Vault Review: SH Monsterarts
Godzilla (Comic-Con Explosion)

As a quick aside, this Godzilla was a pain to photograph.  His skin is extremely textured, so light doesn’t lie across him evenly.  Plus, all those similar colors blend together, making it difficult to capture definition.  So I’m sorry if some of these pictures aren’t up to the usual standards.  Exploding Godzilla looks fantastic in person, but he’s a stuck up diva when in front of the camara.

Explosion Godzilla has the same articulation as the first G figure. There’s his ball jointed jaw, upper and lower neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, knees, double knees, and ankles.  He’s got swivel cuts on his bicep and just below the elbow.  Lastly, his tail is made up of segmented pieces that are connected to each other by eighteen ball joints.

There is one interesting note though.  Because the translucent orange plastic is a softer material than the solid black, this Godzilla’s range of motion is increased by a little bit.  He still can’t pose like Space Godzilla, but he is definitely easier to move.

Explosion Godzilla doesn’t come with any accessories and you don’t really need any to have fun with him.  But if you do want some fire breath, check out the Bonus Effects Parts.  There’s a red translucent beam in that set which looks really great when put with this figure.

All around, this guy is just an incredibly fun version of a Godzilla figure.  He’s also a perfect Comic Con exclusive since not everyone will want him, but those of us who do will have the opportunity.

Lastly, I wanted to give a big thank you to Phillip.  He was nice enough to pick this Godzilla up at the convention for me, and I really appreciate that.


17 thoughts on “Vault Review: SH Monsterarts
Godzilla (Comic-Con Explosion)

  1. I’d like to have this dude, but not enough to go buy him 🙁 Saving for Gidora.

    Can we get a close up of the text, I’d like to read those mini-bios about the artists.


  2. so let ask, we all know conventional wisdom is that translucent plastics aren’t as solid as others, and you mentioned that the articulation yields a little more than on the standard release… any fears of fragility? does he feel like he’s a solid as the regular release? being a con exclusive, i expect he’ll do more sitting than playing anyways, but i’m curious if you anticipate any issues w/ him.

    1. He doesn’t feel fragile at all, but the plastic does feel softer than the regular figure’s. Not in a rubbery way, but it just has a little more give.

      I took a pic of their arms stretched open so you could see how much more lenient the orange plastic is. While you can still pop off body parts with the original G, it’s definitely more difficult.

      The only issue I may have with him is how he ages. Soft plastics tend to get that white dust problem sooner than hard plastics. But hopefully he’ll hold up.

  3. great review! maybe i should get into this line:D might do it when i get myself to make some money;D
    he looks awesome, i am also a sucker for translucent plastic. and is the godzilla jr soon coming out or is it later, cuz cant wait for a review of him! he look soo cute;D

    kappas like cucumbers, i like cake!

    1. Thanks, Ghundi!

      I’ll be getting the little Godzilla Jr in the next few days. The review will hopefully be up soon after that. But I also have a backlog of reviews I need to get done, and I think we’re having another theme week coming up. So just keep checking back. I’ll get him up eventually. 😛

  4. I was lucky and a friend got me one. He is awesome!

    Burning Godzilla is coming out in November.

    Little Godzilla is coming out in December but seems to be a web exclusive.


    1. Little Godzilla (the cute one) is being domestically released by Blue Fin. I saw him at a comic shop last week.

    2. Yeah, he’s pretty fun. I was planning on using the SDCC Godzilla in place of the Burning G, but then I learned Burning has an all new body. So I guess I’m getting another one…

  5. Sweet toy, excellent review, and despite your concerns, great pictures!

    Once again, your kaiju reviews make me sad that I won’t have any of these neat-o toys, yet glad that I’ll have all that much more money and space for other things.

    1. Thanks, Beedo!

      Yeah, I know what you mean. These figures are so fun, but definitely too expensive. My biggest annoyance is that I don’t have the room to display them all at the moment. Those Godzilla tails are too long! 😛

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