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Guest Review at TheDaytimeNinja
Nick TMNT Shredder

Earlier in the week Noisy presented his guest review for TheDailyNinja.com and today’s my turn for a review, and I’m bringin everyone back to the present with my Nickelodeon Shredder review.  So check out TDN for a look at how he stacks up.


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6 comments to Guest Review at TheDaytimeNinja
Nick TMNT Shredder

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Great review. Sweet pictures. Still disappointed by the lack of articulation and cartoony style.

    (Also the fact that us damn foreigners aren’t allowed to have any, but that’s an issue I have with several products. It’s not something I wanted anyway, but to be told “You can’t have this, and we’ll block any attempt you make to acquire one” is just aggravating as a collector.)

  • Brainlock

    cool look. maybe I need to give this guy another once over?

    couple questions: Where did you get those crates? homemade or doll/craft store? they look awesome.

    Does that blue sword come with him, too, or is it from SpyMonkey? You mention the shared sword from the Foot, but feature the blue one without a word. you should edit in a comment about it to clarify where it comes from, if you can.