Ask Matty
November 15th Edition

Ask Matty – November 15th Edition

DCClassics.Com: Any forward progress on the Club IE Thom Kallor Starman receiving a second head that would make the figure a little more compatible with the Legion 12pk?

Starman will be receiving 2 heads, both a masked head and an unmasked head with a beard.

ItsAllTrue.Net: What accessories are scheduled to come with the 12″ Ray & Egon 2pk? Is it still on track for December?

Yes, they are still on track to go on sale in December. The Ray and Egon pack will include the following: removable Velcro name patches, proton pack, slime blower, lifeguard unit, gigameter, magnifying glass, globuscope, ladle, PKE Meter, Ecto goggles, hard hat, GB2 mug, proton stream, and 2 sets of ungloved hands.

MOTUClassics.Com: What’s the latest update on Snake MAA? If it’s not done to the armor the figure comes with, can we get some silver armor in a future weapons pak?

That certainly is a great suggestion. We are still reviewing the figure and whether any changes are even possible at all (i.e. swapping some shared parts, deco options). In the end we may need to go with the option that is logistically easiest and most cost effective. Stay tuned as we work out the details. But do know there will not be any further tooling or parts beyond what was shown at NYCC.

DCClassics.Com: With the loss of the C&C piece at both retail and in the subscription, what ways are Mattel looking into to retain the value lost by removing that feature?

Since the Collect-and-Connect will not be a part of a 6″ figure purchase, we have explored ways to add additional benefits to the figures themselves.

In addition, for all of the fans who love oversized figures, now you can get them as part of the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths program – and you don’t even have to collect the pieces yourself, we’ll send the oversized figure to you whole!

DCClassics.Com: There was some confusion over the Super Powers Penguin shown at NYCC. Do you have any update for collectors on when & how he’ll be released?

Hmmm…there was a Super Powers Penguin in the case???

Editor’s Note: Well, you didn’t think we’d get that Starman answer without paying a price, did you?

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15 thoughts on “Ask Matty
November 15th Edition

  1. Looks like the Legion has just gained it’s 25th member. I like the bearded look best of all.

    Could have sworn that they had pegged the SP Penguin for a retail release already.

    1. They let slip on the forums that it was slated for a 3-pack. Speculation has been on what the theme will be.

    2. Best part about the Bearded Thom head? easy re-use for DMITRI PUSHKIN ROCKET RED!!
      (First Appearance/RR BRIGADE armor, natch!)

    1. No kidding! I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April Fool’s Day or something. Perhaps you recieved your answers from a new intern, who’s not aware of Matty’s “No Solid Answers” policy?

      I’m really excited that we’re getting that second head for Starboy. I’ve always been a big LoSH fan, and really haven’t really been reading much of the more recent JSA books. I might have to work on a Dreamy custom, to help keep Thom company…

  2. I like how they said, “we have explored ways to add additional benefits to the figures themselves” as opposed to saying they were going to do anything to actually improve the value.

  3. “In the end we may need to go with the option that is logistically easiest and most cost effective. ”
    Translation: We ain’t doing $#!+ on him, so screw you subbers!

    1. why is it logistically easier to use the standard he-arms than the roboto-arms for the snakified MAA? it’s not like they don’t push out a ton of the parts come production time, and roboto is eventually slated for re-release, right? (cuz they said nothing after man e faces, and roboto falls before that) so move that big sumbitchin’ mold into place, crank out 40.000 roboto arms, and use 20 on MAA and save 20 for the roboto re-release and just move him up in the rerelease schedule. hell, issue a two pack of roboto’s sans inner chest guts and call him an army builder pack of the eternia worker robots (a slight deco change would easily balm the cheapness of that action for most motuc fans it seems)

      do i have to do everything for them?

      1. Hmm… Insert standard “It was a design choice by the Horsemen…” response here. Or, perhaps the response should be “That’s a good idea, however we are too far along in the production process to implement any changes at this time. Mabye for a future release…”

  4. heads up

    On the front page, if you click on the article title or comments, it will bring you to the Nov 15 QnA

    BUT if you click on the 8 ball picture, it takes you to the previous QnA

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