Outer Space Men Review
Xodiac: Gylaxia Command SE

I’m going to close out up here and leave you with a few extra pics (and never mind that Xodiac’s left leg looks askew here & there. That’s my bad as I didn’t have his calf piece rotated correctly). The Outer Space Men has been one of my favorite new lines to get into the last two years. My shelf is a little overrun with the clear variants of the figures and that primed me a bit to pick up this redeco, but it also helps that this redeco was so well done.

I hope we’ll see some more OSM pop into the Glyos Mythos. And, even though I know I’m obsessive, I’ll be the first to admit they don’t all have to match as long as they’re cool!

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4 thoughts on “Outer Space Men Review
Xodiac: Gylaxia Command SE

  1. Those colors look really nice, wish I would’ve been able to grab one!

    Awesome pics all around, I love the scale comparison with Henry Jones thrown in there, he looks a little nervous.

    Also, every time I see a group shot of OSM, I must re-break the already broken record: WE NEED AN ORANGE INFERNO!!! 😛

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