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Vault Review: Marvel vs. Capcom
Minimates Thor vs. Amaterasu

There’s one clear flight stand that both figures can use.  It plugs into Thor’s feet or the underside of Amaterasu’s torso.  I really wish there would have been two because it’s hard to decide who gets to be flying.

Amaterasu doesn’t come with any accessories, but that fiery disc on her back is one of her weapons in the game.  It’s a sacred mirror that can be flung at enemies like a Frisbee.  I love the translucent fire effect, but unfortunately it and the disc are glued to her back.  So you can’t really recreate the fighting scenes or replace it with another weapon, like her sword Kusanagi.

Thor is the winner of the accessories category.  Not only does he come with a Mjolnir to hold, but he also has an action effect part.  This effect replicates how he spins his hammer in the comics, and I have to say it looks awesome.  This part replaces one of his hands and the piece itself is made of translucent plastic with multiple hammers sculpted in a circle.  One of the Mjolnirs is painted, along with his hand in the center.  I would love to see effects parts like this end up in the Marvel Universe and Legends lines.

I’m so happy to finally get a real Okami figure, but with her loose joints I don’t think she’ll be doing much other than posing on my shelf.  So it’s kind of a bittersweet victory.

On the other hand, Thor is a fantastic Minimate.  He looks perfect from every angle, and his spinning hammer part is icing on the cake.  He definitely surprised me, and made me feel like the full price of the set was worth it.

This set is a Toys R Us exclusive, and will run you about $8.


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8 comments to Vault Review: Marvel vs. Capcom
Minimates Thor vs. Amaterasu

  • man that spinning hammer accessory is cool as heck!

  • dayraven

    this is friggin awesome. i have not played okami, but my kids love amaterasu in MvC3, and this is a fight we’ve done many times.

  • Bigbot

    I need to get this for that hammer effect. I have always wanted that statue of Thor on a mountain spinning his hammer sclupted in this effect, but now I can get this for a lot cheaper.

  • Rich

    I’m so excited to see a Minimate review here again!

    I also miss the DC ones… that line could/should have gone on forever.

  • He-Mullet

    now that’s a cool accessory that should be MANDATORY for ALL Thor figures!

  • MST3KFan

    The Marvel Minimates line in general has truly risen where DC Minimates sadly fell. I stopped collecting Marvel Legends and Universe stuff long ago due to the more insanely awesome line-ups we’ve been getting in the Marvel Minimates line in the past few years.

    Yes, the minimates may not have the different looks among the characters in terms of build (although they have been bulking up bigger characters like Hulk and Rhino recently), they all stil look cool.

    Actually, the way modern Minimates lines have gone, I think fans have DC Minimates to thank simply because before DC made DST do sculpting on a lot of things when they were making them, and then it passed onto the other lines like Marvel.

    BTW, I highly recommend if you’re getting the Thor vs. Amaterasu set, also get the awesome MODOK vs. Akuma one. I mean seriously… a MODOK Minimate. It’s too cool.

  • Dorkey

    I hate to do this… But…

    Amaterasu is not a dog, she is a wolf.

    The title of game, “Okami” is in reference to three okamis.

    First, taken from the goddess of the sun, Amaterasu Ohmikami or “the great god(dess) Amaterasu”. The “mi” section is just to show reverence. (The “h” is in there because I think it should be there for phonetic reasons. Without the “h”, it would often be pronounced to sound like “the old lady” or “the master’s wife”) Anyway, this first Okami (Ohkami) means great god.

    The second Okami (Ohkami) quite literally means “wolf”.

    The third Okami (Ohkami) is in reference to a large paper which has writing concerning how to control nature. Large(Oh)+Paper(Kami) could be read as “Ohkami”.

    Sorry about the nit-picking.

  • BigBearJahlon

    i don’t buy minimates, but i always loved how the faces were designed.
    And now they have a version of Thor that one ups the other versions simply having a hammer twirling effect effect. SWEET!!!