Outer Space Men: SDCC Alpha
Phase Wave 5 & Cyclops Review

In some cases, it’s simply about getting some great new parts to play with. Orbitron’s “insect-like” arms and legs. The giant fists and claws of Cyclops. The clever tribute to Pheyden that was made by adding two small lines to Cyclops classic symbol. Gemini’s helmets can make a cool set of “tanks” on your favorite Glyos build.

But what really got me this time around was the smart use of the Glyos ports beyond what was obvious. For Orbitron, there is his removable brain. I love it! It harkens back to those crazy “out there” pieces that were often included with Xevoz. And Gemini? While he does share some of those unfortunate smaller-pegged Alpha-7 pieces that I’m not a fan of, the rest of him blew me away. His torso features sixteen ports. All those green dots? Removable. Both heads? Removable. And what’s more, there’s a third port between those two heads for when Gemini’s not of two minds about something. And that’s without even getting into his staff – it breaks down into four pieces! I can’t wait to see what the folks at October Toys and Fantastic Exclusive come up with using these pieces.

I know I sound like I’m gushing. And I know that might sound differently than normal since these are product samples instead of something I paid good money for, but these figures have a special appeal. My desire for the “jelly bean” versions of the OSM has waned a bit in the last few years, but these three have that roaring back. I would’ve snagged these guys even if they hadn’t been provided for review and, even though they haven’t been announced, I find myself hoping the 4H haven’t deviated from the plan for this year. If nothing else, I’m curious to see what other color brains I can get…

The SDCC Exclusive Alpha Phase Wave 5 & Deluxe Cyclops are available as a set from StoreHorsemen.Com.

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Thanks again to the Four Horsemen for sending these along!

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16 thoughts on “Outer Space Men: SDCC Alpha
Phase Wave 5 & Cyclops Review

    1. It’d be awesome! I hope they’re in the cards. We’ve seen Mel’s Cosmic Creators for Wave 3 & 4, but no word yet on NYCC Beta Phase for Wave 5. I’m not sure when they debuted last year.

        1. Thanks! I don’t think we normally see the NYCC ones until just before the show. I’m just too used to knowing about figures months out. LOL

    1. It’s a long-term line to collect for sure. It’s like if we had to assemble the DCUC Justice League without the hundred figures between them. I’m excited for next year with Gamma & Colossus!

      And after that, who knows where we could go? I’m not a big fan of how Terra Firma came out, but hopefully they’ll be cool stuff in the years to come.

        1. It’s twofold. One is the sculpt, I hate when a clothed woman’s chest is sculpted as if she were nude. It’s way too common on the part-shared lines and it really takes away from the figure overall. Now, it’s been done purposely on Terra and I can appreciate Mel’s goal, but it doesn’t change the annoyance I feel to that sculpting choice. The other reason is harder to describe – she just doesn’t feel like she fits in with the line yet. As always, I’ll reserve my judgment until I have her, but I’m not really looking forward to getting her with Gamma & Colossus much at all (which is sad because the bug in Mel’s ear that created her came from here).

  1. These are very cool and retro. Where can I order these? BBTS doesn’t have much in stock, and they certainly don’t have the one I want, the escapee from This Island Earth.

  2. these things are pure toys, fun, interactive, inspirational… how do you beat that? by making them artisanal, that’s how.

    1. Artisanal? What, made out of iron by a blacksmith and covered with horse-flop? };D

  3. Funny, I thought the only reason ever needed to buy a toy was the “that’s a cool toy” factor. Most talk on forum boards seem to revolve around the magical 80s, child hood nostalgia, and obsessive desires to complete a collection; it makes me want to puke. It’s nice to see that some folks can enjoy a toy just because it’s a great piece of work.

    While Glyos isn’t really my thing I do love the OSM’s 50s/60s sci-fi feel. That era’s crazy anything goes / anything is possible vibe really comes thru in the figure designs.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I have lots of figures that I don’t have any knowledge or personal attachment to but I purchased because they looked awesome or had unbelievable articulation. **** nostalgia.

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