Vault Review: S.H. MonsterArts
Burning Godzilla

Burning G’s neck and head are also newly sculpted pieces.  This head sculpt is definitely an improvement on the original figure’s.  I don’t really know how though.  It seems to be a combination of subtle changes in its shape, jaw line, and snout somehow makes him look more like Godzilla to me.

Burning Godzilla’s torso, shoulders, and thighs are made up of a translucent red that’s been painted with orange and yellows on the inside.  Mixed with his rocky black skin texture, this gives the figure a really cool volcano lava effect.  His torso spines have been given a minimum of black paint causing them to look like they’re glowing from the inside.

This is where my only other complaint about the figure comes in.  Burning G’s tail spines were given a gleaming white paint job.  In itself it looks good, but sadly it doesn’t match the figure all together.  They really should look a bit darker, like the ones on his head.  There’s also no fading into the burning spikes, so it’s just trans orange to white with nothing in between.

Before I get away from paint, I also wanted to mention Burning G’s eyes.  His head and teeth have a similar look to the original’s, but his eyes have this great fire-red death gaze.  I didn’t even see the little bloodshot bits until I looked at this picture because they’re just that small.

Even though Burning G has the benefits of new body parts and wider movement, his figure still has almost the same articulation as the original.  The figure is comprised of ball joints at his head, neck, shoulders, chest, abs, biceps, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, shins, and ankles.  His tail is also made up of thirty four ball joints.  His jaw is on a ball joint too, but it’s more secure and can’t be pushed out of place as easy.

Aside from his alternate hands, Burning Godzilla comes with two accessories.  One is a brand new Maser tank and the other is a new Maser device on a truck.  Both these pieces are nicely sculpted but have very simple paint jobs.  The Maser cannons on each vehicle are on a swivel joint, so they can be aimed.  Both also fit in perfectly with the bonus effects pack that was made for the first Godzilla figure.

These two vehicles are the first release bonuses for Burning Godzilla.

Even with the gap and paint issues I have with this figure, I still think he’s fantastic.  I used to refer to the original MonsterArts Godzilla as the best Godzilla figure out there, but I can’t anymore.  Burning Godzilla is superior in almost every way and I’m extremely happy that I didn’t skip out on ordering him.  His glowing meltdown effects look fantastic, and his new head sculpt is perfect.  I’ll definitely be buying this figure again if he gets repainted in normal colors.


8 thoughts on “Vault Review: S.H. MonsterArts
Burning Godzilla

  1. Sweet figure, great review, outstanding pics.

    Some of the joints look a little odd and gappy, but the “glowing lava” and angry eyes effects are astounding. Still won’t be adding this guy to my own collection owing to budgetary and space issues, but thanks for sharing!

  2. Great pics! I never really appreciated these figures. It’s nice to see this amount of detail in what I assumed was just a block of plastic. I totally dig the eyes in this one, but in teh pic where BG was standing next to Original, I love the Original’s eyes in that one! You can totally see the tic that has driven him crazy!

  3. All I can picture us the steam coming from the water around him in the film. Great pics and awesome review of one cool toy. Love the mazer tank and do wonder how they would look with the Tokyo SOS Godzilla I have.

  4. How is the articulation on the tail? Range of motion wise. It looks the same as the regular release godzilla which gave me problems (lack of range/constantly popping apart if i try to post it) from your pics it looks to be about the same. my other issues with articulation were never a problem, only the tail and id be careful to buy this if the tail hasnt been improved upon

  5. On a side note… when did you score that mecha godzilla add-on and when will we see a review?! haha

  6. Seeing these makes me realize Firstborn really got gypped with the one he got for Xma$ back in ’77 or 78. I got the better deal with Reideen.

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