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SDCC Exclusive Alpha Phase
Outer Space Men Waves 3 & 4

Finally, we get to Commander Comet. I think he’s easily the most impressive of the bunch. He reuses only the generic feet and hands as his space suit is textured throughout. I think I’m particularly overjoyed on this guy because of his human appearance, but the little details in the sculpt really knock him out of the park. When you look at these pics, you need to remember two things: 1) he’s under 4″ tall and 2) he was sculpted acutual size. I’ll take a paragraph break so you can stop and think about that…

While I enjoy the texturing across his suit, it’s his wings that really amaze me. The translucent plastic also gives the added cool effect of layering the two sides. His chest peg is thankfully removable as well, but what really made me happy were the two hoses running down his sides. At first, I thought they were connected (they look like they are), but they’re not – allowing the torso to be two pieces that swivel freely. Pretty cool.

In addition to the figures, I also felt like we got a much better detail on accessories this time even though it was only one more than Waves 1 & 2 (it depends on what you think of the helmets, this wave’s helmets feel more like accessories than part of the figure). Like I said, Mystron & Commander Comet were about to burst the baggie, so you’ll feel extra good pouring them out on your desk. All four figures include the aforementioned helmet while Comet & Alpha include an extra set of bent arms. In the ‘gear’ department, Alpha has his classic pistol while the other three figures include a staff as well as a pistol (or crossbow in Comet’s case). I don’t like most of them all being the cast in purple this go around, but that’s a minor nitpick and I imagine them being the same color is better for the line to boot.

I’m tend to be somewhat in-between about buying these exclusive waves. While they are certainly collectibles on their own, their primary value to me has been swapping the differently colored pieces into the Infinity Editions. I think about maybe skipping the Alpha & Beta waves, but then they come up for sale and I’m overcome… I have to have them! That’s exactly what happened with this Alpha wave. I didn’t want to wait to have Waves 3 & 4 in hand. And now that I have them, I’m feeling that same tug – I absolutely have to get my hands on the upcoming Beta Wave being released in two weeks at NYCC (the Four Horsemen should be revealing details about that later today, but for now you can check out the pics at FourHorsemen.Biz – I think blue Electron+ steals the show, but they all look pretty sharp).

Overall, the Outer Space Men entertain me to no end. They’ve easily worked their way into being one of my favorite lines despite my not being familiar with them when they were first announced last year (I can tell you right now I wouldn’t be getting excited for translucent versions of Superman or He-Man – okay, well maybe if He-Man were clear “slime” green…).

It’s a fun line to collect -regular versions, translucent exclusives and special Glyos editions alike. At it’s a great time to be an OSM fan. In addition to this “just” released Alpha Wave, we’ve got that Beta Wave coming up, and have already got our first looks at Colossus Rex and Orbitron. Now, if the Four Horsemen would just get around to Gamma-X, I’d be a happy camper. I’ve been waiting for that one, so it’s just my luck he’d end up in the last batch…

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Outer Space Men Waves 3 & 4