Vault Review: Sci-Fi Revoltech
#36, Movie Iron Man (Mark III)

I know, It’s been a long while since I’ve ordered and reviewed a Sci-Fi Revoltech action figure. That’s mostly due to them not producing any more Godzilla kaiju. But I did decide to pull the trigger and order their latest movie Iron Man release, the Mark III Armor. 

I was tempted to buy Revoltech Iron Man mark VI when the pre-order went up, but eventually decided against it because I just didn’t like the color scheme.  (Those silver biceps and knees just clash too much with the gold.)  So I waited.  Then they released pictures of a repainted Mark VI where the silver was colored gold.  That version was very tempting, but ultimately I decided against it because it was an exclusive and cost more than I was willing to pay.

My stubbornness eventually paid off and Kaiyodo finally produced my favorite movie armor, the mark III.   But this figure had other selling points as well.  He came with an alternate Robert Downey Jr. head, and the power source in his chest could light up.  Unfortunately there are some definite drawbacks that keep me from really liking this figure as much as I wanted to.

The sculpt on this figure is excellent.  His armor’s panel lines and the detailed circuitry between the armor are all nicely sculpted.  One thing that surprised me was that the armor over his abs and his wrist and ankle guards were all made out of a very soft material that could easily bend or be pushed in.  I was a bit put off by his shoulder pads though.  They’re attached to the arms and often take awkward looking poses.

The paint job on the Mark III has a really fantastic metallic red and gold with very few silver highlights.  Even the Revolver joints are molded in a metallic looking plastic to match.  Unfortunately little bits of paint started to chip and scratch just while I was posing him for the review.  The paint has that thick gummy feel to it and I don’t have much confidence that it’ll last for years if it can’t even make it through a photo shoot.  Continue to page 2…

12 thoughts on “Vault Review: Sci-Fi Revoltech
#36, Movie Iron Man (Mark III)

  1. Yeah, I just don’t think this is a very good representation of the movie suit, plus that abdominal armor just looks silly. The head has a passable likeness, though.

    1. The head actually turned out looking better in the pics than in person somehow. Weird…

        1. It’s super impressive. It started as a Walmart exclusive when Iron Man 2 came out, and was rereleased in the Iron Man series last year. Once you start moving it around you notice how awesome it is in its design.

  2. The light really is blinding. I had to add that. Also, Vault didn’t show a pic, but that switch is really ridiculously tiny and you have to take off his torso to get to it. It’s not on the figure, but inside of it which, if you are getting this to actually play with, is a bit annoying.

  3. In some of those pics, the human head looks like Nathan Fillion is playing RDJ in an SNL sketch.

  4. How much does this cost? He really looks godd, althrough it my be better to buy the hasbro mark IV version

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