SDCC ’11 Armchair Coverage
Preview Night

Preview Night seems so different from just a few years ago when it comes to San Diego and its online coverage. In past years, the night before SDCC wasn’t really the place for reveals and the technology wasn’t ready to beam back anything quickly. This year’s Preview Night is almost unrecognizable.

Looking at all the Coverage roll in, I’m honestly thinking of retiring these Armchair Coverage pieces. The information certainly seems less scattered than in years past, but I’ve been told by more than a few folks in recent days that this Armchair Coverage is appreciated and that if I’m not going to do it, I should’ve warned everyone. I don’t know about that, but I do find myself sitting here in front of IAT tonight (this morning?) and I feel like posting something. I may not be able to be as comprehensive as in year’s past (sometime I’ll have to tell you guys about the epic ordeal that was July 20th…), but I will offer some links and thoughts on what I found cool…

While I was surprised overall by the amount of merchandise that was just sitting out tonight, it was the MOTU Classics line that shocked me most with what they were willing to display: the Wind Raider (via ToyArk). The funny thing is that we knew a vehicle was going to be there (which actually makes it great for a Preview Night reveal), we knew that the Four Horsemen were going to do a kick ass job on whatever the vehicle was, and many of us even suspected that it would indeed be the Wind Raider. And yet, it still manages to elicit a jaw-dropping reaction. It features a firing weapon, what looks like plenty of moving pieces (including what appear to be access hatches for Duncan to get the engines… sweet), there’s a cool flight stand for it (and wheels for rolling along), it’s huge, and it’s only $40. Screw you, Tytus.

While that dominates, that wasn’t it for MOTU. We also got our first look at She-Ra 2.0. She features plenty of added details, better articulation, and it sounds as if the interchangeable clothes are confirmed. The best pic I’ve seen of her so far is in this thread at He-Man.Org.

There were some other tidbits like the Mission Patch for Captain Glenn (via Pixel Dan’s Twitter) featuring the Fearless Photog Logo and including the name of his creator (Nathan Bitner) on the patch as well as another famous Mattel astronaut, Matt Mason. Finally, filed under the you can’t buy this category is this awesome Three Towers environment (photo from SDComics of AFI/CriticalMess). They’ll be more MOTUCs to reveal on Friday Afternoon when Mattel holds their Mattypalooza Panel.

The next big thing that caught my attention was for Ghostbusters. I’ve just started getting back into this line and while I’m not one to buy props… this one really tempts me. Courtesy of Pixel Dan’s Twitter, we have a sneak peek at the replica Ghost Trap! It’s a thing of beauty (and god help my Dog if the pedal can open it remotely…). Heck, it even makes me regret not trying to grab a PKE Meter – and remember, I don’t buy props! To round out the Preview Night showings for Ghostbusters, Mattel also tossed a little guy named Vigo into the case and Diamond Select showed off some new Real Ghostbusters Minimates based on the Citizen Ghost episode. It amuses me that Kenner made crazy, interesting repaints for years without making these versions that modern day toy companies seem to relish…

While the DC Universe had plenty of figure representation with Young Justice (via ToyArk), Action League (via TNI), the JLU 7pk (via AFI), Lego Minifigs (via ToyArk), Lego Heroes (via ToyArk), some cool DC Direct offerings (via TNI), some cooler Hot Toys and Sideshow offerings, and a good look at the Legion pack and some other already announced DC Classics (via TNI)… there didn’t seem to be any surprises. Wait… there was the Play Arts Arkham City figures (via TNI). Those might just make your other DC toys feel bad about themselves. Still, DCUC19 (via ToyArk) does look great (and lo! the the GA Hawkman cowl head (via Fwoosh) the Q&A’s said wasn’t coming! I think I have hopes for Mattel’s Friday DC Panel (yes, even with those Relaunch costumes looming…).

But, comic toy needs were definitely fulfilled on the other side of the spectrum tonight. Marvel & Hasbro didn’t pull any punches on Preview Night and had plenty of Marvel Universe (both via ToyArk) figures to display. As I sat there and gawked at Adam Warlock, Rocket Raccoon, Starlord, Patriot, Beta Ray Bill, etc., it was almost easy to forget that SDCC 2011 heralds the return of Marvel Legends. I mean, I was going to buy that lil’ Steve Rogers Super Soldier figure, but now there’s an awesome 6″ one too (via AFP – links to all of Marvel Legends 3.0 Wave 1). I’m not in love with some of the base bodies, but the figures all look pretty good and I can easily see a lot of those wanting to come home with me (that’s how that works right? they want to come home with us?).

AFP also scored some shots of other 6″ Marvel toys. Some movie-based and some comic-based in the movie lines. I’m looking forward to that Loki and the Neo-Classics Iron Man seems pretty sweet in the pics.

Now, I’m going to take an interlude from those heavy hitting licenses to show something awesome! Courtesy of Michael Crawford, we’ve got a quick photo tour of the Four Horsemen’s OSM and Raven displays. Michael takes great, big pictures, but the Gothitropolis Raven is guaranteed to make you stop scrolling them. He’s not even painted yet and he’s jaw-dropping. I’m ready to get him in a few different colors… and I’m not above begging the Four Horsemen to do one with white feathers and armor done in the Vampire Lady’s colors. Really, he’s gorgeous folks. Check him out.

And for good measure, some new Outer Space Men goodness. Some great shots of the Alpha Exclusives for Waves 3 and 4 and our very first look at Colossus Rex & Orbitron! Rex looks amazing, and I’m stoked for a scale shot of him with the others. Again, thanks to Michael Crawford for those great pictures.

There was literally a ton more stuff, but it’s 5am and I’m at a thousand words already. Do check out OAFE! They’ve got a few pics up including a great Earthworm Jim, some Gremlins figures, and a nice shot of Universal Monsters series three. Speaking of DST, somewhere in TNI’s DST Coverage I remember seeing a minimate K.I.T.T. that I simply have to own. Knightrider, baby! LOL And can’t Sony/Mattel just pretty please let DST make an Ecto-1?.

Seriously, I’m off to sleep! I know there’s plenty I didn’t cover, so here’s links to the sites I either pulled from or wanted to and forgot! A big thanks to each and every one of them for attending and/or spreading the love back to us: ActionFigureInsider, ActionFigurePics, Cool Toy Review, Critical Mess, Hiss Tank, OAFE, Michael Crawford, Pixel Dan, Raving Toy Maniac, TFW2005, Toynewsi, & ToyArk.

19 thoughts on “SDCC ’11 Armchair Coverage
Preview Night

  1. The 6 inch Neo Classic Iron Man is frustrating. First of all there’s the glaring paint problem. I sincerely hope they don’t go into production with a crucial part of his armor colored incorrectly.

    Plus, it just looks like a re-sized version of the one from last year. Something about every attempt at this armor is just… The super her showdown version was a skinny gangly mess. The IM2 one was too buff. They can’t seem to get it right.

  2. I still love your armchair coverage. There is so much news and pictures around the web, that I always use your coverage as a catch all for where I should be looking.

  3. The armchair coverage is much appreciated, agreed. (That said, don’t break your legs on it, whatever is fine!)

    I should be jumping up and down for new Marvel Legends, but the first lineup isn’t quite rocking my face off yet. Still, I’ll definitely be down for Klaw and Constrictor–he was Deadpool’s roommate once!

  4. I don’t constantly search and cruise for stuff, I like to hang at a few friendly places like here at IAT. Thank you for powering thru and doing the coverage!

    I have a hard time believing that Wind Raider is going to be only $40. I suspect strongly that $140 is more in line. Yeah, I’m a bad and cynical person but I’ve come to that way thanks in part to Mattel 🙂

  5. I am getting hot and bothered over Ghosbusters, some new Marvel Legends (Thor, Steve and Iron Man), and those Godzilla Monsterarts. Plus Hot Toys Jack Nicholson Joker???? 3A Toys 6″ Star Wars figures for Takara??? 2 foot tall completely unaffordable for me Voltron???


  6. Man, Thanks for doing this every year. This is the best way to stay on track with all the SDCC stuff. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!

  7. man, i must say… so far for the american toys i’ve seen, the return of marvel legends is excellent, and i’m loving it… but RAVEN mofos, RAVEN!!!

    then, for imports, come on… pay arts kai is cranking out kratos, the SF license (akuma MUST come home w/ me) AND they’re churning out arkham-franchise batman that makes the american arkham toys look like pool toys.

    overall, there’s a ton to gawk at, but thusfar, i’m not gobsmaked by very much. i can’t help it, but vigo is kinda… eh. the detail/texturing of his robes looks very sub par, and i know, i’m spoiled in the lines i am buying right now, but… damn. i’ll pass on vigo, and for a lot less money, i’ll round out my gears of war COG collection. those v 3.0 figs looks just flat out incredible.

  8. You are a tough one dayraven, but to each is own…. I have been very happy with what we have seen so far including DST Kitt, all the Play Arts Stuff, MU, ML 2012, Voltron, and the Matty Update is still on the way!!!! I thinking the Play Arts stuff is at a level that can only be touched by the 4horsemen and thier Fan driven toys.

    I feel the same as you about Vigo, but I have not gotten into the GB line at all.

    Those 3A 6 inch Star Wars make me very excited for what we could see down the line. We probably wont get vehicles if these ever see the light of day, but a 6 inch Star Wars line with nice mix of DCUC/ML levels of articulation is a dream line for me…

  9. i am a picky old man, no doubt about that… but seeing the best of what’s out there makes the rest look pretty poor by comparison. i wager my this time next year, we’ll have seen some of the ML vs DCU matchups again, like seeing terrax next to the CnC darkseid, and dcu will come up looking like crap… and the DCD stuff consistently looks less and less interesting when for only a 10% markup, the PAK figs have all the articulation and better sculpts… and accessories to make the 10% markup look totally worthwhile.

    plus, as time goes, i’m really over the “oh look, they’ve articulated the figures from my youth” phenomenon. voltron, t-cats and motuc all have their respective “classic” lines, but w/ the alternatives being offered looking so damned cool, the articulated rehash lines look more and more like garbage. and again, you have NECA, 3A, and square enix trying real damned hard to get me to spend me cash on better toys.

    and again, without doubt, though i admit to a fair bit of bias, the raven fig from gothitropolis… makes everything else the horsemen are currently doing look like flea market leavings from the 1 dollar basket.

  10. As a long time collector of Japanese toys ‘n stuff, one of the things that creates interest in me is interesting packaging. I don’t mean “it TALK!!” stuff as fun as that can be, I mean does the package add something, does it somehow reflect the concept/world of the toy, blah blah blah.

    As much as I’m sure there’s going to be agony-creating issues with the Legion of Super Heros 12 pack, DAMN that’s sweet looking packaging.

    Oh crap I just thought of something. It rolls up to be the old ‘rocket sticking out of the ground’ clubhouse, doesn’t it? DAMN YOU MATTEL!!

  11. I think Matty is hiding more new stuff until after Mattypalooza. There is way too much open room in those display cases. Guess we will have to wait and see Friday night.

  12. I agree I think they still have a lot to show and they would not have let all the secrets out that soon. We have yet to see any new DCUC and we still do not know what is in store for the subs since those weird leaked lists. And the display that was full of figures is now empty!!! All the new stuff will probably go in…Friday afternoon to be seen the rest of the weekend…

  13. I 2nd the motion for a Vampire Lady’s “friend” variant of the Raven!!!! 😉 😉 😉

    But to be totally honest, I’m happy with the Raven as is. If the D&L versions of Scarabus taught us anything, it’s that we need more unpainted-ish versions of figures released when they have as much detail as the 4H crammed into those designs.

    Not to say I’m not totally stoked to see how the Ravens will look all painted up and varianted, but for someone like me who loves understanding the process, seeing the unpainted sculpts (and even sort of getting to own one) will never get old.

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