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Vault Review:
S.H. Figuarts Gokai Silver

The articulation is on par with all my previous Figuarts.  Gai’s head, neck, torso, hips, and ankles are all ball joints.  His shoulders are swivel/hinges attached to a ball joint.  His elbows and knees are double hinged, and there’s also a hinge on his toe joint.  His wrists are swivel/hinges, and his biceps and thighs have a swivel joint.

Silver comes with a bunch of great accessories, most of which are extra hands.  He comes with six pairs of hands, and one individual.  Most of the pairs are the same as the other Gokai figures: fists, holding something wide, holding something narrow, and gun holding.  His unique set of hands have splayed fingers in a “Ta-Da” like pose, while the individual hand is for holding his Ranger key.

Gai also comes with his Silver Ranger key and Mobirates morpher.  The key is the same as the others, only silver.  I was a bit disappointed in his morpher though.  Gia’s is different from the other Gokaigers, and works by scanning the key when it’s placed inside.  Since the keys can be inserted into the other members’ phones, I was hoping Gai’s would also.  Unfortunately it can’t.

Gai also comes with his weapons.  His main weapon is a trident, which has some really amazing sculpted detail on the head.  The paint is also crisp and colorful, especially with the blue edges to the blades.  But my favorite part is that it can “transform” into the Gokai Shooting Star spear mode by removing the two side blades and flipping them.  Very nice engineering there.  Gai’s trident can also turn into a gun, and Bandai included a separately sculpted gun mode for the figure also.

Like most SH Figuarts, Gokai Silver is a really terrific figure.  He’s got great articulation and accessories, and his sculpt is different enough that I don’t feel like I bought the same figure for the fourth time.  Unlike the other Gokaigers, there was no first release bonus.  This is unfortunate, because I really wanted his triple steering wheel Darin.  This is probably my only real complaint about this figure, but other than that he looks great with the group.  Now I just have to eventually pick up the two exclusive girls.


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5 comments to Vault Review:
S.H. Figuarts Gokai Silver

  • chopa

    Your team is a sausage fest. Wish it was easier to assemble sentai teams. I like his trident.

  • Battle Catman


    I didn’t follow Gokaiger at all. What was that “ultimate treasure?” I read it was something like the ability to rewrite reality, but at the cost of all the Sentai powers, but they said, “no, we’ll beat the enemy our own way.”

    I thought it was going to be something goofy like love or “the power of teamwork,” but the not-Infinity Gauntlet is a better deal.

    • manekochan

      Yup. You’ve got it right. We also were hoping it wouldn’t be “love and friendship” or something like that. Having it be something actually powerful(like being able to rewrite history to get rid of the bad guy) was great.
      I forget how they actually won, though. ^^; Ha ha! ^^

  • Mirrored

    Well, after months of waiting, Gai Ikari is finally in the silver spotlight!

  • that trident/spear combo is pretty nifty!