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Week Hawkman Review

S.T.R.I.P.E. Week is nearing its conclusion with my review of the last regular figure in the JSA themed wave, the Golden Age version of Hawkman.  We’ve been waiting a long time for this particular figure, and he actually turned out pretty well for what’s mostly redeco.

Carter Hall was an American archeologist in the 1940’s.  After touching a dagger made of the otherworldly Nth metal, a flood of images poured into his mind revealing that he was the latest incarnation of the ancient Egyptian Prince Khufu.  Using his newly found knowledge, Carter fashioned a gravity defying belt out of the powerful Nth metal and took to the skies as the winged hero Hawkman.  Later he would join forces with other Mystery Men and Super Heroes of the time to become a founding member of the world first super group, the Justice Society of America.

You may not know it, but this Golden Age Hawkman has actually been in the planning stages for a long time.  First mentioned in December of 2008, this Hawkman was originally slated to come in a two-pack with a Golden Age Hawkgirl figure.  But the set was eventually canceled due to a lack of retailer interest.  Hawkman was finally able to find his way back into the line as a simple redeco in this perfectly themed JSA wave.

This new Hawkman figure is almost the exact same figure as the original 2008 release.  The only differences in sculpt are the two new heads that the Golden Age version comes with.  His first hawk-shaped helmet is probably one of the more odd masks that Hawkman has worn over the years.  It’s got the familiar wing-like ears and hawk shape, but instead of showing his mouth he covered it with a small beak.  This mask has always looked odd to me.  The beak is just so small, and his chin sticking out underneath makes it look like an ill fitting children’s costume.

Hawkman’s second head is a cowl that he wore near the end of the JSA’s tenure, making it an easy way to distinguish him from his Silver Age counterpart.  I always liked this cowled look.  I think it fits better with the Mystery Man look, even if it is many years too late.  The 4H did a great job of sculpting the face on this head also.  He’s got this disgusted steely-eyed gaze like he’s about to tell off HUAC.  Also, it was nice to see that hawk symbol on his forehead was sculpted and not just painted on.  Continue to page 2…

9 thoughts on “DC Classics.com S.T.R.I.P.E.
Week Hawkman Review

  1. I like the cowl a lot better, too. He goes into my JSA display while the beak nosed head awaits an All-Star Squadron assortment including the likes of Liberty Belle, Johnny Quick, Robotman, Firebrand, and Tarantula in his later costume. (One can dream, anyway.) But I REALLY wished Mattel and the 4H had gone with the metallic Joe Staton/George Perez mask which Carter wore from the late 70’s through early 80’s.

    1. I share your dream of a full A-SS group, which included many (if not all) JSA’ers!
      And don’t think I didn’t notice the Robert Grayson Robotman in a review earlier this week! It just hows how easy it is to modify an existing mold slightly to get a whole new figure, which is what they did here.

      I had forgotten about that GA Hawks 2pk, so maybe the Hawkman/Stratos 2pk was a way to keep the mold ready for this version? I know it’s an almost identical straight re-release figure (wing/back fastener color only diff?), in keeping with the SP/MOTU general theme they started with, but we still don’t have the more recent look, with no red shorts.

      and yes, I want a ZAURIEL, too, preferably the FA toga over the goofy looking armor we got in the 5″ TJ/JLA line. He would only need a new head, scarf, belted wrap (kilt? to replace the current belt w/ loop), and lower leg and feet to show his sandals and ankle wings, then a flaming sword (basic sword with red/orange electrical effect glued on?).

      My GA Hawkman was one of the few QC flubs I’ve gotten. The outer part of the wing had two LEFT wings, which I didn’t even notice at first. So if you know anyone with two RIGHT wings, let me know and we’ll swap! LOL

      1. and now CTR has just released this:
        “Big Bad Toy Store has listed the second and third waves of figures in Mattel’s DC Universe All Stars collection, and have confirmed the line ups. The second wave, as seen in our Toy Fair coverage, will feature New 52 Flash, Red Robin, Supergirl, and New 52 Superman. Wave three will have Batgirl, New 52 Batman, Hawkman, and Steel with his trusty Hammer.”

        I’m curious to see if w3 Hawkman will be the one without his red shorts or if they will sculpt new pieces for the DCnU “Savage Hawkman”. Steel I’m guessing will be the DCSH re-release. Batgirl is shown from a clipart of Barb in black, with yellow sigil and gloves (Bat-Legends re-release already?).

      2. Mine had the same problem! Though in the name of curiosity (and the hope of not having a defective figure) I’m curious: do you mean “your” left or Hawkman’s? My doubled wing (from Carter’s view) is the right, the side with the belt strap.

        1. Hawkman figure’s left hand wing is doubled on the right hand side. I have two of the left side wing.

          1. Crud, that’s the same way mine is! I wonder where all the double right wing Hawkmen ended up as the repeat kind of soured me on the figure, and the wave which wasn’t very easy to find in my area. They still haven’t popped up again so I’m basically just going to assume they never will and have to buy them at a con or specialty store. I guess Carter’s just going to have to endure having one working wing for the time being…

  2. I love the cowl look too. That look scream JSA at me and the beak mask just seems like a dumb idea. If this wave ever hits retail I may pick up another body to use the beak mask one day but I’m not sure where it would fit in.

  3. I also went with the cowl for the same reasons. I almost wish Matty a First Appearance Hawkman. The blonde Carter Hall with the hawk head helmet that sits on the top of his head so you can see his whole face. DC Direct put out one a while back…but its too Golden Ageish looking. To set the Golden Age Hawkman apart even more, Matty could have filled in the ab area in yellow to give him the 70’s look.

    And please PLEASE Matty…dont put out a DCNu Savage Hawkman!! His new look is awfull. He looks like he fell into a knife drawer

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