SDCC 2012 Outer Space Men
Available for Pre-Order

First shown last week, the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Alpha Phase Editions of OSM Wave Five, consisting of Gemini and Orbitron, as well as the deluxe Cyclops figure (and featuring some new translucent colors) are now available for Pre-Order as a set of three over at StoreHorsemen.Com.

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These Outer Space Men are in production now and we’re just awaiting some final costing quotes from the factory before we put them up for pre-order, but we figured you guys might wanna’ see them now.

The upcoming Alpha Phase wave 5 (Orbitron & Gemini) and Alpha Phase Deluxe 1 (Cyclops). These will only be sold as a set of three for the Alpha Phase release, and we hope to have pricing and pre-order info for you sometime next week. They’ll only be available through Store Horsemen and at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con.

Keep in mind that the image shown is only of the prototypes for the figures and the final product colors and clarity will vary slightly. All of the ABS accessories will be crystal clear green. Also, not shown here, Cyclops will come with a second pair of “open” hands.


Three new Outer Space Men figures go up for pre-order at 9pm EST tonight (May 21st, 2012) at . Alpha Phase Editions of Gemini, Orbitron and our very first deluxe Outer Space Man – Cyclops will be $50.00 per set of three figures, and will be released in extremely limited quantities. Here’s a direct link to the pre-order.


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Available for Pre-Order

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