Fansproject Function X
Charity Promotion

I don’t normally cover third party news (though I probably should considering how many I’m buying), but I thought this news was too cool to pass up. Site sponsor BigBadToyStore and TFSource have partnered with Fansproject to help Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army help families this Christmas!

Fansproject is launching their new Function-X line with a mystery figure. If you pre-order the mystery figure from BBTS before December 16th they’ll make a $20 toy donation to Toys for Tots. Similarly, placing a pre-oder with TFSource will trigger a $20 donation to the Salvation Army.

Now BBTS can’t reveal the identity of the mystery figure, but the Function-X line is rumored to have something to do with Headmasters characters and BBTS did point out that the alt mode would be a four-wheeled vehicle with two scoped rifles. That should narrow it down significantly. The figure is listed at $68.99 at both stores. I haven’t picked up a Fansproject item yet, but this will be my first one thanks to the charity promotion.


4 thoughts on “Fansproject Function X
Charity Promotion

  1. I preordered yesterday. FansProject is one of the best 3rd party companies out there! I have a bunch of their stuff and have very few complaints. You won’t regret it!

  2. Hmm, so does that make this guy Chromedome?

    And will this “mystery” style be the only way he’s available?

    1. The rumor is it’s Chromedome, but I guess FansProject is still holding out until they reveal more of the figures in the series.

  3. Enh, it’s for a good cause, and you get a toy out of it for yourself, as well. No downside. Could be Scooter the GoBot, for all I care. I stopped paying attention to G1 TransFormers when “Pretenders” came out, and everything had to be a Something-Master. FansProject usually does pretty good stuff, so chances are I’ll enjoy what eventually comes along, anyway. I ain’t sweating it.

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