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Batman (Legacy) Review

You know what they say about best laid plans? I’ve been holding off reviewing Catman & Batgirl from Batman Legacy Wave Two for awhile – waiting because I was planning a group review for this wave. Then I finally get the Batman and he ends up getting a solo review. Fancy that.

I’ve been critical of the Batman Legacy line because I don’t find it very collector-friendly despite its seeming attempt to appeal to collectors by using Golden Age & Silver Age versions of the characters. I think a large part of my dislike was that Wave One just seemed lazy. Freeze was a simple repaint in a loose attempt of Super Powers colors, Batman was just a mishmash of previous parts, and the Joker, while he did get an original head sculpt, could’ve used something more.

With Wave One behind me, I just wasn’t very excited going into Wave Two. Batgirl & Catman left me disappointed and amazed respectively, so it was up to the Golden Age Batman (& his K-Mart Exclusive pal, Bat-Mite) to break the tie. And before I forget, I have to give a huge shootout to IAT reader Xavion for hooking me up with Batman & Bat-Mite! The nearest K-Marts are over an hour away (in opposite directions) and both Vault and I made more than a few fruitless trips hunting for this fella to no avail. You have my thanks, Xavion!

While I had to have this figure, I wasn’t originally sure how much I wanted him. You know how that is right? I would much prefer Mattel set their sights on unique characters than age-specific versions (though as your every day hypocritical collector, I have a laundry list of age-specific figures I’d like to see), so I was mainly looking to snag Bat-Mite and maybe get a decent Batman figure for my ever-growing, boxed Batman collection.

But as a guy who still has multiple colors of Batmen from The Dark Knight Collection, you’d think I would know that you should never underestimate a Batman figure.

For DC Classics, the Wave 1 Batman is always going to be my default Batman for the front of the shelf and I will forever love the all-black costume from my youth. Those two are always out, but I’ve also found myself unable to stow away the TRU Batman in his classic gray, no oval costume. That one is just cool somehow. With this Golden Age Batman, I find myself similarly intrigued and that means yet another DC Classics Batman I want to keep on display.

I don’t know what it is exactly. The lighter grey in the classic grey/blue? The giant bat across his chest? The black cowl with the blue nose? I suppose those all come together to make a figure that insists it’s not just another variant to be boxed.

If you’ve got a sprawling DC Classics display, and if you’re like me you surely do, then this Batman should have a spot on your shelves standing proudly alongside the JSA, or All-Star Squadron if you prefer. He looks great with Hourman & Dr. Mid-Nite. And grouped with the Golden Age Joker & Robin, a little GA corner is already pretty heavily populated (though Mattel has utterly failed us on young Alan Scott and Jay Garrick…)

And while I definitely think this Batman has a long-term spot in my collection battling Nazis and selling war bonds, I think there’s another reason he’s been entertaining me so much: Brave & the Bold. I know the costume isn’t quite a match as BatB Bats is delightfully oval-clad, but the cowl just evokes the cartoon to me. I feel compelled to put him alongside Blue Beetle & Plastic Man or to do battle with Grodd & Gentlemen Ghost. Continue to Page 2…

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Batman (Legacy) Review

      1. Looking on my phone with no ability to zoom in, no I couldn’t tell…but then again I’m not a photoshop expert like you are. Next time I have a question I’ll consult you first.

  1. Ah, I’ve been worried I’ll end up kicking myself for not jumping on this one; but I have the DC Direct Earth-2 Bats and couldn’t justify him. But Bat-Mite…darn.

  2. you know, BatB was great for a lot of things, and i finally got the whole family to sit down and watch that final episode and everyone loved it, even my non-comic obsessed wife. it’s a testament to the power of a well crafted character, and the joy that silliness brings to people. batmite and ambush bug were both excellent in that ep, and i’m sure batmite’s previous appearances on BatB were the genesis of that pack-in. just saying… sometimes, silly is good.

    as for supes… i’d say your odds are better for him than a great flash or a hook handed arthur… but i still don’t see a great defining supes in the pipe. he’s tough to do because while he’s clearly comic booky over-exaggerated, he’s not that over exaggerated compared to a design like batman that almost begs for a certain amount of either grit or schlock… and when those are your choices, batman almost can’t fail, while supes can easily go too heavily one way or another and end up looking like garbage.

  3. *sigh*

    I’m fully down the rabbit hole now. I’ve managed to pick up 6 or so DCU figures, the latest being an ‘all star’ Batman, the all in black one. man, I have to assume everyone else thinks that a pure shout-out to the Toybiz Batman movie fig?

    Now I want this Batman. THIS is the Batman from my comic book youth. Dammit. 🙂

    Local hypermarket Meijers is doing a massive blowout of the DCU figures they have in stock, half off (call it $7.49) but all that’s on the pegs is Jonah Hex and Eclipso. Bah.

      1. Yeah, gee, it’s a puzzler, innit? Why, Hex was a huge hit in theaters, kids were playing Hex in schoolyards all across the country! And Eclipso, well, he’s one of the most important DC baddies ever! Everybody was just WAITING for him to come out!

        *sigh* can’t do it anymore. The packout on these assortments are SO DAMN CRAPPY!

        I found some more figures at another Meijers, OMAC and JEMM. Meanwhile, a trip to KMart in search of this reviewed Batman turned up nothing, but I did see some Indigo Lantern Atom figs that almost made me want to grab one to convert to Paul Kirk Manhunter…

  4. An Earth-2 Golden Age Batman. What’s not to love? And he works just as well for early Silver Age and Brave & the Bold, too. Loving that JSA group shot!

  5. this was one of my favorite figures…before I jumped ship on DCUC…so glad I did that

    you guys sure are lucky to have people just send you things

  6. okay…
    Bearded Aquaman – what’s the story? custom or photoshop?
    (and I’m guessing he’s going to keep the sideburns in his nu52 figure? @_@)

    Qwsp actually got some play in the JLA/JSA crossover several years back, Crisis Times Five, making him the evil counterpart to Mxyzptlk and nearly destroying several dimensions in the process. (and no mention of Bat-Mite, I don’t think?)

    Did WW ever have a Wonder-Mite? or is Glszp (sp?), Mxy’s spouse the closest we’re going to get?

    1. oh yeah, Crisis Times Five was when we found out the “true Origin” of the Thunderbolt and Jakeem took over.

  7. I love this GA Batman figure, especially when paired with the GA Robin. It reminds me of the animated opening of The Batman TV show (with Adam West and Burt Ward, for the youngsters out there ;^)

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