Vault Review: SH Figuarts Chojin
Sentai Jetman, Red Hawk

Red Hawk also has a nice bunch of accessories.  To start off, he has five pairs of hands (fists, flat palms, holding, two fingers out, and index finger out).  Along with his super articulation, these hands allow for a nice bit of personality to your posing.

Hawk also comes with an alternate upper back piece that has his wings extended for flying.  This is a really fantastic feature, but for some reason Bandai didn’t include a stand for him to be posed this way.  Normally I don’t care if a stand is included, but Bandai did give one to the Skyrider figure.  It seems kind of pointless for the Jetman figures to not get one also.

When it comes to weapons, Red Hawk is ready to kick butt.  There’s his Bird Blaster gun and Bringer Sword, both of which have holsters that can added or removed from the figure.  He also has a Jet Hand Cannon mode, which is the combination of the sword and gun.  Last but not least is the Wing Gauntlet.  This piece also technically could count as an extra hand since it has one built in.

Red Hawk does come with one more accessory, but it’s not technically his.  This is a giant jetpack accessory that is made for the Akiba Ranger figures when they access the Jetman powers.  This piece has huge rainbow colored wings that plug into their backs.

Like I said at the beginning, I love these Sentai/Ranger figures.  I’m also extremely happy that the Figuarts line is starting to pay more attention to adding these figures into the roster.  I was probably going to always like this Red Hawk figure, but giving him a more retro vibe has pushed him near the top of my favorites list.  He’s also made me even more eager to see how the Power Rangers turn out.


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Sentai Jetman, Red Hawk

  1. this has to be the coolest “power rangers” type toy you have reviewed yet…first thing I noticed was that BotP helmet but those wings really sold me on wanting one of these now

  2. Jetman is fansubbed in full and you should watch it. I honestly don’t care for sentai, mostly the aesthetic (costume “ranger” and mech). And I get kinda of bored at the end of every ep when “Oh no the monsters giant lets get the giant robot out and yell an attack and defeat it” time happens…

    But the characters are AMAZING. They are so fun to watch out of costume, theres a decent amount of out of costume action, and the in costume action is good as well. The jets are cool, though I dislike the combined robot design. The monster costumes are hilarious.

  3. JETMAN!!

    Jetto! Jetto! Jetoman! Let’s Go! tobi dase!


    I flippin’ LOVE that show. Super Sentai series go thru a cycle, wobbling between insane goofy to shockingly serious and Jetman is a surprisingly dark entry.

    I didn’t know anyone had fansubbed the show but I throw in a hearty seconded to watching it. The characters are very engaging, the actors are all credible, the effects are pretty good and the drama is cranked to 11 yet there still is fun comedy bits. One standout (episode 10) is the hapless guy who is a hard core ‘cup ramen’ fanboy (!)who seeks to impress and court and woo one of the gals with his collection of rare and unusual cup ramen lids (!!). A Cup Ramen monster is introduced (!!!) and violence happens and everyone learns an important lesson (but the dude still doesn’t get any lovin’).

    One of the game changing aspects of Jetman is, for the first time I’m aware of, a female is the base commander. It would be nice if there were Figurarts of the civilian identity and support members.

    I know that many of these current SHF releases are to support the recent shows (what with the ‘giving of powers’ and such) but I hope they at least do all of the Jetman team so I can pine that I don’t own them. 🙂

    So Red Hawk doesn’t come with the later ‘power up’ weapon ‘Beak Smasher’ which, combined with the ‘Jet Hand Cannon’ (the pistol/sword combo) becomes the powerful two-handed ‘Smash Bomber’ gun? Oh, wait, let me guess, that’ll show up as a Tamashii Web exclusive. 🙂

    The ‘gift item’ that becomes that wing pack is modeled on the ‘Cross Changer’ transformation bracelet.

    If they make the Changeman team in SHF I am done. I’m a dead man. 🙂

    Another great review, Vault! Keep buying the stuff I want. 🙂

  4. Nice review. And it coincides with the official reveal of the Zyuranger Tyranno Ranger/MMPR Red Figuart!

  5. These would be my main sentai/ranger toys. I would flip if Bandai america released these here. I know only that I think a nes game did come out state side. I would buy them up and introduce them into my cusions collections as well. I do have to ask was he the one shown in PR Samurai or was that another bird themed sentai series.

    That said, gonna go mope on the fact these are out of my budget.

  6. IIRC The Shinkenger red/gold (PR samurai) were available at TRU in the states.
    Love me some jetman, but if I get jetman red I’ll need the rest of the team.

    1. That I know was meaning a guest sentaI/ranger was in an ep and had a bird motif. Ofcourse had him an alt reality/alien deal and never saw out of costume. Don’t think was Red Hawk. Wanna say from another place that was Storm Eagle but, that was the black jetman.

      Hope if the figuarts ever come state side without import cost that toysrus doesn’t get exclusive rights. None.around to get to.

      1. Okay figured it out. Was the series that was dubbed into PR: RPM. Don’t even remember that one. Guess why thought it was an older series getting props.

        1. Red Hawk is available through Bluefin, a US distributor, so any direct market (comic specialty) shop can order him through Diamond. Same thing with Black Condor, who’s actually an exclusive in Japan. The rest of the team has not been announced in Japan.

          The only caveat with Red Hawk is that the US release won’t come with the Jet Winger to give to Akiba Red.

          1. Yeah, I see it on Amazon. Not keen on paying double Yen price, even with the insane skewed exchange rate and shipping. It was bad enough when I bit the bullet on Jigen Daisuke.

            It’s like the bad old days of being an anime fan – limited sellers who all sourced from one importer and crazy markups. *sigh*

            Still, I might pull the trigger. I would feel better about it if Swan, Swallow and Owl were also in the pipeline.

            1. Go to your local comic shop and have them order it for you through Diamond. I think the price is around $45, and you don’t pay shipping. And, if you’re anything like me and your comic shop is anywhere near as awesome as mine, you can get some pretty sweet discounts.

        2. RPM was the series that was right before samurai. I think it started in 2009. They had the character never de-morph since he was from an alternate timeline and our air might be toxic. From what i heard, it is actually because that series was filmed in Australia and the actor couldn’t make it here to film. I think every season except 2 the previous team made an apperance in an episode, or 2 depending on how severe the problem was they were facing.
          **NERD ALERT***
          RPM was my favorite PR series.

          1. For Power Rangers, I really grooved on SPD. Ah, Z… But Japanese Super Sentai? Changeman, Jetman, toss in some Bioman and frankly everything pre-Jyuranger was pretty nifty.

            1. I think all of the adults I know liked SPD the best. I haven’t watched any of the Sentai stuff, i figure it is the same as the rangers, but i love the look of these Jetmen.


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