Vault Review: Transformers
Prime AM-10, Bulkhead

I’ve apparently been buying toys faster than I can review them, which is always a dangerous thing (especially for my wallet).  So I’m doing a double dose of Transformers Prime since Bulkhead here has been waiting for a couple weeks already.

I was having a hard time deciding if I wanted the Hasbro or Takara version of this figure.  My preferred choice would have been the First Edition, but I don’t actually like the character enough to pay those soaring eBay prices that he demands.  So even though he’s a bit more expensive than his US counterpart, I decided in favor of Takara since I have a bias towards the Arms Micron figures.

Bulkhead’s also my first Voyager class Prime purchase.  I’ve been tempted many times by Optimus and Megatron, but I haven’t seen a version that I’m fond enough to pull the trigger for yet.  I’m thinking Takara’s Darkness Megs and the Japanese Toys R Us exclusive Optimus will be the ones I settle on, but I’m not absolutely sure yet.  So Bulkhead here was also a good excuse for me to test the proverbial waters and see if those Takara prices are worth paying for.

The ultimate verdict on that question kind of surprised me.  I didn’t think I’d hate the Bulkhead figure, but I didn’t realize I’d like him as much as I do.  Size wise he stands a bit taller than most of the Deluxe figures and his body definitely has a… bulkier look.  I know most TF fans have to forego scale, but it seems like the Prime designers are really putting effort into making the figures as accurate as possible when it comes to size relations between the different figures, which is definitely something I love about the line.

Bulkhead’s robot sculpt definitely features some interesting bits.  He has a little head, but it’s actually pretty expressive thanks to a ball jointed neck and articulated jaw.  The jaw was especially surprising to me.  I don’t know how many Transformers figures can movie their mouths, but only other one I knew of is Lugnut.

Something else I thought was interesting was that the bottoms of Bulkhead’s feat are sculpted at a slight slant, so they are set apart when in a normal standing position.  This is a great little detail since it’s how a big bot like Bulky would stand in real life.

The actual raised and sculpted details of his body aren’t really highlighted until he’s in vehicle mode though.  Parts like his gas tank, front and rear lights, door handles, even tires and hubcaps are all either raised or indented designs.  He’s even got detailed shocks behind the tires, and a luggage rack on the roof.  Continue to page 2…

7 thoughts on “Vault Review: Transformers
Prime AM-10, Bulkhead

  1. Great review, as usual!

    Got the stadard (Non-Japanese) version of this toy myself, and I’m pretty happy with it. While I wish my version had a good wrecking ball attachment, I’ve gotta agree that the Takara one is a bit on the “Eurrrgh” side.

    Ever since I bit the bullet and watched the TransFormers Animated series, the character of Bulkhead really grew on me, and now I’ve started not so much a focus collection on him, but at least the better pieces devoted to this guy.

  2. I pre-ordered the Takara FE edition of Bulkhead, whis is by far the best rendition of Bulkhead that I have see. I’ll be passing on this version of Bulkhead, but if Hasbro re-issues him as a different character (a la Hot Shot) then I’ll definitely pick him up.

    FYI. It looks like Takara has plans to re-issue FE Bulkhead as Brawn. Same FE Bulhead mold but with a new paint job and head sculpt. Not a bad way to get an awesome toy without paying thru the nose for it.

    1. Would’ve ordered the First Edition version myself, but they all sold out in like, 13 seconds.

  3. THe scale issue was the only real problem I saw in the animated line. I don’t like the green choice though, doesn’t feel right to me.
    A brawn variant will probably warrant a purchase from me.

  4. The scale in Prime is, in fact, pretty good… so long as you ignore Ratchet. He should be closer to a Voyager size rather than a deluxe. Cliffjumper could stand to be a smidge bigger, as well.

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