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Matty has posted new details about the MOTU Art Book on Facebook:

We know a lot of fans are very excited about the Designed @ Mattel Vol. 1 book on MOTU being offered at SDCC. A few more details: The book will be softcover, 53 pages, with a numbered foil stamped ribbon across the cover. It will be $50.00 and limited to 2 per guest per line wait. It will have sections on all the major MOTU lines and a look at the future of the brand.

Now we know a lot of fans are asking why only 1,000 copies and will we ever reprint? The answer (at least for now) is that this was actually a number required. For a variety of legal reasons we were restricted to only create this book if we kept it as a limited edition. That was part of the bargain for getting to do the book itself. It was 1,000 editions or nothing He-Fans.

A big thank you to Toy Guru for pulling together a lot of the research and material as well as all the Mattel artists over the years for so generously giving of their imaginations to create lasting characters in the world of MOTU!

Long time fans and new comers alike will be sure to enjoy all of the surprises in store at SDCC!

See you in two weeks!


At roughly $1 a page, I don’t know if this book would be worth it even if I could attend SDCC (unless it’s really oversized!). I’m glad that something like this is being done, but I’m not comfortable with Mattel’s estimation that it was this “or nothing”. If they can sell 12k Hordaks in an hour, then 1k pieces of this book will satisfy maybe 10% of the fanbase. I will be happy for the folks that can afford/obtain this piece, but for the rest of us it may as well be nothing.

Original Post Follows:

On the Mattycollector’s news page, they’ve announced a new SDCC Exclusive Item!

Hey MOTU Fans!

Oh man, this is BIG… the design team at Mattel just announced the first book in their “Designed @ Mattel” series and it’s a MOTU art book!

The book shows off the fantastic art of the MOTU brand from 1981 through current day. It’s packed with never-before-seen Mattel concept art, behind-the-scenes notes, posters, oil paintings, and a whole lot more from across the brand. All that MOTU art from over the years is mighty sweet, but the book also premiers concept art from new projects, like a proposed live action film!

It’s a soft-cover edition, limited to only 1,000 numbered copies. Each one comes with a numbered cover ribbon and an embossed seal. The first place they’ll be available is San Diego Comic-Con. Purchases will be limited to two per guest, per wait in line. And get this… you can even have your copy signed by the Mattel artists at the show!

If any units remain after the show they may be sold on Mattycollector.com, but honestly, we expect to sell out at SDCC. Be sure to come by the MattyCollector.com booth early for your chance to own a piece of MOTU history!


ToyGuru let the fans know that it wasn’t a toy, but that may be small comfort now. This book will be high on most MOTU Collectors want lists and I’d expect some high secondary market prices. Fans can hope that Mattel sees the potential in an item like this and that “available first” at SDCC will apply to a copy with the ribbon/seal and that a wider release will be made available soon!

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Exclusive Revealed!

  1. Yeah I’d love this but I’m not going to pay higher prices off Ebay to get it. I hope they see a reason to do it again. We love our he-man stuff.

  2. Only 1000 pieces at SDCC??? I hope they wouldn’t put all that effort into something so few people could see… without a scanner anyway. :p

  3. screw ’em… you know some delightful and enterprising young he-fan will have hi-res scans up the next friggin’ day. besides, in 53 pages, how much “cool” stuff can they pack-in?

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