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Vault Review: Apache Chief
Week – DC Classics Toyman


Toyman’s body is mostly molded from yellow plastic. This was a surprise to me because even his legs and feet are yellow underneath the orange and blue paint. It works out quite well though since it’s too light to bleed through the other colors, leaving very little slop on the figure. The parts to look at closest are his belt and face though. Mine has a bit of slop around his nose, so you’ll want to keep an eye out.

Toyman’s articulation is mostly what you’d expect. He’s got a really nice up and down movement to his head. The ab crunch, waist swivel, swivel hinges on the shoulders and hips, and a swivel on his thighs are all as expected. Since he’s using the new thin buck his elbows are double jointed, but for some reason Mattel didn’t give him double jointed knees. I’m not sure why Matty cut the double knee articulation, but it really creates a noticeable disparity between the movements that his upper and lower body can make.

One piece of articulation that I absolutely love is his swivel/hinge wrists. For a long time we’ve done fine with plain swivel wrists. I didn’t think this used to be a big deal. But now that we’re getting swivel/hinge wrists on some characters, I look at them on my shelf and realize just how much more expressive they become. I really hope that proper ball jointed heads and swivel/hinge wrists is something that Matty will include with all figures in their DCnU line next year.

Toyman comes with two accessories. I really love his giant spiked yoyo. Not only is it comically large, but you can actually wind the string around it. His top accessory is good also, but a bit more difficult to display him with since it won’t stand on its own.

I’m really happy that Mattel was able to squeak a wave like this out before the end of the line. Now that everything is changing, this is probably the last hurrah for us Super Powers and Super Friends fans. So I feel incredibly lucky that we got to complete the teams that we loved from childhood and go out on a high note like this.


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25 comments to Vault Review: Apache Chief
Week – DC Classics Toyman

  • Jare

    So DCUC ends in wave 20? or it will go on if the subs are enough at Mattycollector? I’m a little confused…

    • AdventureVault

      No matter what it’ll end at wave 20 for retail.

      If they sell enough subscriptions, then Matty will continue it through their website.

      There will also be a new line at retail in 2012, but it will mostly focus on well known characters and DCnU designs.

      • Jare

        Man I wish Club Infinite Earths works, because they left a few teams without some members… and that’s not fair for collectors.

        • Battle Catman

          Know what would be the ultimate Matty dick move?

          “Oh, the sub didn’t make 100%! But what the heck, we’ll go ahead with it anyway! However, since you guys obviously don’t want these figures, we WON’T be selling them individually on the site!”

  • Braystreet

    Never realized how undeveloped the paint applications on Solomon Grundy were. His hair is totally undifferentiated from his face.

    Thanks for the review. It was a great read, even if I’ve sworn off Mattel’s products. I really enjoyed your use of the DC Direct figure. Who would have thought that the most articulated figure that DC Direct has ever produced would be based on Alex Ross’s work?

  • Jonatan

    Toyman is one of my favorite figures in wave 18. I loved his entire head/face and hands, but I wouldn’t mind if he was skinnier.
    Yes, I also waited all these years to complete Legion of Doom, and that last picture made me see why my long waiting worth it. But I must say again that I would love to see Giganta in 6″ size too and a non-Sinestro Corps Scarecrow.
    Great review as usual…

  • RageTreb

    And yet poor Brainiac never got a pair of pants…

  • Von Diesel

    Always love your reviews, Noisy!

  • I gotta do it, I gotta, blame Robot Chicken!

    “MEANWHILE, at the Legion of Doom…”

  • Also, it’s darkly ironic that the ONE team that gets completed before DCU goes bye-bye is the Legion of Doom.

    altho I guess to be fair. depending on iteration, we HAVE gotten at least one JLA team completed, right? I mean, Supes, Bats, Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Aquaman, that’s pretty much your core JLA during the ’60s.

    (crap. And Atom, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Black Canary I used to know this stuff…)

  • dean


    Disturbing but funny. Bizarro’s comment slayed me.

  • 2 questions
    wasnt the joker in the LOD?
    where is that Scarecrow from? do they have a dcuc scarecrow and I missed it? ok well thats 3 questions sue me!
    great review 😀

  • guess I was wrong about joker being in the LOD my error
    still wondering bout that Scarecrow however

  • Braystreet

    However, even though that is a superior version and more representative of the Superfriends, they did release Blackest Night Scarecrow in the lifespan of DCUC, so I’d still say it counts.

  • I’m not really sure that does count. Its a mice fig but I would prefer a real crow over some lantern crow any day. Maybe we will get a decent one from dcnu….suuure we will

  • Great review, dude! I donlt say this often, but now I’m gonna have to pick him up! Gotta love the comics too! 😉