Playmates’ Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles: Images & Info

One toy line I’m really looking forward to is the relaunch of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  These were some of my favorite toys when I was young and I can’t wait to revisit the brand as a collector, especially after seeing Playmates’ press release.


Here’s a breakdown of the different categories and shots of what we’ll be seeing in the way of TMNT products this year.

The new line is set to be distributed by major retailers like TRU, Target, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart, as well as some specialty and on-line stores, beginning in mid August.  (Although I’ve seen a couple people have found some already.  So keep an eye out.)  These designs are based on a new TMNT cartoon that’s launching this fall on Nickalodean.

Basic action figures have twelve points of articulation and will range between 4.25 and 4.75 inches.  The turtles will come with two of their main weapon and an additional “weapons accessory rack”, and will retail between $7.99 – $8.99 each.

Deluxe figures are 5.5 inches tall and will consist of the four turtles, which come with their main weapons, and Shredder.  Each figure has specific phrases that they yell out when their arms or legs are pulled back.  The Deluxe figures will retail at $12.99 each.

Classic Collection figures are done in a style to reflect the look of the original TMNT from the 80’s cartoon.  This line consists of the four turtles.  Each stands six inches tall and contains more than thirty points of articulation.  This line is definitely meant for us older collectors with its attention to detail, while still retaining the playability for the kids.  Each figure will come with their main weapons and a base that’s a personalized sewer lid cover.  The Classics figures will retail for $14.99 each.

“Battle Shell” figures will be exclusive to Toys R Us.  These figures will be between 10.5 to 11.5 inches tall.  Each of the four turtles comes with their main weapons, which can store on their belts.  They also come with secondary weapons which can be stored inside their shells.  Each figure will be $29.99 each, or all four for $100.  (I’m not sure how that will work.  I guess TRU will have a deal or something.)

Vehicles being released include the Swer Spinnin’ Skateboard and Rippin’ Rider motorcycle, which do not come with figures.  But the Ninja Stealth Bike and the Dragon Chopper, which do come with Raphael and a red ninja Foot Soldier, respectively.

Deluxe Vehicle is the Shellraiser, a modern take on the Turtles’ Party Wagon.  The Shellraiser can fit up to eight basic figures, has a spring loaded cannon on top, and a side door that automatically opens with the touch of a button and sends a figure flying.  The Shellraiser retails for $29.99 each.

The new Secret Sewer Lair Playset is an amazing piece of work, especially in a day and age where playsets are deemed too expensive to bother with.  This playset stands forty two inches tall and includes a ton of features: telescoping periscopes, ropeswing and swing-down ladders, repelling lines, an elevator that transits from floor to floor, a Shredder practice dummy, Don’s computer lab, doors that open and close, floors that fall, and an ooze drain to douse enemies.  I don’t know about you, but this is the kind of playset I would have loved as a kid, and even as an adult I can barely contain my enthusiasm for it.  (Here’s a high def image to see all the detail!)

This whole line looks great to me.  I really like the simplified animated style and the fact that the turtles have their own unique sculpts.  My favorite character is Don, and I think he looks great.  Not to mention vehicles like the Shellraiser and the amazing new sewer playset, which are nearly unheard of in this large of scale.  I’m truly looking forward to where else this line will go in the future.

A big thanks to John and the folks at Playmates for sending this info out to us!


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22 thoughts on “Playmates’ Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles: Images & Info

  1. I’m looking forward to the Basic and Classic Collection figures most of all. Playmates is covering my two favorite size ranges which is awesome to begin with.

    1. I’m really looking forward to the Basic line, but that Classic Collection might get me to. Damned nostalgia. 😛

  2. When I first heard that The All-Powerful Toy Company was banning e-tailers from shipping these outside the USA, I was livid. Now that I see their revolting animated Teen Titans style, I’m suddenly not all that bothered any more.

    That Sewer Lair playset is still awfully damned sweet, though.

    As for the classic Turtles, while extremely cool, what’s a chelonian doing with a swivel joint on its chest? The carapace and plastron of a chelonian’s shell is fused into a single reinforced armoured box. They woudln’t be able to “turn at the waist.” Normally, I’m all for as much articulation as possible on a figure, but that one is ridiculous. They coulda saved some money, there.

  3. This is TMNT, not a Discovery Channel special on turtles. I’ll take that extra bit of articulation, its pretty damn useful for more dynamic poses, and I’m definitely not looking for an anatomically correct turtle when I buy a TMNT figure.

    1. And yet, the number of complaints I see on these pages about reversed shoulders or forearms which pass without comment . . . . };D

  4. I found the basic figures, I decided on only Leo and Raph for now. I was able to get hold of the DPCI number for these guys at Target (087-06-0494) and the cases for the basics are pretty big. Finding the turtles themselves shouldn’t be that hard, but I hear the humans are 1 to a case. You just got to find a Target willing to break the street date or one of the TRU’s that have them out in force.

    So far, the basics have the most appeal to me, I’m in the minority in that I prefer the Turtles looking more aggressive than the cartoon look represented in the Classics series. I’ll probably get them at some point, but I’m liking the little guys and my NECA set more at the moment.

  5. I’m really diggin’ the look of the basic figures. I pre-ordered the 4 turtles months ago. I guess it will be a race to see if BBTS will fill the order first or will I find the turtles at retail before then.

    My burning question is:
    What is the fate of Usagi Yojimbo? Will he make an appearance on the cartoon? Can he be made into a toy? Of all the characters he sits as my numero uno most wanted.

    1. If I’m not mistaken, Usagi is a completely different property that was on loan to the Turtles franchise when he made an appearance as a figure. That said, I think Playmates would need a new license to make new figure of him.

      Hell, I’d buy one.

    2. Yeah, Usagi Yojimbo is owned by Stan Sakai. He was buddy-buddy with Peter Laird so that’s why he’d lend his character over, and vice versa in Usagi’s comic. Now, with Nickelodeon being the owners, I wouldn’t count on seeing Usagi in the TMNT universe again. But who knows?

  6. What’s with the different headsculpts for the basic figures? Look at Leo and Mike from the first row and then Leo and Mike from the third row. Anybody knows?

    1. The third row aren’t Basic, they’re the electronic deluxe figures.

  7. If there is a Usagi Yojimbo that’s half as goodas these basic turtles, I’ll buy the heck out of it. That basic Raph looks fierce.

  8. The four Turtles are great! Get them!

    Shredder is… okayish… at best. If you dig his design its okay. He has arm poseability and swivel hinge hips, but no knees.

    Everything else is standard playmates crap, pass. Kraang is worthless. His robot body moves at the head and shoulders with decent ball joints and the hips are swivels. He is so preposed though its useless. His knees are really bent and the back foot is on its toes. So hard to balance. he comes with two HEAVY guns that mkae him even harder to balance. The rubber Kraang is removable which is neat, and the design is okay. Just… well… PLAYMATES! LOL!

    I’ve heard foot ninja, Splinter and April are crap as well but I don’t have them.

    I was only gonna get the 4, but I had a $10 off $50 coupon at TRU so I grabbed Shredder and Kraang. I think I’m done with this line for the most part. If some of the neater looking characters turn out with decent articulation I might grab one or two more. Metalhead design looked fun.

    Get the Turtles. They are great. Everything else suffers from “lolplaymates” syndrome.

  9. I love the look of the Nicktoon figures more than I thought I would and am glad they have more detail than you would see on the cartoon. With no variant issues and a cartoon to back them and no exclusives for the basic lines, I would imagine the main 4 turtles will be easy to find. I almost want to get 3 extra Donatello’s change the heads of the other turtle to give all the turtles his stoic look. Hmmm

  10. Lair is a MUST GET. two levels above street, three below? oh yeah!
    not sure about the Shellraiser. only pic I’ve seen is that same one on three different sites, now.

    April is a pass, too anime for me. Splinter looks cool, but too fox-like, imo. Turtles are hit/miss for me. The original series, I only had Spock-Don(?), a Leo (as Kirk?), and a handful of figures from the CGI TMNT movie (Ninja chick/Shreddre’s daughter, manbat creature, couple others) and the skyscraper set, which was lost along with The Batman BatCave in storage. both of those are $$$$ on ebay, even then. 😕

    oh well, just something else to blow my limited budget on.

  11. I was just showing these shots to a buddy at work and contemplating how gradually our excitement is growing for these lines…

    While I was into MOTU, Joes and Transformers, all of those lines had already started before I got seriously into action figures and in the case of MOTU ended before my passion for toys reached a fever pitch. Thundercats came along and I was the perfect age to collect and own them all – but then they were really only around for three years or so

    TMNT however, between the cartoons and the endless Playmates sub-lines seemed to almost go on forever to our young minds and I literally grew up and ‘out of’ toy buying age before the line wrapped up and ran its course.

    Despite my passion for TMNT back in the day and getting back into figure collecting over the years, none of the various Turtle reboots ever caught my attention and now we have these… and hell, between the excellent variety of sculpts and scales, we’re definitely back in – and all-in at that… Sewer Playet here I come!

    Gonna get four turtles of every scale for the ultimate in desk-porn!

  12. I am super excited for this line to hit retail. I have noticed that the turtles colors are a bit off in some cases, most noticeable is Don, but Raph and Mickey are switched too. I’ll probably get second figures of the turtles to give a custom paint job in order to appease my inner toy fan boy.

  13. Will definitely get the Classic Collection stuff, but none of the new stuff. I hope they do a Shredder, Casey Jones, April, Bebop, Rocksteady, and Splinter for the Classics Collection. At the very least I need a Shredder.

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