Vault Review: S.H. MonsterArts
Godzilla’s Bonus Effects Parts

After trudging through Ebay and various sites dedicated to reselling toys for the last few weeks, the stars aligned & I discovered Godzilla’s bonus effects pack.  The most difficult thing was finding it at a decent price while I had the extra funds to waste.

I’m pretty satisfied with the MonsterArts line so far.  It’s hard not to love super articulated Godzilla figures.  Plus each figure seems a bit better than the previous one, which you know has to be amazing when MOGERA becomes the best figure of the line!  I really only have two complaints:  The prices are still a bit steep, and the bonus accessories are a pain to get a hold of.

So far, the line only has three effects packs.  The third one, Space Godzilla’s, is the easiest one to obtain since Bluefin is importing it.  I’m really glad they were able to work this out with Bandai of Japan since it contains Godzilla Junior, and I consider him a necessary character to own.  Unfortunately the first two effects packs, Godzilla’s and Mecha Godzilla’s, aren’t as easy to pick up.  They’re both Tamashii Web exclusives, which mean they’re only sold in Japan and the run is usually limited to the number of orders.

Godzilla’s effects parts consist of a new energy beam and stand for Big G himself.  Instead of the icy blue color of his first nuclear breath attack, these two pieces are now a bright burning red from when he’s super charged with energy.  I know the blue is more accurate, but I think I like the intense look of the red better.  Just like the blue, it’s still got that luminous metallic look while maintaining a nice level of translucence.  If nothing else, I think this piece will look fantastic with this year’s SDCC’s Burning Godzilla.

The rest of the pieces in the box aren’t really effects, but various military vehicles that the Japanese government and G-Force has used to try and fend off the various kaiju attacks.  I have to admit, I never really expected these types of accessories out of this line.  I assumed Bandai would just focus on the various monsters.  But I’m really glad they took a chance with these vehicles because they make really great display pieces in an action scene.

Before I get into the different aircraft, I wanted to mention that this pack has two stands.  One displays the red silhouette of Godzilla, while the other shows the G-Force emblem.  Each stand has three separate holes for an arm to be placed, which allows all the craft to be displayed separate or together.

The first craft in the set is one of the more unique looking weapons that G-Force used to fend off Godzilla.  The Super-X2 is a flying vessel that looks a bit like a fat submarine.  It is equipped with missiles, torpedoes, and a Gatling gun, but its main weapon is a device known as a Fire Mirror that resides in the front of the ship.  The Mirror can absorb Godzilla’s energy blasts and redirect them back to the monster for affective attack.

The ship is very well sculpted with various sculpted panels running over its surface, and even tiny thrusters on the bottom.  It comes with two front ends: one closed, and one open to reveal the Fire Mirror.  It also has an alternate top panel that displays three missiles.  Continue to page 2…

8 thoughts on “Vault Review: S.H. MonsterArts
Godzilla’s Bonus Effects Parts

  1. Wow Vault, Those really make the toys come to life. I wish you luck getting them all.

  2. I was lucky and found an online site where I got the Garuda set for $104. That one is essential for Mechagodzilla.


  3. If MonsterArts actually made like…a BIG display diorama. Something all the monsters could fit on to create a real sense of scene… I would finally crack and start collecting them.

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