Vault Review: Captain America
Captain Britain (New Excalibur)

Unlike the previous two figures I reviewed from this line, Cap B’s articulation is back to acceptable levels.  His head and abs are ball joints.  His shoulders, elbows, hips, and ankles are swivel/hinges.  He’s got swivel cuts on his wrists and thighs, while his knees are double hinges.  Basically, this figure’s up to Marvel Universe standards in poseability.

Captain Britain comes with two accessories.  First is a giant missile firing arm cannon, which I’m pretty sure came from the Iron Man movie line.  Weapons like this don’t do much for me, which is fine because they’re mostly for kid appeal.

His second accessory is much cooler sword Excalibur.  It has nicely sculpted details along the hilt and the blade.  It was also given a metallic silver and gold paint job, making it pretty snazzy all around.  These are the kind of accessories I love seeing.

If a Captain Britain figure is made, then I’ll probably end up buying it because I’m biased towards the character.  But even so, this figure’s design and metallic colors make it my favorite Cap B figure of the Marvel Universe lines and definitely worth your money.


3 thoughts on “Vault Review: Captain America
Captain Britain (New Excalibur)

  1. The size discrepancy between the MU and Cap Movie figures is striking, but isn’t really problematic IMO, if you’re looking for a comics-consistent way to explain it away for your peace of mind. Captain Britain’s increased muscularity and bulk was a function of activating his powers, originally. That is, he was a regularly-muscled (if already athletic) male normally, but would develop superhuman musculature after vigorously rubbing his “Amulet of Right” (talk about your adolescent power fantasies!). During his first stint with Excalibur, since his powers were always “on” (because of the Amulet of Right being incorporated into his costume) I think most readers (and eventually, even the artists drawing him) came to assume that he was normally all-bulked up under the costume. In recent years, he’s been drawn with less muscular bulk for some reason, and I think it’s those proportions that are reflected in this figure.

  2. As a Brit of course I gotta love CB (IT’S Mandatory….) and while this is a nice design it’s pretty much ruined by the shockingly bad paint-apps and awful waxy, semi-translucient plastic that Hasbro normally reserves for Transformers I don’t want them to ruin.

    The whole Cap line seems very sub-par when compared to the quality of the IM and Thor lines and I wonder why – you would have thought a basic, movieised Cap would be a huge seller, so why haven’t they made one worthy of the name? There haven’t been paint apps this poor since Googly-eyes Indy back in the first ill-fated wave of his stuff.

    Anyway, cool review as usual, and the comparison shot really rams it home that somewhere along the line this guy got left on the shrink-wash cycle for a few spins too long……

  3. he looks thick in the middle. like captain britain needs to lay off the extra pint w/ dinner and start going for a job once in a while.

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