Vault Review: Transformers Prime
Arms Micron wave 1

Prime and Bee also have decent articulation.  They both have swivel knees, and ball jointed hips and shoulders.  Because of their transforming, Prime also has hinges that allow his shoulders to shrug, while Bee’s shoulders swivel forward and back to give him more reach.

The two Decepticons also have decent articulation; it’s just different since they’re animals.  Gobu the cobra has the most basic movement since his body is a line with four hinge joints.  This allows him to pose flat or up and ready to strike, but he doesn’t really have any more dynamic posing than that.

Zedo the gecko is a bit better though.  His legs are attached to his body with a hinged piece of plastic, while the legs themselves can swivel.  This allows you to prop him a little bit off the ground and position his feet in a few running or attacking poses.

Like I said, I’m a pretty big fan of these little guys.  I’ve even bought a couple of the main figures just to get their Micron.  The gochapons are nice because they’re entirely compatible and you can pick up a bunch at once for a decent price.  (Less than $20 on Hobbylink Japan!)  I also really liked that Optimus and Bee were given fairly detailed paint apps and sculpting, while the gecko and snake are original to the line.  I love the whole idea behind these figures, and I find them really fun to play around with.  I just wish Hasbro could adopt this concept.  It would make collecting these a lot easier.


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Arms Micron wave 1

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