Review Round-Up
(November 12th-25th)

After a break for Thanksgiving, Review Round-Up is back! And we’ve got a massive list featuring two weeks’ worth of content. This time around we’ve got a ton of Marvel links, plenty of sites getting in on the Star Wars action, and folks actually buying “New 52” figures from DC Collectibles! What gives?

This week the list includes twenty-nine different sites and features a massive, two weeks’ worth, 137 reviews! Don’t click on ’em all at once. Reviews are categorized by major brands, independent releases such as Onell or Spy Monkey are listed under the same “7th Market” heading we use for our own reviews, and smaller brands are grouped together under Miscellaneous. As always, offsite reviews do not necessarily reflect the views of IAT or its staff.

7th Market

80’s Movies!

Beast Saga

DC Comics

G.I. Joe


Marvel Comics

Masters of the Universe


Star Wars



Transformers Third Party


Do you know of (or run) a toy site that you think I’d enjoy? Let me know!


12 thoughts on “Review Round-Up
(November 12th-25th)

    1. It’s not my day off. I’m working. (Shhhh. Don’t anyone tell me that I’m not technically working when I am reading a blog.) The good news, though, is after today I am technically on vacation for all of December. That means more time for toys and personal projects (like wrapping up Transforming Collections).

      What was I trying to say? I think I’m losing it.

  1. DC Direct nu52 Darkseid – impressive sculpt, but a- that’s not Darkseid to me (maybe a decent Blok costume?) and b- for $90, it is sorely lacking articulation.

    DCD nu52 Cyborg – not sure if my comment is going to get approved, but the guy says it’s a rare figure for Vic?
    Kenner Super Powers, DCD has done him three times now, with a NTT boxset variant, and even Matty has done him with a variant. three different companies, seven figures, AT LEAST and he’s a “RARE”? add to that, he’s a “minority” character who does NOT have “Black” preceding his name for extra points!

    I believe Vic’s second only to STORM in that regard (multiple figures for a “minority character”)?
    B.Panther: 3 figures- TB 5″ exclusive, TB-ML, MU (rumored shortlist for H-RoML?)
    B.Lightning: 5 figures- Kenner Total Justice/JLA, DCUC w5/PE, DCD FA/…PE?
    Mr. Terrific: 3 figures- DCUC, DCD, JLU
    Vixen: 2- DCD, JLU
    MOTU/C – Jitsu, Clamp Champ (…and Netossa?) having modern versions of classic figures.

    Movie ASM Peter/Garfield
    it’s bad that the only decent shots of his head are at the end of the pictorial. Also, one pic indicates the skateboard fits into the backpack? this was not mentioned in the write-up nor shown clearly in the pictorial.
    great shots, but I can just hear JJJ reaming Kastor out over these “artsy” shots instead of some with better substance. 😉

    Not that I’m ever going to SEE these, but…
    Jubilee – cool, and almost fits in the ML display! but why didn’t they at least give us a GenX red variant?
    (at least then we could see some custom Paige/Husk and M figures!)

    Prof.X – I like that they made the figure able to stand, and I’ve already seen a certain SHIELD agent customed by Hunter Knight, and I can see the list of numerous other characters that could benefit from this body, originally used for…MOVIE DESTRO?!?!?!? YEAHBUHWHA??? 0.0!
    almost as cool as the 90s’ hoverchair separate from the body AT LAST!! and the whole thing is split in two in package or what??

    Blastaar – his second (and THIRD!) figure! Finally!
    the “regular” figure looks good, and could possibly even easily double for Dark Beast?? lose the boots and collar and see if you don’t agree with me.
    I’m not too sure on the variant. I’d have to see one in person before if I decide the “powered up” look is good for him, imo. that background he’s using blends too much to tell, imo. (cue JJJ!)

    I finally saw some of these in person today (WA,MO WM). Unfortunately, they were the 4″ figures, not the 6″. The sculpting looks good, but after seeing what Hasbro can do, most other figures this scale pale by comparison. I think the troll is the standout of these, with Thorin a close second. Gandalf, Bilbo, and Legolas were the only other figures there of what seemed to be several cases. no sign of (Kate). :/

    What else put me off was the $8 price tag. I balk at $9-10 for MU and the increasing prices for ML/TF, but I can also rationalize the sculpting and paint apps (and TF inner parts) as part of the cost, but to pay more for these than a SW figure, takes a second thought. I’m also on an extremely tight budget at the moment, and I can see the movie in a few weeks for less than the cost of two of these figures.

    I also recently spotted the newer TMNT figures, Dogpound, Fishface(?) and…???
    nice, but this iteration of Turtles has done nothing for me. they’re just too….plain?
    IF I still have my X-Evolution figures, then I still have the two Aprils of the same time period customed into Jean and Kitty, and the TMNT ninja chick is still hanging with The Batman figures as Talia/Shiva (whichever I’m feeling at the moment).

    1. dangit!
      forgot to add I still want a BAF ML Blastaar, too!
      (and ODIN, Volstagg, and ATLAS!)

      and that DCD “FA” Jefferson Pierce was the History of the DCU line. D’oh!
      remembered 2s AFTER I hit “post” of course! LOL

      (and Kastor, I do like your pictorials, but for a review, simpler is usually better. save the dioramas for after the straight shots.)

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