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Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Stinkor

But Vintage fans get their choice too with a black and white version of Merman’s head.  Although I personally prefer the 200X version, this head is pretty good also.  The coloring is so different that it’s easy to ignore the fact that it’s just a repaint.  Vintage fans can also pop off his air tanks and switch out the handle for the button to give him his proper armor configuration.

The paint job on Stinkor’s figure is pretty good.  The few areas where there was slop ended up being on the white stripes of his body, and this really ended up looking like variations on how his hair is setting.  The paint apps on his armor is also nicely detailed with red and gold textures over the orange mold.

Stinkor’s articulation is standard for a MOTU Classics figure.  The only real issue of note is the switched forearms.  They still work fine and bend at the elbows, but they can look a bit odd from certain angles.  If this really bothers you, the arms can easily be switched by using hot water.  Personally, I don’t really care either way.  So I’ll probably just leave them.

The real issue I have is with his blue accessories.  This is one of the areas where you can tell the price of figure making has gone up.  These pieces were simply molded blue and left at that.  It’s not a horrible problem, but it does make them stand out and look cartoony amongst the more detailed weapons of other figures.  This is probably most evident on his shield, which should have been a metallic color like the previous two.

Anytime I can get a MO2K figure out of the Classics line I’m happy, and this figure goes way beyond the alternate head.  The thing that bothers me the most is the lack of paint apps on the blue accessories, but I understand why it happened and I can at least fix them myself.  One last thing I’m also very pleased with is that even though this figure does smell like patchouli, he doesn’t overwhelmingly reek like Moss Man.


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20 comments to Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Stinkor

  • I remember Stinkor warming the pegs alongside Kang from Secret Wars for obvious reasons. I was curious as to how bad the smell really was, but never enough to crack one open back when there were rows upon rows of Stinkors, all “ripe” for the picking. I’m glad that Mattel got around to releasing him in the Classics line. I’m a huge Mer-Man fan, so Stinkor here is sort of like his long lost cousin to me.

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Great review and pics, as always! Loved the penultimate shot with the three different head versions. And I agree with you on the lack of metallics on the blue bits. I’m tempted to correct this issue, but I’m also worried that the paint will come off and marr anything it comes into contact with. I’ve got sealants, of course, but the gloss coat is even more likely to stick to items like the Man-E weapons. I think I’ll wait until I have proper display space for the MOTUC collection before I fix Stinkor’s armoury.

    Also, I find that the new Stinkor doesn’t reek as strongly as the vintage one. The original, if he was upstairs at our old house, I could smell him downstairs. At least, I could until his aroma started to fade after a couple of years. Which is why he spent most of his time packed back into his bubble, in the bottom of the Rubbermaid container I kept my MOTU figures in. This new Stinkor, I can only really smell him if he’s right up against my face. And compared to the old Stinkor, that’s a good thing.

    Not to sure about the sharp-edged pupils on the Millennial head, though. Looks a bit weird. And does anyone else have a problem with getting his blue face-mask to stay on? Is it just a case of having to put it in hot water until it melts back into shape, or is it a flaw in the design?

    • Fire King Xi

      I like the rectangular pupils. It makes him look like he just got completely blitzed on his latest chemical concoction. The idea that Stinkor is walking around Snake Mountain loaded with psychotropic hallucinogens is hilarious.

      I too have trouble keeping the gas mask on. On one hand its a bummer, on the other I think it’s a shame to cover up that awesome furry face sculpt.

  • Clay

    I have trouble with keeping that little blue mask in place too, Beedo. It might just need tightening up in water but I haven’t tried yet.

    The trouble with switching the forearms of course are his white stripes – they’ll swap from the outside to the inside of his lower arms. But I’m mostly okay with his odd, tumorous bulges – sticking to a MO2K origin, he is after all a hideous mutant.

    • Beedo Sookcool

      Well, I’ll give the hot-water thing a go, anyway. Thanks.

      And as soon as I read “white stripes” in your post, I got “Seven Nation Army” stuck in my head, with visions of Mutant Skeleton Warriors and Scareglows marching to Evil Lyn’s drumming.

      Now my brain hurts.

  • OK, I need some clarification here, Vault.

    You casually mention swapping the forearms, and I see in the ‘Mer-Man Roll Call’ pic that Stinkor indeed has his forearms different, but is this a flaw (good old Matty QC on the job!) or is it just a visual preference?

    See, I didn’t get the memo… 🙂

    • dayraven

      mattel claimed they made a design choice to help him stand out on the shelf… personally, i suspect they found out they had forearmgate on their hands and instead cut it off w/ a quick spin story. (though that credits them as smart enough to learn their lessons… which is easily debatable by the frequency and spacing of the various shouldergates)

      • Fire King Xi

        I disagree. If you’ve already weathered the same storm twice before, then is a 3rd time really a big deal? It’s not like that explanation would quiet the .orger’s any ways. I think he looks good, so I don’t really care about the wherefores and whatnots.

        • dayraven

          twice? they’ve weathered it three times on the shoulders alone (he-man, roboto, king hsss) each of those saw the fanbase get louder as they went…. and they’re about to ask us to pay more money for next year’s sub. you can disagree all you like, because it’s a theory, but the theory is valid and internally logical. no business wants a hullabaloo right before opt-in for a very expensive subscription service.

      • Well, I’ll come on board with this on one condition: Did they state that it was a design choice by the 4H, or did they state it as generic ‘we’?

        Because we all know now that when something gangs aglay the 4H tend to be the whipping boys, right? 🙂

        • Lay Ze-Man

          No, they didn’t blame the 4H this time.

          The silliest part of the whole thing is that they even sculpted new arm parts to have the consistent fur across the arm.

          So they indiscriminately assembled new parts backwards.

      • Beedo Sookcool

        Well, it makes the guy look a bit different, and quite honestly, I never noticed any “anatomical irregularities” even after people kept saying the forearms were swapped. I can’t see what the big, fat, hairy deal is . . . and I’m an OCD geek on par with Sheldon Cooper.

        • Bigbot

          It’s the big, fat, hairy tumors on his outer arms.

          • Beedo Sookcool

            Nope, still not seeing it. I mean, all these muscle-guys are lumpy all over, anyway, and most of the exposed forearm is taken up with the gaping wells for the hinge joints.

            • Bigbot

              If you still can’t see it after seeing clearly in the Mer-Man pics how Stinkor’s musculature should look like, then there’s no convincing you.

              • Beedo Sookcool

                Nope. Mountains out of molehills, as far as I’m concerned. Banks are screwing over the people of the world, we’re headed for environmental meltdown because there are too many humans on this planet, and people are more worried about mimicking Reality TV “stars'” looks than their own kids’ educations.

                One pair of weird-looking forearms on a toy doesn’t deserve this much ire. He’s freakishly mutated; there’s your explanation. Don’t worry; be happy.

  • Lay Ze-Man

    Awww, poor Comic Colors Mer-Man. LOL 😀

    With Mattel botching the arms and removing key paint ops, this guy became an easy pass, especially considering how awesome the Staction version is.

    And every time I see more pics, I just think how silly it is to have two heads with this guy.
    He would’ve been more than fine with just the modern head.

    i know diehard nostagites will disagree, but considering how similar they are, just go with the better more original, more villainous look and save the 2nd head slot for something way cooler.

  • He-Mullet

    skipping the Merman head could have meant more paintwork on him… (Metallic accents on his gun and shield)

  • Jesús Santillán

    Does Tee- la have the same forearms problem as Stinkor?