Vault Review:
Figma Samus Aran

Well, the wait is finally over and I have one of my most requested characters in action figure form.  What’s even better news is that Good Smile has picked up a few more of my favorite Nintendo licenses and Samus won’t be alone on my video game shelf for long!

Usually in my first few paragraphs I like to talk about the history of the character and why I like them.  But what can I say about Samus that I haven’t already stated twice (here and here)?  But if you don’t care to read paragraphs of my verbal gushing, just know that to me she’s the greatest female video game character of all time.

One of the more difficult aspects of toy collecting seems to be finding decent action figures of the characters you love.  It’s a bit better today with McFarlane’s Halo and NECA’s Player Select lines, but it still seems like Nintendo is as tight fisted as always when it comes to doling out licenses.  Until recently it was difficult to even find respectable Mario figures, and while nice, I still wouldn’t refer to the Global Holdings figures as “action”.

But the Good Smile Company has somehow struck a deal with Nintendo.  (I’m thinking they used black magic and a possible pact with the Devil, since they’ve also recently turned up a deal with Studio Ghibli!)  Whatever dark arts they used was well worth it, because fans finally have the chance to reenact epic battles and or team-ups between Samus, Link and Pit.  Hopefully that’s just the beginning.

The Samus Aran Figma is based on her appearance in the Other M video game.  Even though the game play wasn’t too bad, Samus’ personality wasn’t in line with how the character had been previously portrayed.  The game kind of left a bad taste in my mouth which was mostly derived from her characterization.  But I was fine with her physical depiction and the design of the suit she used in game is a great model for an action figure.

To me, the sculpt is damned near perfect.  The suit itself has a nice combination of sharp edges and manufactured curves that look more like a robotic soldier than an environmental suit (which has always been an interesting aspect to me).  Even if this isn’t your preferred suit design, it still makes for a great looking and unmistakable Samus figure.

Most Figma figures are generally in scale with each other, especially characters from the same source material/anime/manga.  Either way, most of the figures clock in around the five inch mark.  But Samus, at nearly six inches, has to be one of the tallest Figma figures created so far.  I know she’s the tallest one I own, dwarfing even the svelte Aegis and practically fitting in perfectly with the new Marvel Legends Iron Man.  I really like this aspect of the figure.  After all, she is wearing a gigantic battle suit.  I just wonder how small she’ll make Pit and Link look when they’re all together.

One of my favorite things about this figure is her paint apps.  From what I can tell, the entire figure was made out of white plastic and then painted with these amazingly vibrant metallic colors.  What’s even more interesting is that each color gives off its own distinct look.  The yellow is has a very pearlized style, while the red is a bit glittery, and the orange just looks like basic metal.    The blue of her gun also has that same glittery sense.  All the blacks and neon greens of her suit are in a matte color and do a really great job of absorbing light and creating contrast.  Her visor is probably what stands out most.  It seems to have been painted with a metallic green on the inside, giving it a nice translucent yet reflective feel.  Continue to page 2…

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Figma Samus Aran

  1. Excellent review and fantastic pics of a really sweet-looking figure I’ll never own. I’m glad they included her “bowling ball of doom” mode as well. Where’d the jellyfish-thing come from, by the way? (And am I remembering correctly that said coelenterate-beastie is called a Metroid?)

    I’ve only ever played the original Metroid, never having owned any form of Nintendo system myself. But I do remember spending time at my buddy Dave’s house as a kid, trying to bomb-blast a curled-up Samus (with her hair sticking out of her helmet) up a wall.

  2. Link is big too, I could say even a bit bigger… At least in photos… It’s not in scale with Samus

    1. Figma is pretty good at scale when it comes to their figs.
      Here’s some specs>

      Link Size: Appx. 140mm Tall (NON Scale)

      Samus Aran Size: Appx. 150mm Tall (NON Scale)

      1. I’m not sure… I did a search and saw the figures (Pit was not painted and in one level so I can’t say anything about his size compared with the others), and Link was a little bigger compared with Samus… she looked really thinner than him and a little bit shorter

  3. Awesome pics, and a great review.

    Before I received Samus, I thought Guts was the tallest Figma I had. He’s still pretty tall, but Samus is up there too now. I haven’t actually lined them up since Guts is still boxed, but I have the Figma Griffith on the way and I’ll be opening both up when I receive it. Then I’ll see who’s the tallest of them all.

    I’m pretty excited for that Link, and I’m hoping this will lead to an eventual Captain Falcon with a Falcon Punch accessory (though I don’t think Good Smile is looking to recreate the Smash Bros. roster).

    1. Thanks, Bigbot.

      I never got Guts, so I totally forgot all about him. Are they about the same size?

      Captain Falcon would be a fun figure to get, and I’d love it if they just started moving down the SSB roster!

      1. Just opened up Griffith and Guts. Griffith is about her height, probably a couple millimeters shorter. Samus goes up to about Gut’s nose/eyes. He is definitely taller than Samus.

          1. Forgot to add I really like pic #11 of Samus. You really pulled off that running/transitioning into the Morph ball.

  4. Another excellent review Vault, as expected. 🙂

    So have they ‘retconned’ Samus’ design some? I recall her suit looking not quite so girly-shaped, it was supposed to be a shock that there was a girl inside the killing machine, remember?

    If you like the design aesthetic of this Samus, I strongly suggest you take a look at the anime series Tekkaman Blade:

    It’s really ‘old school’ in tone but it’s one of my favs. Grab it before the company loses the rights and used copies develop insane prices!

    (and hm, there’s people selling the Tamashii/Bandai Tekkaman figures for CRAZY prices and where the hell did all the bootleg wallscrolls come from all of a sudden?)

    1. Thanks, Steve.

      Her suits change a bit from game to game. Sometimes it’s a design change and sometimes it’s a plot device. Although her current costumes are a bit more curvy, I still don’t think it really screams female. I also wonder if her original costume looked more male because of the limitations of eight bit.

      Tekkaman looks pretty interesting. I’ll have to check that out.

      1. It’s a good timing thing too because there’s a Figma Tekkaman Blade and Evil coming this month.

        For me, they’re a bit ‘off’ because they seem to be modeled on the image from a slightly different interpretation of the chara. Were I to try and define it, it looks more like the original designer’s thinking rather than the slightly changed, slightly simplified design required for weekly animation production. I’d rattle off which specific episodes this look appeared but then I would be boring everyone. 🙂

  5. One thing I love about Japanese toys? When I first picked up this Samus figure, I darn near drew blood from my finger on one of the spikes at the back of her boots. Love this figure! Only wish I have is that they could have included an unmasked head.

    1. Lol, yeah there’s definitely a few sharp edges on her.

      An unmasked head would have been great. Hopefully we’ll get a Zero Suit Figma which will take care of that issue.

    1. Thanks, Doc.

      Those boxes came from Hobby Lobby. They’re the perfect size storage containers for multiple toy scales. I’ve been thinking about writing a quick review on them.

      That little Metroid came from the Samus statue that was released at the same time as the figure. Check out the picture in my first reply to Beedo.

  6. Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Vault you sneaky S.O.B., I see what you did there!

    Picture 5.

    Mostly pupil-less figures, huh? Yeahhhh, busted. BUSTED!

    Walk the Road of Shame! 🙂

  7. is it me, or does anyone else ever sit and wonder who samus avoids boob-chafe in all that armor? i mean, sure, it’s supportive, but the girls clacking around in there… her nipples must feel like they’ve been in a wood chipper after a 10 second jog.

    1. It’s the Zero Suit she wears underneath. It’s slippery like a dolphin! 😀

  8. I have to admit this figure is a beaut. The pictures don’t do the paint job justice. Seriously. This is one toy you need to see in real life to really appreciate.

  9. The sculpt on the resin figure is so fantastic! Actually i like it a little more – could be the nice matte colors though.

    1. That Dimension Diver figure is still great, but its limitations are really magnified by the Figma.

      I’m glad you like it, but sadly that matte look is really just my laziness/indecision poking through. All the “official” pictures of the kit show her with a nice glossy coat of paint. But I really couldn’t decide how I wanted to do it, plus I didn’t want to mess up and ruin the figure. So she stayed her molded colors.

  10. For whatever wacky reason, this review didn’t make it into the Review index.

    Also, am I crazy, or did you have a review of Link up at one point? I can’t find it, now.

    1. The review index is scheduled to get updated every two weeks. Stuff still on the front page generally won’t have made it on to the index yet!

    2. Nah, Link’s not out yet. But I will be getting him. He’s supposed to ship in late October, but he could get delayed.

  11. Incidentally, this was (sadly) sold out at BigBadToyStore until today, when they re-listed it. Did I instantly pre-order it with a crazy person’s fervor? Because I think I did.

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