Vault Review: Transformers
Prime Arcee (Robots in Disguise)

I’ve been stalking my local toy stores for the last couple weeks for wave 2 of the Transformers Prime figures.  Growing weary of wading through torrents of Bumblebees, I finally got lucky and happened across a single Arcee while out of town for Planet Comicon.

If you’ve been reading my Transformers articles then you already know I’m a big fan of the First Edition Prime figures.  The sophisticated sculpts, detailed paint apps, and super articulation make the FE’s fantastic action figures.  Unfortunately Hasbro’s transition to the Robots In Disguise line has simplified most of these qualities, turning me back into the casual cherry-picking fan.

But even as a casual fan it’s hard for me to ignore Prime’s take on Arcee.  Not only do I enjoy her kickass character on the show, but her figures are some of the most feminine looking Transformers ever made, and definitely the sexiest.  There’s nothing wrong with having a few more fembots around the house, so I decided to give the RID figure a try.

The Robots in Disguise Arcee is much smaller in robot form than the First Edition.  I’m actually glad they made her shorter because it brings her more into scale with her larger comrades.  The sculpt is much more feminine and has fewer moving parts, making transformation very simple.  Her design is also more accurate to the character, which is also nice.

Arcee’s face sculpt is one of my favorites.  Unlike the FE’s, which has a cocky smirk, RID’s Arcee is much more neutral and seems to change slightly with the angle you’re viewing her from.  I also really like that her eyes are larger with a much brighter blue lightpiping.

One thing I don’t like about the design is the huge amount of kibble that hangs off her back.  The side panels of her motorcycle mode can almost be forgiven because they do such a good job resembling wings.  What really bugs me is her front tire and windshield.  They really take the shape of a functionless and incredibly cumbersome backpack.

Even though the two Arcee figures are dramatically different heights, I was very surprised to discover that their motorcycle modes are almost exactly the same size.  This probably speaks better for the design of the FE figure though, since she can shrink down into something so compact.  Even though the RID has a similar structure, she is much more simplified.  This is most notable around the wheels and engine.  Continue to page 2…

10 thoughts on “Vault Review: Transformers
Prime Arcee (Robots in Disguise)

  1. I don’t own a First Edition Arcee, but even if I did I’d still choose Robots in Disguise Arcee over it. It doesn’t matter how complex a Transformer is if I just plain don’t like how it looks.

    RID Arcee has a much better face. FE’s Arcee’s eyes are too beady for me; I knew a guy in college who had beady little eyes like that, and that’s all I can think about when I look at the FE figure. I also prefer the blue and silver on the forearms than plain black. Not to mention RID Arcee costs about half as much as a FE would run me.

    (Which is funny because I ended up buying two RID Arcees, so I could have her double-wielding her arm blades).

    I’m not totally hating on FE Arcee (because I couldn’t find her or anything). She does have a waist swivel, better articulated arms, and the back end of the cycle folds out of the way rather than just hanging there on RID Arcee. (On the other hand, combined with the wings, it gives RID Arcee a neat “insectoid” look).

  2. I found her and Ratchet tonight at my local WM, which I’ve all but abandoned. I had to pass because a- the bubble was half ripped off the card and b- I couldn’t see paying $13 for her, esp when their was a larger SkyHammer for $15…sitting next to new Prime and Megs for $20!

    it’s all cherry picking for me, these days.
    I finally snagged a Generations Wheeljack because he was on clearance the other week. I had an opportunity to compare the new toon one against the Gen a week or two before and preferred the Gen version. I still hesitated on full price but snagged him on clearance.

  3. she has very pointy boobs… just saying… why does a non-mammal require boobs? i know she’s “female” but she’s not mammalian female.

    1. You’re asking for realism on toy robots? I mean, the entire aspect of her being female fails that logic check, really. What would a race of sentient robots require with a female version? They should all be asexual, but of course, being an IP created to sell toys to kids, I understand why 99% of them are “male”.

  4. I think she makes a much cuter robot. Her motorcycle mode looks like cheap plastic next to the other one, though. And, while she does have nice articulation, if you pick up the other one and start moving it around, the new one gets blown away immediately.

  5. The usual excellent review and pics, I see. The toy looks a bit delicate for my liking. Also, still ain’t seen the cartoon to influence my opinion on the character, and I’m really selectively cherry-pciking this series, moreso than any other TransFormers line so far. I suppose I might be tempted to pick one up if 1) they released her with a vintage-y pink deco, and 2) they ever released them here in England.

    I ain’t holding my breath for either option.

  6. Fantastic as usual, Vault!

    I just picked her up this week and while there are certain areas where the FE version is a bit nicer, I have to say I enjoy this one more. The transformation is a bit more intuitive and happens quickly. What I like the best is that her arms are blue instead of just solid black. Plus, you’re absolutely right about her scaling better with the rest of the team.

    My only problem is that I only have the PRID Cliffjumper and your pics are gonna make me give in and pay way to much for the FE version!!!

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