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Vault Review: Transformers Prime Hot Shot

Hot Shot’s articulation is also the same as Bee’s.  He’s got a ball jointed head and hips.  His elbows and knees are hinges.  And he has swivel joints at his shoulders, biceps, thighs, and ankles.  I’m glad Hot Shot has this much articulation, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the FE Prime Bee.  That mold is just so much more expressive with fully articulated shoulders and wrists.

There is one last interesting bit of articulation that the FE Bee doesn’t have.  This Bee/Hot Shot body can open its doors in car mode.  Again, I’m not up on my Transformers knowledge, but this seems like a pretty unique trait among the vehicle bots, especially at a retail toy line meant for kids and not collectors.

Hot Shot comes with two of the same double barreled blaster that Bee had, so there’s nothing really new in the accessory department.

As for his vehicle mode, it has a definite similar shape as Bee’s.  But like his robot form, the dark blue color and flame design give him a much edgier look.  I can almost see Vin Diesel driving a car like this in one of his Fast movies.

I have to admit, Hot Shot has a pretty cool design, even if he does rely on ninety percent of Bumblebee’s look.  The paint job and head sculpt go a long way in making him feel like a new character and not just a colorway of an old one.  Now I just need to pick up that black and purple Terrorcon Bee from Japan and I’ll have a nice start to my own little hive.


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17 comments to Vault Review: Transformers Prime Hot Shot

  • Josh

    I’ve run into Vehicon at retail, I’ve run into Knockout at retail too, but this damned Hot Shot figure still eludes me. I really want one! This review only further cemented my love of this repaint!

    Repaint love, that’s not something that happens often. Though I guess I should be calling this a remold, huh?

    Excellent review.

  • 3B

    While I agree that this paint scheme and the new head go a long way to really make Hotshot standout on his own, I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger on him. I guess since he’s not on the show (yet?). I’ll probably grab him when I find a good BOGO sale, though.

    BTW, PRID Vehicon is awesome! I’ve only been able to find one so far, but plan to get at least one more. Knockout isn’t bad either, he just needs a little paintwork.

    • AdventureVault

      I’m not sure if he’ll ever be on the show. It seems like they want to keep the Autobots at an outnumbered disadvantage. But you never know, Wheeljack did pop up for a very brief appearance.

      I have a Takara Knockout and Vehicon coming since I can’t get enough minicons, but I think I may pick up a Hasbro Vehicon too. He seems like a great army builder.

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Great review, excellent pics, as always. Looks like a very good re-use of Bumblebee that looks different enough to be distinctive. Still not gonna buy this guy, though. If I ever see him in the shops. Which I probably won’t. Because Wessex sucks for toy shopping.

    • AdventureVault

      Thanks Beedo! Sorry to hear you have a hard time finding things though. If you’re having no luck finding something, drop me an email. I may be able to middleman it to you.

  • Sandman

    Very nice review. Looks like a case of “good” mold reuse where it both looks compelling and sufficiently different to be a new character!

    Did you notice that Prime Hot Shot’s head is closely based on Armada Hot Shot’s original toy (and animation model) or maybe the Animated Hot Shot version of it? Heck, even that helmet with the goggles is the same!

    • AdventureVault

      Thanks Sandman.

      I had no idea his head was based on an Armada figure. I’m still learning my way through the various Transformers lines, so I definitely appreciate the assist on those Easter egg bits.

      • Brainlock

        As I understand it:
        Hot Shot was supposed to be Armada’s amalgamation of Hot Rod and Bumblebee, in that he serves as the “younger” ‘bot that kids would identify with, but older fans knew he was to eventually take the Prime role in the future. He also had the combined yellow/red color scheme of both characters, primarily yellow in vehicle mode, and more red in ‘bot mode.

      • Sandman

        There’s way too much Transformer history to keep up with… And the Unicron trilogy was terrible, so I don’t blame you for not knowing about it.

        You can see the design elements that led to Prime Hot Shot pretty clearly on his Animated character model, here: http://tfwiki.net/w2/images2/3/32/Hotshot_Animated.jpg

  • This is a prime figure I may actually pick up! Great Review!

  • Fire King Xi

    Nice review. I’ll pick this guy up when I find him at retail.