, let’s face it, is already too long as it is). I decided to get some writing done this afternoon during the show, but I still opened up a window for Twitter and others for the various Cover It Live streams (which there were surprisingly few of this year, Twitter may have finally won out) and awaited the Hasbro news.


Hasbro kicked off with My Little Pony just to meet my expectations. Transformers followed with the spotlight initially on Rescue Bots, Kre-O, the new Construct-A-Bots, and on the Prime/Beast Hunter cartoon. I haven’t taken the time to get to know the new show, but there did seem to be some cool news – even I have to take notice of a Predaking with a 21” wingspan. That’s cool. I’ve got a line out to Vault to see if he wants to add some of his thoughts about the regular Transformers lines.

I’ve been trying to distance myself from them a bit because one of the ways I can afford Masterpiece is to (mostly) give up on the smaller scale items. For the most part, Hasbro hasn’t made that too difficult (other than a stray FOC figure here or there). And yet, some of the new Generations items look tempting – the Stealth Bomber Megatron, Trailcutter, Orion Pax, and especially the Voyager Triplechangers of Springer & Blitzwing. Springer in particular has a great chance of finding his way to my shelves despite the embargo, but I was doing good and just waiting for the MP news. Then the giant white robot came into the room.

For Fall 2013, Hasbro will be producing a new class/size of Transformer: Titan. The size kicks off with the largest Transformer ever, a 25” FoC Metroplex. My jaw dropped at just the thought. That design was heavily G1 inspired and the figure looks to be a sharp update of the G1 as a result. The three modes are there, the interaction with smaller Transformers is there, but even better are lights, sounds, articulated eyes, and who knows what else. The only thing I’m not liking so far is that the figre on display looks really static. Is he too big to pose? Can he move? I hope so.

The best part about the new Metroplex though might just be the price: $125. It’s a lot, but it’s also a lot of Transformer for the money. Who know that the G1 reissue of Fortress Maximus wouldn’t be the biggest Transformer produced this year. Damn!

Finally, there was some Masterpiece news as well, but I have mixed feelings about it. Hasbro confirmed a TRU exclusive Acidstorm (the green camo seeker, 6″ version pictured at left). I knew going in to that line (post MP-10 anyway) that I shouldn’t try to be completist with it. I don’t mind picking up my favorite characters and maybe some I never had but I know could be cool (like Bluestreak). But do I need repaints like Tiger Tracks & Acid Storm? I really don’t know. I think they’ll look sweet on the shelf, but I’m not sure that they’re right for my collection. I have a pre-order out for Tiger Tracks and I imagine I’d pick up Acidstorm, but I really need to figure out what my goal is on the high dollar Transformers.

Hasbro also confirmed that their version of Masterpiece Soundwave will come with all five of the cassettes. As such, you might think that I feel like I shouldn’t have bought my Takara Soundwave. You’d be wrong. I standby him being worth every penny, but I’m still stoked about this news. I really didn’t want to pay $120+ to import the four remaining cassettes. If I can snag the US release (I only saw Optimus once), then, even if it costs $120, that’s going to be like getting a free second Soundwave. I can live with that!

Prospective Purchases: Voyager Springer, 25” Metroplex, Masterpiece Soundwave w/ Cassettes, Masterpiece Acid Storm.

For more specifics on the show including better coverage of the Construct-A-bots, Prime, and Kre-O lines check out TFW2005. For all the official press pics check out The Terror Drome.

Speaking of Kre-O, Star Trek will be getting a lot of love this year and it appears that Kre-O can do any era of Star Trek which is pretty cool, but Kre-O is a rabbit hole I’m trying to crawl back out of, so I’m not even going to look. For the official press pics check out The Terror Drome.

G.I. Joe

When G.I. Joe came up, it was almost the same setup as Transformers. Plenty of neat or novel items that are cool, but that I know I don’t need. That said, one of my all-time favorite childhood Joe vehicles was the Tomahawk and now that it’s getting the modernized treatment, I’m pretty stoked! The Tomahawk, renamed Eaglehawk (at least on the box) looks gorgeous and the updates might just make it better than the original. And at $40, it’s another must buy. At this point I have no idea where I’m going to put all these big toys, but I’ll figure out.

In terms of figures, there was a good mix of movie figures, some 30th Anniversary figures that were cancelled (Kwinn!), and then a new breed of figure called “Ultimate”. I didn’t see too many I really had to have, but Kwinn is always cool and the armored up Cobra with the drone looked pretty cool. Still, it’s the ultimate figures that caught my attention.

Cobra Commander & Storm Shadow are the first two figures to get the classic/ultimate treatment. The idea here seems to be that these will be the last versions of the two you’ll ever need. They look spot-on and appear to have great articulation. For the official press pics check out The Terror Drome.

Prospective Purchases: The Tomahawk/Eaglehawk, Ult. Cobra Commander, Ult. Storm Shadow (Maybe)

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28 thoughts on “An Afternoon with Hasbro
2013 Toy Fair Armchair Coverage

  1. As a huge Flint fan, I was stoked when I saw an “Ultimate” listed for him but couldn’t find any pics til I realized it’s a “Movie Ultimate” version. :/

    Oh well, I’m sure more Classic Ultimates will come in time. Stormy and the Commander look absolutely fantastic. These are the versions we’ve should’ve got all along in 25th!!!

    1. Well, there was the one from the concept case that looked like it could be an ultimate. So there’s hope. Although the next non-movie Flint that gets released should be a solid Sunbow version, IMHO.

      1. I’d be down for a Sunbow-accurate version!

        And yeah, I’m hoping they’ll eventually release that entire concept case.

        (Will say the zombified stuff isn’t for me, though.)

  2. Oh, man… So much stuff coming, Transformers, 6″ Star Wars and more Marvel U. And that’s just on the Hasbro side of things!

    I’m going to need a second job…

  3. I was pretty psyched with the Transformers reveals, although the excitement has dulled somewhat. I think Springer is great and I’m very relieved that I didn’t buy the GDO earlier this week. Blitzwing is good, too. But I think I’m just so bummed about Trailbreaker. He should be so much better than he is, but man, his robot mode feels so Classics 1.0 Prowl. And he doesn’t really look like Trailbreaker, either. 🙁 After Warpath, Wheeljack and Cyclonus, every single one of these guys should be mini masterpieces. But oh wells.

    I’m a Joe collector first, so I feel like I should be more excited about the Tomahawk. Part of it is the seriously week driver. I really wanted them to have some ARAH fun with the whole thing, but it’s still cool to be getting it, so I shouldn’t complain.

  4. the Ultimate Joes and the MLP stuff is the only exciting Hasbro news for me… Sadly, I can’t seem to get back into ML… though the Jim Lee Jean is tempting.

  5. Aw, man, I am going to be so broke. I hope they space these out adequately. More Triple-Changers and MP Seekers, here I come!

  6. I have the same tempered excitement for ‘Plex that you do, Noisy. I’m good with the price, but would love to see just how articulated his shoulders are. Metroplex needs more than just swivel shoulders.

  7. metroplex shall be mine… oh yes, it shall be mine. mot-who? 😉

    bummed by the gothitropolis-by-way-of-kickstarter news, but hey, at least it means they’re still in the pipe somehow. my fear is, the horsemen are not the best at shameless self promotion, and a kickstarter campaign requires that to make it’s funding goal.

    1. You’re right — thing with Kickstarter is, you’ve REALLY got to whore yourself out. I mean you can’t just show a little leg and call it a day as you watch the cash come pouring in — you’ve gotta do stuff that would make Belladonna blush…

      1. i’m holding out hope, cuz i love the horsemen, and i love the gothitropolis property, and man, the figs shown at toypocalypse are just beyond gorgeous… but it doesn’t play to their strong suits.

        that said, GIANT metroplex, at retail, established price tag… that’s precisely what i wanted to see, and what i needed to know. hasbro is winning as far as i’m concerned. will definitely be skipping some intended motuc purchaes to save me some metroplex money.

  8. I wish I could muster excitement for Marvel Legends. I love Marvel, and I like what Hasbro has been doing with the figures, for the most part. There are lots of holes in my ToyBiz ML collection that could use filling.

    However, I never found Thunderball (or, for that matter, Madame Masque) at retail, so I can’t get too excited for the Wrecker and Piledriver. I can’t order Hyperion online because e-tailers will only list it as a “Random chance of getting character A or B.” Since I’d dearly love Baron Zemo II, I suspect it’s gonna be the same nightmare all over again.

    And what the [bleep] is up with producing a wave of modern figures, and only the build-a-figure is a classic design? Since I’m exclusively interested in classics, that seems like a no-win to me. They did this with Terrax and Arnim Zola, too. I’d love to pick up Puck, but I’m willing to drop the cash on several modern figures I don’t want in order to get him.

    I’m a little too far behind to consider replacing my ML collection with MU, but the latter line seems to offer a wide selection of classic character without the boggling frustration of ML.

    As far as MP Transformers go, I’m sad to hear they didn’t announce the new-mold Starscream being imported.

    …wow. I sound like a grumpus, don’t I?

    1. the “random chance” notice is null until the rolling change starts getting released, which to date, it hasn’t. so right now, if you’re ordering, as hasbro hasn’t released sentry yet, there’s only a chance of getting hyperion. the longer you wait though, that becomes a problem. just pointing that out. 😉

      as for the complaint on puck, i feel ya there. that’s a raw deal on him and monger both, but that’s how the BAF concept works, entice a buy of less-than-desirable figs by including parts of a desired BAF. this is the advice i would give, start networking. there are a ton of toy sites, like this one, w/ B/S/T threads, put together a deal to get parts from someone who either wants the BAF but not the figs, or vice versa. make deals w/ your fellow collectors to get the bits you want without the stuff you don’t, that’s how fan communities work.

      to hasbro’s credit, this most recent wave is much better quality than their previous run at marvel legends, and so far, the bucks are great. they are not without flaw, no line us, but they’re doing more right than wrong.

      1. B/S/T – Buy/Swap/Trade, right? because I read that “word” as something entirely different. 😉

        1. buy, sell, trade yes… where did you go with it? i have a firty mind, and i don’t see the gag here… bitch, slap, tickle? bite, stab, tear? big stud tireless? belligerent sweaty tranny?

  9. Oh yeah, those’ll be the last ones I ever need…at least until they come out with “OMG YOU GUYS FOR REALZ THIS TIME ULTIMATE STORM SHADOW WITH NEW THUMB ARTICULATION!!!!”
    I highly doubt there could ever be an “ultimate” version of a figure, ’cause the production methods are always improving/changing, and the newest ones are always going to appeal to someone. I’ll be perfectly happy with that Cobra Commander though, but I hope he has a zombie variant like the one they showed in their “never gonna be made” display.

    And also, y’know what? I’m kind of tired of Marvel Legends.I mean, even disregarding the fact that the distribution and running changes are a joke, and the fact that they seem more obsessed with one shot costumes and newer looks (which I’m not opposed to, but there are more upper-tier characters to be made, and I’d hardly call white Iron Fist or Phoenix force Cyclops “legends”), But it seems like I can never expect the same level of quality across the board. They have scale issues, poor use of parts (like how they’re using that piss-poor female body on Phoenix, then show off Emma Frost and Rogue on the new one),good sculpts with crap sculpts, wonky articulation, etc… That’s what I like about the DC Classics and its sister lines: they’re all sculpted by the 4H, so you know they’ll be good, and while Mattel has had a few scale and distribution issues, they’re nowhere near as bad as hasbro.

    1. I’m with you an the odd-man-out/why-bother-one-off Phoenix-clops.
      the ONLY thing I can think to do with him is swap his head with mullet Superman and repaint him into the 90s “Phoenix X” from the Guardians of the Galaxy. I think his name was Girard??

      (meanwhile, I can’t remember if I ate today…..>_>

    2. White Iron Fist is a big yes in my book, though I think the execution is half-assed. Painted on boots and arm wraps? Lame.

      The problem as I see it is what’s classic vs. what looks awesome. I think the white Iron Fist looks pretty damn slick (and it’s hardly a one-off look. It’s been his standard costume for several years now), whereas I’ve always thought his classic costume looked like ass. Capri pants, ballet slippers, and an unbuttoned disco shirt do not make a superhero looks cool. Since Toy Biz already took care of a faithful rendition of the classic look, I see no problem with Hasbro giving us a figure with an updated costume.

      Phoenix Cyclops, on the other hand, I make no excuses for. It’s an ugly design from a terrible miniseries that people are already trying desperately to forget about. I mean, he’s got a damn banana hammock. What the hell?

      The irony here is that the Phoenix Five variant has a uniquely sculpted body, whereas the Simone Bianchi-era Astonishing version has all the detail painted on, and Simone Bianchi apparently has never seen an object in the world that he doesn’t think would look better covered in ribbed texturing.

  10. I feel like Metroplex should be giving me a nerd bonner, but its not really doing anything for me downstairs. I mean, he’s cool & stuff, but IDK… it’s either the price tag or his massive size. Maybe cuz I just have no connection to him. I look forward to seeing more pics and reviews of him though.

    Really nothing mindblowing with TFs though. Not necessarily a bad thing either, what with so much else occupying my attention. Springer & Blitzwing look great, so do Trailcutter and Orion Pax. I can’t say much about that Meh-gatron — they haven’t managed to make a decent Megs since Transformers: Animated Leader.

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  12. That Metroplex looks so impressive….but it’s just humongous! I have nowhere to store a 2 foot tall transformer. I’d have to leave it out, and my cats would have a field day with it. I can see it now, Tripticat vs Metroplex. Tripticat would win every time.

    I’m super pumped for the other TF Reveals too. I’m so happy about Soundwave (assuming I can find him. There are 2 TRU’s that have both MP Thundercracker and MP Optimus in my area, so I’m hopeful). The triplechanges impress me too. All 3 modes look pretty darn good for all both of them. None of them really blow me away, but usually one mode is garbage, so I’m happy with this. I can’t wait until these come out! Will you have potential release dates for them?

  13. Kwinn, new Tomahawk, Ultimate Stormy & CC, Star Wars Black Series six-inchers, new Power Lords, selected Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe… Yeah, not a bad Toy Fair at all.

  14. I loved the “Ultimates” line with GI Joe, great.

    Liked a ton of the offerings from MU, Abomination (Finally), Cloak and dagger, Valkyrie and Executioner, the Colossus Juggernaut turned out much better than the prototype looked. Hated all the 4 inch lines from IM3 to Wolvie. But Thor is looking awesome.

    Star Wars really had nothing new, the 3 & 3/4 black figs are just the BAD ones revealed last year. The 6 inch line is a huge cherry picker for me, I want R2, Vader when he comes out, Fett of course, but after that I may not get anymore, not positive.

    TF Masterpieces and Metroplex are tempting, but I have to pass.

  15. Don’t know much on Rocket Raccoon but hinged jaw equals win for me. I sold off my toybiz legends so replacing and look forward to the Jean Grey (jim lee), the other Wrecking crew members, and Hawkeye.
    The MU is all gifts to give but see some nice ones there.

    Transformer front, all look nice but man, seen some Beast Hunters figs of older prime and they look squashed. Iffy on them, love the news about MP Soundwave have to hint on that as a gift since the toysrus are so far away here. Dunno why Trailbreaker couldn’t have been a trailblazer or even a fj cruiser.

    Joe wise, truth happy with the 25ths I have but a few 30th would like to have

  16. Metroplex – sweet. I managed to recover mine from dad’s hayloft last fall, but I don’t have all of the gun-bot (Sixgun) pieces or the minicar. that 2d alt looks cool, aircraft carrier?

    GI Joe – I agree with you, not a lot of pieces for this line are “must haves” or even “wants”. Maybe if I picked up more 3.75″ lines, I could see myself buying more, at least for the vehicles.

    SW = pass.

    Marvel – I was surprised to see Ultron in the IM line, but considering the current “Age of Ultron” XO in the Avengers titles, I knew we would probably see him here or at SDCC.

    Puck – I don’t mind Wolvie getting a spin-off line, but I’m really annoyed I have to buy Phoenix-clops to finish Judd. 🙁
    Emma was another figure I don’t think we needed to see redone this soon in the line, but she does look better than the HML scarecrow of a few years back.
    Rogue – I take it this is her current look? nice retro, and thankfully no bulky jacket like the MU Outback/XTAS 3pk is getting.
    Sabretooth – I caught his pic Saturday night, and I guess this is his current look? (gets out the paints)
    I need to track down pics of the AoA Jean, but the Lee/XTAS is good and White Phoenix is pretty basic.

    and I got my hopes up for the Executioner being ML sized. If Logan and Tony can have their own 6″ spin-off lines to go with their movies, why can’t THOR so we can have the Warriors Three, Odin, Sif, Enchantress, etc? I can get you a list for two waves EASY. 😉
    (BAF Volstagg can re-use the Blob body, and BAF Odin can re-use the still missing Stryfe or other armor bodies. and yeah, the 4″ movie line is okay, but can I have Malekith face off against 9? LOL)

  17. Well, I hope Metroplex goes well (I intend to snag one), but I’m already crossing my fingers for a kick-butt new version of Trypticon! And Scorponok! And . . . I need to lie down with a cool flannel over my fevered wallet.

  18. I’m most interested to see how these 6″ Star Wars figures do. I’m too much of a fan of 6″ to not give them a try. Will skip prequel figures though which I imagine a lot of adult collectors will do though I guess Darth Maul is a decent choice to get bought. The only prequel figure I could see myself buying would be Padme if it has a strong likeness to Natalie Portman.

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