Scarabus Week, Day Two:
Demon Fire & Dormant Form

I also want to point out the materials used to help give Scarabus his look, particularly at his hips. I’ll cover this more when I talk about the articulation, but Scarabus’ robes are particularly interesting. Scarabus features hips similar to DC Classics, but it’s the way the robes are divided between the parts that makes the joint really sing. The belt and middle strip of “cloth” are separate, soft plastic pieces while the upper part of the robes covering the legs (the part lined with trim) are hard plastic (that’s the actual thigh piece you’re looking at). The lower part of the robes, beneath the trim, are again the soft plastic.

I don’t know that I explained that well enough, but the end result is that Scarabus has good aesthetics and articulation. When you pose him, the robe flares out and it looks pretty sharp. I want to shake the hand of the Four Horseman that engineered that setup. While we’re talking about the softer plastic, I should point out that Scarabus’ cape also utilizes it and is glued to his hard plastic shoulder armor, again mixing the media to get the desired outcome.

I think that covers most of what I wanted to mention about the sculpt, so let me get in a few comments about the two figures that posed for the pictures here.

Technically, my little photoplay is misusing the Dormant Form Scarabus (purple/silver) a bit. While I said yesterday that I’m dying for a tidbit about each figure, Dormant Form gives us one by virtue of his very name. While many of the figures in this wave are unique characters, his figure is a version of Scarabus – evidently during a time when he’s dormant (feels like for centuries to me). I ended up using him as a possible good aspect to Scarabus (uh, a very dormant good aspect?), but hopefully you guys’ll forgive me.

Dormant Form will still be one of my favorites once all is said and done. His silver/purple color scheme just jumps out to me for some reason. I can see him being on the popular end of the variants. Dormant Form Scarabus is also the regular home for the more skull-like Scarabus face. The regular Scarabus comes with his own version, but it’s creepier in black and silver, so this guy is going to be keeping it, but the colors still look pretty sharp with the regular Scarabus face as well.

The Demon Fire Scarabus is more like the rest of the lineup, in that we don’t really know what makes him unique. He’s another version of Scarabus, more demonic in appearance by virtue of his unique faceplate with its extra horns and protrusions. The regular Scarabus includes a version of his face plate as well, but, just like Dormant Form, I think it looks best on this figure, in this deco. Red is this guy’s color.

Demon Fire surprised me a bit because I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to him before opening him. The black and gold deco is very sharp though. Some of the sculpt details get a little lost in the darker color scheme, but there’s other figures to appreciate them with. Yeah, Demon Fire, is the badass of the group. The regular version of Scarabus doesn’t look like a fighter. He can kill you without lifting a finger – and while that same power surely lies within Demon Fire, he strikes me as a more hands-on fella. As such, he’s been the most fun to pose and play with out of the six I’ve opened so far…

Obviously, you can tell I had a ton of fun with this pair. I built them a little dungeon, they scored a whopping twelve pictures for their review, and both really stand out despite being the only two non-unique characters in the whole wave. I think that’s what’s really interesting about them too, the basic sculpt of Scarabus has enough range in it to give these two figures, just two more versions of the main man, a ton of unique character with just a different coat of paint and a new face. It puts a whole new spin on the buck system, doesn’t it?

I hope you enjoyed this little photoplay/review. Tomorrow, I’ll be taking a look at the paint with two more figures from the Scarabus wave (not sure who just yet). In other Scarabus news, the Four Horsemen posted today on the Fantastic Exclusive Forums that pre-ordered sets have started shipping! Yay! So if you’ve already ordered, your wait is almost over. And if you haven’t? Well- oh, look there’s a link to StoreHorsemen.Com right there. How handy!

A huge thanks out to all the Four Horsemen – Cornboy, Jim, Chris, and Eric – for making Scarabus Week a reality!

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21 thoughts on “Scarabus Week, Day Two:
Demon Fire & Dormant Form

  1. Nice website. Nice reviews. Kudos.

    I couldn’t help but notice that the images (such as demo01.jpg) you have posted recently are 300dpi, which is unnecessary overkill unless anyone plans to print these. I have a broadband connection, but these hi-resolution images take just a tad too long to load. Those with a slower connection may be more frustrated with this delay, however.

    Would you consider adjusting your camera accordingly or optimizing these wonderful images to 75dpi & removing unused colors? They will look exactly the same on screen. It makes little sense to have images with a higher resolution than most computer monitors can display.

    Thank-you for considering this request.

  2. Awesome pics!! Man, you’re really making me want all of ’em. I can only afford one or two, but I can’t decide which ones.

  3. Man…every new set of images and reviews I see of these guys makes me want them all!!!! This is not a good thing haha but it really is! The Four Horsemen did an amazing job on these guys and I think that Scarabus and his crew could menace ANY 6-7 inch toyline really!!!!

  4. just thought it also might help some folks, but on storehorsmen, each individual figure is available for sale… and if you read the full description of the figure, a short additional bio is provided for each character. for example, for Demon Fire Scarabus: “This is the overlord of Gothitropolis in his more violent and demonic form – ready to lay waste to any who cross him!”

    and for Dormant Form: “This is the overlord of Gothitropolis rebuilding his strength in order to destroy his enemies in battle!”

    so ha ha, the horsemen go so far w/ these figs that even the order page has replay value!

  5. Your comic has revealed a horrifying truth: that the evil of John Kreese and the Cobra Kai has its origins in antiquity.

  6. Dormant form has been one of my favorites since the variants were revealed. The black/silver/purple color scheme has a certain Decepticon-esque quality to it. I’m still kind of mad that you have your figures already and I don’t. >:(

  7. I don’t find these too interesting but I have considered buying Queen Alluxandra and Isadorra from their shop.

  8. I’m so glad they started selling these individually. I ordered that Anubis one.

    And when you say you’d love to see He Man with this level of sculpt and realism, wasn’t that the 200X line? Those toys were awesome, except for the lack or articulation.

    Anyway, nice review as always. I look forward to the rest.

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