Vault Review: Transformers
Dark of the Moon, Air Raid

Normally I cover accessories last, but Air Raids main weapon is a mace-like weapon that takes the place of his right hand.  It’s interesting to see this on an Autobot, since it’s usually the Decepticons who are so battle ready to actually replace body parts with weapons.

Air Raid’s only accessory is his plane’s radar dish.  In robot mode it mainly functions as a shield, but it also has an action feature which transforms it into an “ion pulse blaster”.  The gun only stays transformed as long as you’re holding onto it (Can you see the LEGO sword I jammed in there so it would stay for the picture?).

Most of Air Raid’s parts are molded the color they need to be.  In plane mode you mostly see his vivid green, silver, and dark gray.  Robot mode mixes it up a little more with the light gray of his limbs and that neat gold chest piece and helmet fin.  They also used a light blue translucent plastic for his eyes and cockpit windows.

Air Raid’s articulation is good, but it takes a bit of getting used to because of his design.  His head, biceps, and thighs are swivels.  His shoulders, left wrist, and hips are ball joints.  And his elbows, and knees are hinges.  His mace hand attaches to his arm with two hinges so you can easily pose it flailing around.

Air Raid’s plane mode has three landing gear wheels which fold out on hinges.

This figure isn’t without his nitpicks.  It took me a bit to get used to his odd proportions and how they work with the articulation.  I also really wish his hand didn’t stick out the back in plane mode.  But ultimately I love this guy’s unique space-knight look.  The IAT color scheme doesn’t hurt either.


9 thoughts on “Vault Review: Transformers
Dark of the Moon, Air Raid

  1. I ran across this guy at my local CVS pharmacy last week and thought he was really cool. Like you said, you don’t see many AWAC toys on the shelves. However I skipped him because he was $14.99 and I thought that was kind of high for a figure I had no plans on purchasing and the fact that some Walmarts are selling DOTM toys for less than $8! I wouldn’t mind getting him at that price.

  2. You know, with that profile he has in robot mode, and the crest on his head, he weirdly reminds me of Terrorsaur from Beast Wars. He has kind of a pterodactyl look going there which I find interesting.

  3. Great and useful review, as per usual! Love the guy’s plane mode, not too keen on the robot mode. Looks a bit too spindly. If I ever clap eyes on him (doubtful), I think I’ll still pass. If I was 30 years younger, this might’ve be one of the coolest toys in the world for me. Now, I think I’d rather spend the cash on other things, like beer.

  4. Funny. Just goes to show how different eyes see different things. I saw him and totally thought “gladiator.”

    I have him and enjoy him a lot. While scattered, there were definitely a few gems in the DOTM line.

    1. I’ve been trying to figure out what he reminds me of in robot mode, and it just hit me: one of the earlier Beast Wars shark-based TransFormer. Can’t remember the guy’s name, but I believe he was a TransMetal. Come to think of it, in plane mode, he looks a bit like a Stethacanthus shark, too.

      From now on, this guy is “Sharky” to me.

  5. I have to say that I really hate when the designers try to pass off kibble as a weapon. The fact that he doesn’t have a right hand, and instead just has the tail of the plane is an instant disqualification for me. That is sloppy design, any way you slice it. It looks terrible, and totally ruins any figure they do it on.

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