Sponsor Announcement:
Ka-Razy Kings of Toys

Hey there, folks! Are ya ready for that wonderful Turkey Day feast coming up? How about a really big sale starting on Turkey Day? Yes, that’s right: imagine being able to get a great sale on goodies even before Santa ends the Macy’s parade! Starting on Thursday, November 24th (Thanksgiving Day), and going thru November 28th( Cyber Monday), all non-clearanced merchandise will be 18.63% off!

Here’s your chance to stock up on those Masters of the Universe Classics, DC, Marvel, Ghostbusters, Dragon Ball ZWrestling, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Monster High, and so much more for your kids, nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters, or that close buddy of yours!

Not only that, but we’re happy to announce the upcoming arrival of Masters of the Universe Classics Snout Spout, and She-Ra’s beloved steed, Swiftwind! We should be receiving our shipment any day now!

The holidays are just a few weeks away, and we’re excited to have you shop with us this year!

“No doubt we’re the Kings of Toys, but come find out why we’re so Ka-Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!!!!!!”