Vault Review: Icarius

The Jetpack’s wings are articulated on hinges and can move forward and back.  The missiles on the ends are also separate pieces and are designed to be fired like a flick missile.  Something else that really surprised me was all the extra sculpting done on the center piece.  Entire details like the fins and sphere were added, while other features like the buttons and vents were made to blend in.  It makes me wonder if they’ll be using this center piece over again for other mini-vehicles, especially since it can detach from the wings.

Icarius comes with two heads: one helmeted, and one not.  It’s been said quite a bit by now, and I can’t ignore it either…  The sculpt is definitely Val Kilmer, circa Top Gun.  But I don’t have a problem with that because it helps add personality to a character that a lot of us don’t know anything about.

His helmeted head has been given a separate piece that can slide into place over his eyes.  I really like the translucent red on the visor, but the piece itself fits loosely and is always popping off.  I also don’t think it moves down far enough, but that might just be me.

Icarius’ articulation is what you’d expect from a MOTU Classics figure, but there is one problem.  Icarius can’t really look up, so giving him an effective flying pose is incredibly challenging.  It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s definitely annoying.

Flipshot comes with one other accessory, his arm shield/missile launcher.  The piece itself looks great and can fit over either arm.  Like the jetpack, the 4H took the properties of the original toy and enhanced them to be more dynamic.  But even though the two missiles can detach from the arm piece, they are still stuck to each other.  Double missiles are a bit frustrating, but at the same time it’s also the same over the top cool that you find in a lot of MOTU.

All around I’m definitely happy with Icarius’ figure, and I’m glad we’re getting our next New Adventures figure with Slush Head next May.  I’m also kind of wondering if we’ll get any variant NA figures.  It might be interesting to see a Classics Missile Armor Flipshot.


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Vault Review: Icarius

  1. I remember buying a bunch of the NA figures on clearance and watching the first episode of the series. I could barely remember this guy at first but going by what I’m reading, he turned out very well. Can’t go wrong with basing a head sculpt on an actual person and the Val Kilmer likeliness is definitely there.

    1. Yeah, I definitely don’t mind them using a more realistic likeness. Especially when it comes to the more generic looking characters. That original toy just had no personality in its head sculpt.

  2. man! finally a review of Flipshot 🙂
    I haven’t even started to read this, but am glad to see IAT putting up the review first..

  3. This review confirms what I’ve been telling everyone:
    Flipshot is an AMAZING Figure…
    He can hold his wing missiles (and you can have him with melee Weapons)
    His jetpack kinda looks like a Goblin Glider, great for Custom fodder if NA is not your thing:
    Flipshot himself, with a bit of part swapping and repainting allows you to make a Classic NES Box Art Megaman!

  4. Excellent review with great pics, as per usual!

    Funny, until you mentioned Val Kilmer, I was thinking he looked like Kurt Russell. And I think you’re closer in your observation, there.

    I only ever owned three NA figures back in the day: Optikk, because he was cool-looking; Slushhead (ditto); and Space He-Man, because he came packaged with Slushhead. None of the other characters ever appealed to me. Trust the Four Horsemen to take a character I never gave a tinker’s dam about before and turn him into a cool-looking hombre. Makes me look forward to what else they may be able to pull off when it comes to badassifying those NA designs!

    1. Thanks Beedo. I’m looking forward to the rest of the NA cast as well. The Horsemen have done such a good job with them so far, it should turn out pretty well.

  5. Flipshot is one of the most impressive figures of this year I think.

    I’m a fan of New Adventures. I didn’t like it so much back in the day, but watching it with adult eyes I was able to appreciate it. I always went under the impression that it was simply a different version of He-Man, but I find it interesting how they’re folding the NA Universe into MOTUC.

    Flipshot is sort of the impetuous hotshot with an ego to back it up. I’d kind of compare him to Beast Wars Cheetor.

  6. “You…thy groin be not covered in fur! Art thou a god?”

    I’d like to see that clamshell armor and flight pack sold by themselves. I think He-Man and Man-At-Arms need flight packs. In the OLD DAYS Mattel would have had ‘flightpack He-Man’ on the shelves in a New York Minute. 🙂

    It’s terrible. All I can think of is swapping the parts around. I’d like to see that helmetless head on a Palace Guard for example.

    1. Awesome pic!! “Air Borne Menace of Trap Jaw”
      he actually looks cool…how about posting a pic with Roboto wearing Flipshot’s armor?

    2. 100% awesome, Vault!

      Poor Man-at-Arms, forever stuck with that mad scientist thing. I suspect the Fisto review will…amusing. 🙂

      So, a point. Is that stand included? That (if it is or if it’s from one of the Figma or other line) really should be pointed out…

      1. Yeah, that’s a Figma stand.

        Can you imagine if Matty actually included flight stands for their flying characters. Logistics would be exploding all over the place.

        1. Include a flight stand with figures? Are you MAD?! Then people will be screaming they want to buy extra stands for other figures! THEN they’ll want them in different colors! What are you trying to do, make money by having product customers wish to buy?! YOU CRAZY RADICAL!! 🙂


          It stuns me how hard Mattel seems to work to not make money. Simple, cost-effective things that could be done. Concepts that fit PERFECTLY with the niche product consumer, which should mean high ROI.


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