Vault Review: Transformers Prime
Arms Micron wave 1

I’m really enjoying the Transformers Prime figures.  It’s a pretty well designed line with some interesting and unique takes on the characters.  But what I like most is the Arms Micron minifigures that Takara is producing for their AM line of figures.

If you’re new to the Transformers Prime line, Arms Microns are mini robots that change from a weapon into a figure.  Usually it’s a robo-animal, but there have been a few minicons in the line too.  These bots are designed originally by Takara and come with their Deluxe and Voyager class figures.

If you’re into collecting these little bots, then you’ve got your work cut out for you.  Takara’s original production of Microns were giveaways to promote the new Prime line.  But hese figures were just redecos of previous toys and don’t really match the rest of the Microns style wise.

The first true set of Microns were pack-ins with the Prime figures and would turn into a weapon that was similar to the character’s cartoon weapon.  These figures also sport 5mm pegs and holes so that they can be combined into larger weapon.  These Microns are molded in one color and come on a sprue.  (I know some people aren’t into it, but I really enjoy putting these little guys together!)  Instead of paint apps, these Microns have sticker sheets to add a bit of detail.

Takara is also releasing sets of gachapon Arms Microns, which can be purchased in capsule machines or as a box of ten.  The first wave consists of a little Optimus Prime that turns into his blaster, Bumblebee that turns into a double bladed “sword”, a gecko named Zedo that turns into an axe, and a cobra named Gobu that turns into a mace-like weapon.

When I began opening these figures, the first thing that struck me was that Optimus and Bee had paint apps, while the cobra and gecko are molded in one color like the rest of the Arms Microns.  I was also surprised how good the paint jobs were on such tiny figures, especially on their eyes and mouths.  Unfortunately, I think these paint apps ate up most of the budget as Zedo and Gobu don’t even get a sticker sheet.  But they do come in two different colors, so you can at least mix it up by having a black or purple version.  Continue to page 2…

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Arms Micron wave 1

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