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Green Arrow Vault Review

His gloves also have an amazing amount of detail.  There is an armored-looking plate that covers his forearms, with a pattern that stretches all the way down to his hands.  I first thought his hands were just repaints of the original GA figure’s, but their actually new because the design pattern is sculpted on.  This figure also has tiny crossbow bolts sculpted to the side of his gloves.  I never read JT Krul’s run, so I don’t know if he can shoot them from his wrist.  But they definitely look cool on the figure.

The paint job on this figure is equally impressive.  The dark and light greens of his costume really play well together.  There’s also a lot of clean work done on the tiny details like his brown crossbow bolts or the gold buttons and chains on his belt.  I thought it was interesting that his hair and goatee are a lighter blonde color than the original figure’s.  Guess Ollie has been using Just for Men.

Ollie has the same basic articulation that we’re all familiar with in a DC Classics figure.  The main difference is that they gave him the swivel/hinge “archer wrists”.  Unlike the first Green Arrow figure, this GA doesn’t have the rocker ankles.  But he does have a better ball jointed head which can look up and down, unlike the original figure.

This figure comes with the same bow as the original Green Arrow and Red Arrow.  But like Red Arrow’s, it’s only molded in a single color and not given the nice paint job to bring out the detail.  I don’t mind these bow sculpts, but I really wish we also had one that we could pose him pulling back on.  It’s also a bit disappointing to see that this GA doesn’t come with extra loose arrows.

Although I wasn’t originally thrilled about getting another Green Arrow figure, I’m actually really happy they were able to fit him into this last wave.  He’s a great example of the pinnacle of what DC Classics could achieve with a few newly sculpted pieces and a great paint job.  I don’t know what the future holds for DC at retail, but I’m hoping that the subscription figures will at least stick to the standard that this Green Arrow sets.



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Green Arrow Vault Review

  1. If we can keep getting this kind of sculpting details going forward in the sub, I’l be a happy camper. While it’s debatable whether or not we needed this re-do fig (especially in the final wave), the execution was very well done, imho. Still haven’t gotten around to reading those last pre DCnU’d up issues, so I’ll also be viewing this as a Grell stand-in.

    Hilarious pics, btw. Totally in the spirit of the character.

    Now, bring on the scythe-less wonder!

    1. Yeah, I’m hoping the sub has this sort of quality. It’d definitely go a long way to making the line feel more worth the price.

  2. The JT Krul run wasnt too bad. This was the storyline where Ollie was exiled from Star City for the murder of Prometheus. He decided to hide in the massive star shaped forest that grew in the wake of the bomb that blew up the city. A pretty good start that really tied into Brightest Day.

    Still havent gotten that figure yet…but looking at the close up of the detail..i’m still gunna pick him up. Does his hood come off? It certainly looks like it does.

    1. It’s really too bad we couldn’t get Prometheus for this last wave, he would have fit in perfectly.

      Nah, the hood is glued on. I’m sure you could get it off if you really wanted to though.

  3. when you say he’s “super posable,” there’s a part of my brain that says that term should be reserved for the dcucs that had double hinge elbows and/or knees… or rocker ankles. he’s got standard articulation for the later part of the line, but he’s not “super posable” within the context of his line.

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. Compared to any of my Japanese figures, DCUC seems like it’s just basic. This is almost standard articulation these days, so I guess word “super” should probably be taken out.

      I wonder what 5 POA would be considered? Sub-articulated maybe?

      1. sparsely articulated. or maybe nominally articulated… but yeah, sorry if that sounded bitchy, it wasn’t intended that way. it’s just that, he’s not even “average” for a dcuc, considering the lack of rocker ankles… and they ruined their own standard when they introduced the double elbows and knees. so i guess, as an exception to the rule, GA here has “archer wrists” but that doesn’t really get him to the realm of “super” for the line.

  4. It’s a great sculpt, no doubt, but the choice of colors leaves me a bit off. (no pun intended.) The lime(?) color of the tunic is too light and they could have gone a shade darker, imo.

    Two other demerits for mine is the arrow is too thin and I don’t think I got one among the two pair of archers that didn’t have stress marks from the package. Why two pair? because the first GA I got is cracked open on both sides of the lower torso. It took me a month to find a second GA and it hasn’t cracked yet.

    Something else that bothers me is the hood. I get they had to sculpt it as a separate piece so he could still move his head, but…maybe it’s the fact it’s glued on and not removable? (I’ve heard he’s actually bald under there?)

    Meanwhile, I’ll still be holding out hope for a GA Connor…eventually….
    (I think his TJ figure was one of the few I managed to hold on to?)

    1. We’ll probably get a Connor Hawke GA right after we get a Wally West Flash. Both of those are on the list of characters that DC no longer wishes to acknowledge as ever existing.

    2. I passed on this guy today because of the stress on the arrow in package. I have a crazy expectation that I will be the one to break my toys after I open them instead of finding them already broken. w17 OL Lex was already broken for me as well.

  5. I didn’t even notice all the new sculpting when I opened this Green Arrow. Thanks for pointing that out.

  6. I love the figure, but that bow just pisses me off.

    Why give him great wrists, when he can’t use them with his only accessory?

  7. I particularly enjoy that pic of him where he’s like, “Yeah, b*tches. I’m too cool to appear in your photo.” Like it’s an ad for his bow and he’s just “showing off the merchandise”. That has to be in quotes because he would say it like a douche and since I don’t have “d-bag voice” punctuation, quotes will have to do.

    1. I should clarify: I hate those tiny arrows on his bow and in his quiver. The ones on his wrist look cool.

  8. Great review. This toy is a great example of how good DCUC can be when they put in the effort. It’s toys like this one that I cherry pick from the line.

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