Vault Review: Cheerful Japan
Miku Hatsune (Figma #114)

By the time I learned just how great Figma figures were, it was too late for me to purchase the original Miku Hatsune without paying insanely high prices.  That’s why I jumped at the chance when Max Factory rereleased her in their Cheerful Japan line.

To help raise money and support of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in early May, the Good Smile Company began selling a run of exclusive figures known as the Cheerful Japan line.  The line consisted of various statues, Figma, and Nendoroid figures whose proceeds would go to the recovery support efforts.

It would have been easy for Good Smile to simply rerelease their more popular characters, but they took it a step further by adding new paint jobs and accessories.  They also created a website which easily allowed customers from around the world to purchase these goods without having to go through middlemen and third party online stores.

Something else that equally impressed me was that Good Smile also fixed one of the flaws with the original Miku.  Her Support Version’s release is almost the exact same sculpt as the original, except her hands have been updated.  The first release had a stub on the end of each hand’s peg, which allowed it to snap into place.  Unfortunately this also caused them to break off insider her arms.  The new version of the figure now has the common peg that easily slides in and out of place.

As for the rest of Support Miku’s sculpt, it seems to be the same as the original figures’.  She’s wearing her classic costume of a dress shirt, tie, and skirt with thigh high boots and flared out arm sleeves.  Her two long ponytails flare out and are hollow on the undersides, like a spoon.  It took me a bit to get used to this, since I’m much fonder of the windswept look of my Append Miku.  But looking back over her original videos, the hair is pretty accurate to the 3D model’s design.

Miku’s paint job is excellent.  One of the things I really like about her design is the striking contrast of her dark costume with the neon-like teal accent pieces and her hair.  The Support Version’s shirt is brighter silver from the original’s, but aside from that they have the same basic paint apps.

I really love the small electronic details on her arm sleeves and the “01” character on her left shoulder.  These are some of the few hints that she may not be as human as she looks.  Both tampos came out crisp and easy to read, which is always nice on such tiny symbols.  Continue to page 2…

12 thoughts on “Vault Review: Cheerful Japan
Miku Hatsune (Figma #114)

  1. Great review! Loved all the pics. Yeah, I was really happy when GSC announced Figma Miku in their cheerful Japan line, because the secondary market prices for a legit (not bootleg) Figma Miku were crazy.

    It would be nice to see other toy companies do this sort of thing. Maybe not Matty tho…. Might get too crazy.

    1. Thanks. I’m glad she came back up too. I wasn’t going to pay those secondary market prices.

      I think Hasbro might try something like this before Matty though.

  2. Nice review, nice to know they fixed the flaws… I wonder if there’s some online store to buy it directly and not auction sites were the founds doesn’t go to the Tsunami…

    1. I think you’ll have to go with a secondary store or auction site since the figures were made to order.

  3. Please stop reviewing figma figures!!!! They are very cool, well made, and I cannot afford to start collecting another toy line. Thank you. Then again, with the DC All-stars offering looking as bad as it does and perfect fro cherry picking, maybe I do have a budget. Darn you Noisy!!!!!

  4. Are her panties striped? I know it’s a bit of an odd question, but Most Miku stuff I’ve seen her striped panties can be seen… I need to find better folks to hang out with… then again I proudly display scantily clad muscular men in furry loincloths…

    1. I didn’t even think about that until you mentioned it. I wonder why they decided not to stripe them?

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