Four Horsemen’s Toypocalypse 3
Power Lords Sneak Peek!

Last year I resolved to save up and go to Toypocalypse 3 & NYTF. Now it turned out that I was a little too good at collecting money and my wife insisted we buy a new house… well, at least I’m stuck at home this weekend and can show off a Power Lords Sneak Peek for tonight!

If you’ve ever wondered if the Four Horsemen have a sense of humor, then look no further of this first official picture of the new Power Lords product:

Yep… Power Lords are officially back! A big thanks to the Four Horsemen (and all the additional Horsemen who are making tonight possible) for sending that along! If you can’t attend, check back with IAT for some Armchair coverage from the show tomorrow!

Now, if you’re in or near New York and know how to get around in snow, you can attend Toypocalypse 3:

It’s that time of the year again when throngs of toy fans, toy creators and toy buyers worldwide converge onNew York City for the International Toy Fair. For the third year in a row during this time, the art gallery TT Underground and Beerlao will be hosting the Four Horsemen as they bring you Toypocalypse 3: ExtraTOYrrestrial!!

This is the Four Horsemen’s third annual gallery show featuring their work past, present and future, and this year Toypocalypse revolves around their newest licensed property – The Power Lords! The Power Lords was a toy line from the 80’s that seemed to be a bit ahead of it’s time, but it has a very loyal fan base that have been hoping for it’s return. With the launch of the Power Lords website, it was announced that theFour Horsemen now have the license to create new Power Lords toys and other merchandise, and this show will reveal early prototypes of some of the upcoming Power Lords characters!

SPECIAL GUEST!! The original designer of the Power Lords toys back in the 80’s and world renowned artist and sought after Hollywood creature designer Wayne Barlowe will be the special guest at Toypocalypse 3: ExtraTOYrrestrial on the opening night of the show! There will be original artwork created by Mr. Barlowe as designs for the original Power Lords line, as well as a print of one of those pieces being sold at the show, which Mr. Barlowe will gladly sign for you!

Also at Toypocalyse 3: ExtraTOYrrestrial… Original artwork and 3D customs done by Power Lords fans in a Power Lords artwork and customs show! A display of classic Power Lords toys, original design artwork and other obscure merchandise generously donated and loaned to the Four Horsemen specifically for this show! The reveal of some new prototypes of upcoming characters and projects from other various Four Horsemen properties and licenses! 2ups, paint-masters and other prototypes from some of Four Horsemenproperties and Mattel action figure lines! Fantastic finger foods, delicious drinks and an amazing DJ will be onhand to rock the party on opening night only!


TT Underground Gallery: 91 2nd Ave. New York, New York (beneath Toy Tokyo)

Free general admission. No invitation necessary.

SATURDAY, Feb. 9th – OPENING PARTY: 7pm to 10pm
SUNDAY Feb. 10th through WEDNESDAY Feb. 13th: regular gallery hours

Please be sure to swing by for a bit on Saturday night to say hello!


19 thoughts on “Four Horsemen’s Toypocalypse 3
Power Lords Sneak Peek!

  1. That looks awesome!!

    What scale are these supposed to be again? They look bigger than I expcted, but I cant tell!

    1. They’re supposed to be 3-3/4″. I agree that looks bigger, but looks can be deceiving. Can’t wait to see the front. I’m so excited to get an Adam Power figure that’s a) better sculpted, b) 3-3/4″ and c) not two-sided!

    1. Trying to find pics online, but no dice yet. :-/

      You & me both Jesse. Everyone West of NYC didn’t get alot of snow, but Beth & I got like 28 inches or so. I was able to move my car, but not onto the street fully. That’ll be tomorrow’s project. “Of all the weekends in all of February, Nemo had to walk into mine..”

  2. I agree with Allreed. Just from that viewpoint, the figure looks fantastic. And it certainly looks like it’s a 6-inch scale figure. Here’s hoping.

  3. Hmm… this is interesting. I thought that these were supposed to be 3 3/4″ Glyos-compatible figures, like the Outer Space Men. They could be 3 3/4″ (hard to say for sure from this picture), but those definitely don’t look like Glyos joints.

    Also interesting is that this figure does not appear to be reversible, like the original Power Lords.

    Can’t wait till tomorrow to find out more!

  4. I say we are indeed looking at a 3 3/4″ figure (or a 2-up of one…)

    Looks like these are slyly Glyos-compatible, just adding in extra articulation in the shoulder, elbow, and knee.

    Odd that the red veiny stuff doesn’t extend to his back . . .

  5. I’m assuming he has the Hasbro-style, insert-moulded knees and elbows.

    Might consider getting these, if they’re not too pricey. I know the 4H can do a character proud, so now it’s likely just down to cost staying my hand.

  6. Gotta say, not to rain on anyone’s parade, but seeing this does not intrigue me in the least. I wasn’t really excited by the announcement in the first place, so clearly I’m not the target market but I don’t see this winning over any new fans.

    1. Well, I don’t recall the original line, and when I finally found pictures online, I can’t say I was particularly impressed. But with Barlowe + 4H + 4″ scale + reasonable cost, consider me a newly won-over fan, DR.

      Now, let’s see how they’ll be handling cost, sales, and distribution, and I’ll get back to you on how avid a fan I might be . . . .

      1. Here’s hoping you get better news than we gothitropolis fans have gotten. We’ve not heard a thing on our horsemen line since the last toypocalypse

  7. Looking Good so far!:^)

    If these figures are going to be 3-3/4″ size, I’ll be able to look at them and say: “Oh, nice!” without the slightest bit of desire for them. IF, however, they turn out to be a scale compatible with MoTUC, I am in BIG TROUBLE!!

  8. I want them in scale with my other 4H stuff – chiefly, my DCUC and DCIE stuff. Then they’re great bases for customs; otherwise, pass.

    1. Yeah, but now they’re in scale with more space related lines like the 4H OSM and Onell Design’s Glyos line.

  9. these are going to be partially glyos compatible, according to eric treadaway, the head and waist will definitely be glyos and possibly either a bicep joint or the hinge elbow will be glyos joints… if I understood him correctly.

    there might also be a kickstarter program for the release of the raven and his ELEVEN variants, including Minotaur the Duck!

  10. The reason he looks bigger than expected is that that is a “2-up”, an oversized version of the sculpt which will later be shrunken down to the correct size. The line will be Glyos-compatible and Glyos-size (so around 3 3/4), which is awesome in my book because it’s my favorite action figure scale.

    Really looking forward to this, I think the 4H will blow everyone away.

  11. They look alright, but a HUGE thumbs down for them not being reversible like the original figures. It’s really what set them apart from other sci-fi figures of the time.

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