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Hades Glyos Drop
Set for Tonight!

If you missed out on the Venjorun Armorvor during the July drop, mark your calendar for tomorrow night! Onell Design has scheduled their latest drop for Wed, Sept 5th. The Hades Force drop will feature many of the Glyos’ regulars in cool black with aqua green accents, including the Armorvor.

Tomorrow night Onell Design will release the “Hades Force”, a special ops team assembled by Hades to take on the Armorvor menace. Doesn’t that sound cool right there? Anyway, the new colorway is a snazzy combination of black with aqua green accents and this drop sees it being applied to most of Onell’s roster: Glyans, Buildmen, Phaseons, Gobons, Crayboths, and the vinyl gets in on the action with a special Hades Force Armodoc too. And did I mention there some GITD items as well?

While there’s plenty of x factor in the Glyos standbys, there’s also a lot of excitement for this being the first announced release of the Armorvor, this time in two colorways. The “Hades Mimic” Armorvor also rightly features the black with aqua green accents of the Hades Force while the second color way wiill a Stealth Armorvor cast in clear plastic.

In addition to the Armorvor excitement, here’s a little tidbit to let you know how just how fun Glyos can be: the other cool piece for this wave is a scarf. Don’t laugh. We need this scarf! It’s only been previously released, handcast, on a few custom corps pieces over the years, but a production scarf will be included with the Hades Pheyden on this drop. Now Hades Pheyden is cool and all, but I’m hopeful that I snag him just to get his scarf.

For the full list of what’s included in the Hades Force drop, hit up this post on the Glyos Transmission Web Log. The drop is currently scheduled for Wednesday, September 5, at 9:30 EST.

15 comments to Hades Glyos Drop
Set for Tonight!

  • chopa

    I have one of the older hades so he’s not a requirement for me. But i must grab one of those armorvors.

  • JediCreeper

    I love this drop… I love GITD, I love the scarves, I love the Armorvors… I seriously hope I can keep from spending $200 like I did last time (and that was without buying any vinyl)

    I think the scarves are going to either come separately or with the extra sets, because they are now part of the main Axis mold, which matt tweaked again. This means Govourum is being semi-retired for now

  • rikdom

    I think I might be up for a couple of Armorvors, but some of the other stuff is tempting me, as well.

    I’ve never been involved in a drop, nor purchased anything from the Onell store, for that matter. Is there anything that a Glyos neophyte should be aware of? Other than being on the site when the drop goes live, obviously. I know some stuff sells out, but are we talking minutes/hours or seconds/minutes? Do they put actual product pics up in the store before the drop goes live? I can figure out what stuff is going to look like for the most part based on the descriptions, looking through the previous releases gallery and, of course, the preview pics on the blog, but I know some of those builds in the latter category use extra parts beyond one individual figure.

    Basically, I may decide to pick some things up based on what looks cool, but I’m wondering how much time I will have to decide.

    • Sometimes Glyos stuff will sell out super quick. I would be ready for the Armorvors to fly out the door..a lot of the stuff should hang around for a bit though. If you have a large order its best to make a small one first for the important stuff. Also beware drops have a tendency to get pushed back sometimes.

    • Bigbot

      The Armorvors sold out within 20 minutes during the previous drop, but Matt has said that more were made for this drop and future drops going forward. I would expect to see the Armorvors and Travelers sell out that night, but if you’re there right when they drop you should be able to get whatever you like. Also be aware that axis joint sets that are used to enhance builds usually only last a day or two.

      Just keep refreshing the store page at drop time and they will be on there.

      • rikdom

        Thanks for the info, guys. As long as it isn’t as bad as Matty pre-sub days, or SDCC on Hasbrotoyshop, I guess I should be okay.

        Who, exactly, is classified as a Traveler? I’d guess that Pheyden is, but I’m not sure past that.

      • Bigbot

        Just wanted to clarify that the first Armorvor drop, this past Hades one, and the next one in October have the same number of units. Matt said the November drop will see an increase in the number of Armorvors available. However, he did say he will limit the purchase limit from 3 to 2 so more people should have an oppurtunity to purchase Armorvors in October.

  • wesitron

    This oughtta be an awesome drop. And I’m really glad they’re doing it at 9:30 since the Fighting JC drop at ThreeA will be at 9pm EST. Woot for awesome toy night!

  • I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to buy anything from this drop, but then it turned out that this wave wasn’t just black; aqua green is just so nice, and I can’t pass up the Armorvor.

    It still kinda burns me up, because I was planning on buying some expensive Macross toys, but now I’ll be out at least a hundred bucks.

    • The aqua green accents are what got me too. Matt knows his colors! I wasn’t really looking to spend too much here (but I did) right in between paying for Masterpiece Sunstorm & Thundercracker.