Marvel Universe #21:
Commander Steve Rogers Review

First, I have to thank the folks at Hasbro for updating these figures with newer artic. This figure sports the two-piece ball-jointed neck for better range of motion. The arms work great with the standard ball shoulders, swivel biceps & wrists, and the hinged elbow; there’s a much needed waist joint along with the standard ab crunch; and the legs are similarly nice those new great ball ankles, swivels at the calf & thigh, double-hinged knees, and one-piece ball hips. All the joints are nice and tight, which leaves me the just the same old articulation complaint I have for all MUs: the one-piece ball hips suck. The articulation added to the legs helps make up for it, but the joint still wants to pop apart when it gets to the short limit of its range.

I always forget to take a picture of the stand, but Steve here does include one in addition to his two accessories. The rifle is a nice piece and its main coolness derives from the articulation allowing Steve to hold it in both hands (though I didn’t think to get a picture, I was too excited by the classic army man pose…). It is a little soft, but it works. The rifle is overshadowed a bit by the handgun, though. Again, it’s a simple piece, but it has a light dusting of a gunmetal-colored paint that really makes it standout. The handgun also fits snugly into Steve’s new hands and makes for some great poses. The only thing I wish were different was if the shoulder harness had a holster for the gun. It would’ve looked cool, but it also would’ve likely blocked the shoulder articulation, so I’m not going to cry too much.

There is, of course, something missing. What’s a Steve Rogers without a shield? In the comics, Steve let Bucky continue using the Captain America shield when he returned. But Steve didn’t go without; he simply brought his old photonic energy shield out of retirement. A clear Captain America shield would make for a cool accessory, now wouldn’t it? Hasbro thought so too. They’re releasing it in a Marvel Universe Ultimate Gift Set. And yes, I will buy that six-pack just to get the shield… It’s people like me that keep Hasbro & Mattel in business…

Overall, even though I know I’m going to be doing this exact same review (just 50% larger) in a few months, I don’t have any regrets about picking this guy up. There are a few things I’d like better like better hips and just a tiny bit more love on the paint side of things, but he’s an impressive little figure and I’m glad MU found a spot for him. Years from now, this costume will be nothing more than a temporary blip in the history of Captain America. The good thing is that I’ll have this figure to remember those short-lived “Super Soldier” days and that’s good enough for me, particularly when it’s sported by a cool figure like this one.

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8 thoughts on “Marvel Universe #21:
Commander Steve Rogers Review

  1. Another great review Noisy! One question though, Does this figure have the back pack hole so I can plug a shield on his back?
    By the way I agree, I wish Hasbro would make all the figures MU scale regardless of if they are a Movie Line. My Red Skull Looks like hes either a Cosplaying teenager or has a severe growth problem next to Dr. Doom.

  2. The balljoint hips annoy me too, but I found a way to fix them.

    I picked up MU X-23 a few weeks ago and really wanted her to be able to use those wonderful rocker ankles to get into deep stances. So I popped off the legs and carved a gap in the plastic over the top of the socket so make the hip look more like a GI Joe’s.

    Now she’s got a great range–she can crouch low and even pull of a high kick that would make Chun-Li proud.

  3. I like six inch figures, some of my favorite figures are in that scale range or slightly bigger, but my collection will always focus on 1/18 for simple reason: Accessories. I have a good sized collection of TB Marvel Legends, I never got any of the big name people beyond Reed Richards, primarily because I didn’t follow them when they got round to redoing characters or they were so hard to find that I never found them. Captain American burns a particular hole in my collection as he is my favorite superhero (primarily due to the times when he is written as a representative of the American dream, as opposed to some sort of neo-conservative flagpole) and while I got some of the larger stands, such as The Punisher’s. I never really was able to get anything to display them with or around. I looked into dollhouses, but they either required construction (I once tried to build a 1$ balsa wood airplane and the court records are still sealed) or were so decidedly Dollhouse-ian that not even Ma Gnucci would live in them.

    Plus, what would Werewolf By Night want with Ma Gnucci? That’s just silly.

    Now that I’ve followed Hasbro and switched over to 1/18, I’ve got twice as many characters, SHIELD has a forward operating base on my dresser. The Avengers are pinned down in Iraq while liberating some P.O.W.s from a bombed out building with a flipped over humvee.

    It’s just nice to be able to support your figures in such a way, and it just isn’t really possible without a huge budget for six inch figures.

    Of course, Hasbro will never release a 1/18 Werewolf By Night, so there’s that too.

    Thanks for the review, it was an entertaining read, and you’ve tempted me to pick this up. I am hesitant because I know that it will just make me weep more for a proper Marvel Universe Captain America.

  4. The Heavy Artillery Cap from the International Heroes three-pack is definitely my default Cap now. Good mold, big enough for me, and maybe most importantly he’s an actual dark blue that’s at least sort of something like the blue in the flag he’s supposed to be dressed like. I have no love for the light blues the toys (and comics) like to put him in.

    Wouldn’t mind a more modern utility belt, though.

  5. Sigh…no sheild Hasbro? And they release the clear one in a 5 pack. They know what they are doing to get our money. Can’t wait to see him in 6 inch form.

  6. Never thought I’d see Steve hanging out with the Joes in the MCC! So awesome. I think he swiped Updraft’s gloves, btw.

    I’m still on the lookout for this figure so that I can have an unmasked Cap. Wish Hasbro had included his energy shield. Looks like not even Destro could help him there!

    Excellent dio pics and commentary as always, Noisy.

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