Vault Review: DC Direct
Batman, Inc. Damian as Robin

Damian’s paint job is decent, but there are a couple of troubled spots.  The blacks and reds look fantastic, but there seems to be a bit of slop around the various greens.  This is especially noticeable around his mask, but you can also see it on his boots under closer inspection.  Something I found interesting is that his gloves are a lighter green than his wrist guards.  I thought this was a mistake at first, but then I noticed his knuckles have pads that are colored with the darker armored green.  That’s just one of those nice details I never noticed in the comics.

It seems the worst part about most DC Direct figures these days is the articulation.  Damian’s got both a ball jointed head and shoulders, but they are limited.  His head can only look side to side and down, while his shoulders won’t allow his arms to hang straight down.  His elbows and knees are hinges, while his wrists and waist and hips are swivels.  He would move so much better with the addition of swivel biceps and hinged ankles.  As is, action shots are near impossible and he looks best just standing there.

Damian comes with a stand and two accessories: a black and red bo, and a long katana blade.  He looks great holding both weapons.  The only thing more I could have wanted is maybe an optional hood to put over his head like in the comics.

Even with the limited articulation, this is a great Damian as Robin figure.  As a fan of the character he was definitely worth my money and as an added bonus he fits in great with the DC Classics figures also.  Now I just hope they make a Dick Grayson Batman to complete my favorite Dynamic Duo.


9 thoughts on “Vault Review: DC Direct
Batman, Inc. Damian as Robin

  1. Please tell me you’ll be reviewing the other figures. I was sorely tempted to pick up Man of Bats at the Baltimore Comic-Con.

  2. the bane caption was funny. well done sir.

    as for the figure.. who’d a thunk, sculpted details make a figure look nice… weird.

    1. yeah, but I sure do miss the articulation.

      If only there were a line that could cover both…

  3. I actually kinda want this figure! I do wish he had a bit more articulation, but hey, it’s dc direct, might as well not complain. They certainly aren’t changing it anytime soon.

    1. If you’re hurting for a Damian, then you should pick him up. Who knows when Matty’s going to get around to him.

  4. You know what? I, too, bought the same three out of four figures! Great minds do think alike. LOL

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